Tokidoki Barbie

I mentioned at some point not too long ago that I had made an all-Mattel Amazon order, right?  Well, it’s been here a while — in fact, these pictures have been ready for a while — but I just haven’t been in quite the right frame of mind to post about it.  Er, or something.

Uh, anyway, yeah, so here’s the main attraction of the order:

Tokidoki 1

I saw that Amazon was selling this doll for under $30 instead of $75…and that was an automatic “you bet!”  Because I didn’t like this doll $75 worth, but $30?  Yeah, no question of that.

At this time, I have no intentions of opening her, though, so let me try and give you a close-up to see how neat she looks.

Tokidoki 5

Photos through the plastic never really turn out too well. 😦

Anyway, in getting the order up to the $50 required for free shipping, I got a couple of other Mattel dolls…

Tokidoki 6

She’d been a “not sure about it” kind of doll the whole time she was in stores, then she was gone before I finished making up my mind.  And since they’re about to nerf the whole line, I figured I should get her while she was still cheap.  No idea when I’m going to get around to opening her, however.

Tokidoki 7

These Frightmares don’t show up around here with much regularity, so I figured there was a good chance I’d never see her in person, and therefore went ahead and ordered her.

Part of me wants to lie and say I haven’t already opened her, but the truth is I have, and that I’ve even taken pictures…but I’m going to save them, ’cause the Frightmares have made good “Silent Sunday” fodder in the past.  😛

Lastly (in keeping with the abandoned former post title “Mattel keeps taking my money!”), about the same time these arrived, I hit K-Mart on the way home from the museum, in the hopes that the Draculaura and Clawdeen Scarrier Reef dolls were actually K-Mart exclusives, which they certainly don’t seem to be.  But I did find something good on clearance:

Tokidoki 8

I thought I missed out on this one altogether!  (In case you can read that price tag, let me assure you that there was an additional 50% off the lowest marked price.  A very important detail!)  I really want to open her, but…ugh, no idea when.  My life in the near future is looking hectic and complicated.  And I really lack space right now.  (And constantly buying things isn’t helping…)

Tokidoki 9

I’d like to check out the effects mentioned on the back of the box here, but it says it requires 6 AA batteries!  If it takes that much power, Mattel, maybe you should just provide an AC adapter and have done with it.  Batteries aren’t very power (or money) efficient anyway.

Right, so, anyway, in other news, I have a doll review(ish) ready to write.  Er, I’ve taken the pictures, I mean, and all I need to do is write it.  Plus I got in that Mandarake order on Wednesday, and so once I take photos of that stuff, I can tell you about it, too, apart from the one piece that’s being saved for April A-to-Z.  But I’m not sure when I’m going to get around to all that, ’cause I’m trying to pre-write at least one post a day (though I’ve now fallen a couple of days behind) and though next week is Spring Break, I’m working three days next week, and I plan on devoting a lot of time to catching up on the pre-writing for my main blog, which got shot in the foot by the discovery that some of my sources were lying to me (or something).

So…to sum up…hopefully fun posts ahead.  Hopefully.  (Double hopefully:  hopefully they’re ahead, and hopefully they’ll be fun.  Unlike this one, which was kind of…um…lame.)

Oh, almost forgot!  The gallery for this post is here.


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