Doctor Teeth and the Electric Mayhem

(No, I’m not trying to do two days in one post. 😛 )

"Golden teeth and golden tones.  Welcome to my presence."
“Golden teeth and golden tones. Welcome to my presence.”

This was a natural selection (oh, look, another “D”!) since I’ve always loved the Muppets, and particularly the band.  (Hey, I am a child of the late ’70s and early ’80s.  Of course I love the Muppets!)

However, I must beg your indulgence in the following photos:  please pretend you can’t see the dust.  I did my best to remove it, but…well, they’d been displayed on this shelf I couldn’t reach…for quite a few years…and hey, at least I got off the fuzzy-looking dust!

Dr Teeth 1

Yup, I got the whole playset.  But I’m confused by the lack of Zoot.  I fear he fell off the shelf and behind the TV. 😦  But if he did, he took his stand with him.  (I can see him doing that, though.  He’d want to nap in peace.)

Dr Teeth 2

Sadly, Animal is blocking the cool neon(-style) logo.  (But it was really hard getting him off those pegs to clean the worst of the dust off the platform (and off Animal) so I didn’t want to mess with getting him moved off them again.)

Dr Teeth 3

This logo, at least, you can see well.  (Apart from Floyd’s (upside down) amp blocking the bottom of it.)  I have to say, I had a lot of fun with these shots, btw.  It’s been awhile since I’ve done any photography with something this close to a real set.  I forgot how much fun it was to have slightly out of focus foreground objects.  I really need to clean my place up so I can do more stuff like this. 🙂

Dr Teeth 5

And here’s the man himself. 😀  I’m glad, btw, that they’ve started using him again.  For a while they had pretty much dropped him — and Rowlf — from the Muppet roster.  I can understand why it was daunting to try reproducing Jim Henson’s performances, but it was also painful for us fans of the characters.  (Though a badly reproduced voice can be even more painful.  In the episode of “The Muppets” that ‘introduced’ Robin, I had to turn it off as soon as Robin spoke.  I’ve watched “The Frog Prince” far too many times to hear Robin sound so little like himself!)

Dr Teeth 4

Lurking in the background behind Doctor Teeth…look out!  It’s the band’s nemesis, MAMMA!  (Well, but maybe it’s the broken version?)

Dr Teeth 6

I’ve always loved Janice.  (In fact, I named my baby doll after her when I was little.)  Her hair was my favorite thing about her, I think; I love the slinky texture and the way it moves.  However, this figure…I don’t know if the legs are warped, or if it’s just that such narrow legs can’t hope to hold anything up, but she falls over right away, no matter what I do.  Hence the reason she’s leaning on the stage. 😛

Dr Teeth 7

Floyd’s eyes are one of the coolest things in Muppetdom, if you ask me.  The eyes on this figure do not live up; they look all right from the front, but from the sides they’re basically glasses. 😦  (His amp — or speaker or whatever it is — absolutely refused to be in any position but this one, which as far as I can tell is upside down.  I mean, I’d assume the little feety things go on the bottom…)

Dr Teeth 8

These little finger puppets (puppets of Muppets?!) weren’t nearly as dusty, so they must be much more recent.  (Well, if the figures were for the 25th anniversary of the Muppet Show, which started like a year after I was born, then they could have been for the 30th or the 35th or…hey, doesn’t that make this year the 40th?  Okay, Disney, get off your butt and release the rest of the show already!  (Better still, put the entire series on Blu-ray!  With the Vincent Price finale restored!)  You have plenty of money and lawyers to renew all the licenses for the music!)

Dr Teeth 9

I never removed them from their card, ’cause why bother?  You can (mostly) see them all perfectly well without taking them off the card.  It’s odd they chose to include Zoot rather than Animal, though; I know Animal is more popular.

Dr Teeth 10

When I was a kid, I really didn’t “get” Zoot.  He just seemed weird to me, and so at the time I didn’t like him.  I started to like him a bit more by the time of The Muppets Take Manhattan (I love the “No, go back to sleep, man, no one’s landed,” joke), but it really wasn’t until I was an adult that I appreciated just how wonderful Zoot is.  So I didn’t like him then, but now I love him. 😀

Dr Teeth 11

Apart from missing his wonderful feathery eyebrows, at least this gets Floyd’s eyes right. 🙂  But you can’t appreciate them fully without seeing them in motion.  I love watching his eyes close and open again.  It’s just so cool.

Dr Teeth 12

Poor Janice is almost completely obscured under normal circumstances!  Floyd’s mustache hides her face, and Dr. Teeth’s arm blocks her body, and…man, Janice, stand up for yourself more! 😛  They didn’t quite manage it, but they did a good job of trying to capture her hair here.  (Well, the only way to succeed would be to use the exact same type of thread/string/whatever-you’d-call-it, and that’s probably more expensive than these little puppets would merit.  Also it probably doesn’t come in a small enough gauge.)

Dr Teeth 13

Yup, started the post with the doctor and ending with him.  (And it’s not even the Doctor I would normally be talking about…)  I love his waistband/belt, btw.  Very ’60s.

(The album for this post is here.)


2 thoughts on “Doctor Teeth and the Electric Mayhem

  1. Chrissy April 6, 2016 / 8:52 am

    Wow, these are really cool. You’re lucky to have them.

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