If you’ve been with me a while, then you may remember me commenting on finding a used Pullip on Mandarake, one I’d been regretting passing up on the Sample Sale at Groove.

Well, this is her:

Craziia 1

Craziia is a very old Pullip — she’s from 2006, the same year as Rena, in fact — but she was evidently more popular than Brand New Purezza, as she’s hard to come by these days.

Craziia 5
“Booming, My feeling ! To my proud life…Here is my ultimate life now… Feel like so.”

She’d been removed from her box by her original owner, but she’s in pristine condition!  In fact, I seriously doubt that the sample doll would have been this perfect.  (And yet she was cheaper than the sample doll!)

Craziia 9

Her hair is wonderfully silky smooth…but from the back I can’t help feeling that she looks like Cousin Itt. 😛

Craziia 11

She’s got a very pretty face, don’t you think?  I’ve named her Maggie MacCrimmon.  (She’s descended from Jamie, of course.  Not sure if she’s his daughter or his great-great-great-granddaughter, or what, though.)

I love the way her eye chips catch the light. 😀

Craziia 12

Naturally, she comes with a bagpipe!

Craziia 13

She also came with this.  It was tucked into her belt.  From the weight of it, I’d say it’s real metal, rather than plastic painted to look like metal.  I was surprised by it, but checking her product info page on Groove’s site, I see that she was indeed supposed to come with a “Sghian Dubh,” which they translated as “Black Dagger,” so I guess that’s what this is…though it doesn’t look black to me.  Of course, I also see that she was originally going to have tartan socks instead of brown ones, so…yeah.  Anyway, though the dagger isn’t visible in any of her promotional shots, like I said, I found it tucked into her belt.

Craziia 14

That didn’t seem like a very secure location for it, so I’ve tucked it here, across the top of her bag.  Perhaps no more secure (and if she were a real person, it might produce just as many chances to stick herself with it) but it feels like I’m slightly less likely to lose it if it’s here.

Anyway, there was another reason I was mentally slapping myself upside the head for having passed up the sample Craziia earlier, a reason beyond the fact that she’s a very pretty doll…

Craziia 15

Yup!  There’s now a doll I have in both regular and Little+ size! 😀  Little+ Craziia was one of the first Little Pullip+ dolls I got at Tuesday Mornings, so I’ve had her quite a while.  (Her hat was rather dusty…)  It’s cool to have both sizes of a doll like this. 🙂  (I’m tempted to add to my double size collection.  Mandarake has the full-size Cosmic Jupi right now, and she’s not all that expensive.  I’m sorely tempted by her, but…I’m trying to resist.  I have so many Pullips already, after all, and I want to add variety to my collection, not simply “more of the same.”  Besides, there are so many other Pullips I’d rather have.  Like Cosmic Mercu.  If it was her they had, I’d have already snapped her up!)

Craziia 16

Maggie had to set down her little self so she could prepare to play her pipes.  (And she’s probably holding them wrong, but…I’m just an ignorant American, after all.  Plus she’s on the old Type 2 body that isn’t as good at posing and stuff.)

Craziia 17

Here’s a close-up of the Little+ version.  She’s cute, huh?  It’s no surprise I snapped her up at Tuesday Mornings.  (At $10, it’s hard to pass any of them up…especially now that it’s gotten so rare for them to have them in.  When Craziia came in, they had so many that I still ended up spending a lot of money, despite that I passed on a number of them!  *sigh*  The good old days…back when they would sometimes get in J-Dolls, too…)

Okay, so there you have C.  That’s three down!

And the gallery for this post is here.


3 thoughts on “Craziia

  1. aikifox85 April 5, 2016 / 12:16 am

    I was curious and tried to look up that pattern on The Scottish Register of Tartans ( if you’re interested) and could not find it. So, I think it’s safe to say this is just a plaid pattern and not an actual tartan 🙂

    Not sure how much Scottish stuff you’re familiar with – it seems like you’ve done some homework, but then you also say “I’m just an ignorant American, after all”, lol 🙂 So, if I say something you’re already familiar with, please forgive me 🙂 Not sure if that blade would be a sgian dubh or a biodag (Highland Dirk) as it’s harder to tell scale here. The sgian dubh is generally a small dagger that is worn tucked inside the top of the sock/ hosery. The biodag would be larger and generally holsters in a leather strap worn along the side of the kilt. Given the decoration and the location, I’m guessing that perhaps it’s a biodag.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Iphis of Scyros April 5, 2016 / 7:12 pm

      I’d have liked to have done some homework on all this, but sadly I didn’t have time. 😦 This is all new to me, but once the pressure is off (April and classes are over) I’m going to have to do some research myself. 🙂 Scale is often hard to tell in anything Pullip — the heads being so much bigger than the bodies throws everything a little out of whack — so I think to figure out which it’s supposed to be, I’m going to have to look into what the proportions within the blades are, what the typical ratio of handle to blade is, that kind of thing. (The location is somewhat irrelevant here, ’cause she *was* a used doll, so I’m not sure if where I found it was where the manufacturer would have put it, since they omitted it from their promotional shots.) I think I’d prefer it if it’s a biodag, based on your description: that’s probably what Jamie was always pulling out to attack his enemies with. 😀


      • aikifox85 April 5, 2016 / 10:25 pm

        No worries. It’s hard to juggle everything and find time to do it all. I just happened to already know because of Scottish and Irish ancestry and having gone to countless Celtic festivals and highland gaming events and the like.

        Liked by 1 person

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