Hikaru Shidou

Not really what I’d hoped to do for “H,” but…sometimes life doesn’t cooperate.  Anyway, I’d been holding this girl in reserve since her arrival from Mandarake for just such an emergency!

Hikaru 1

As with Fuu, I’m not currently planning on opening Hikaru.  If I get my hands on Umi, then maybe, but…even then, without Ferio and Lantis and…um…teenage Ascot? it wouldn’t serve much purpose.  (Okay, maybe I’m shipping too heavily here…)

Hikaru 6

This is about the best shot of her face I could get inside the box.  It also nicely(?) shows off how they didn’t really manage to capture the exuberance of the CLAMP expressions.  They got the shape of the eyes pretty well, though.  The handle of her sword looks about right, too.



Well, that was short.

I’ll fill it in a little with something related that I also got from Mandarake.  (They must really be loving that I discovered them!)

Big Shipment 10

Yup, it’s Hikaru’s bestest-ever buddy in Cephiro, Mokona! 😀

Big Shipment 12

He’s a wind-up!  How adorable is that?  Though I doubt he makes his adorable little puu-puu sounds. 😛  (Of course, given what we learned about Mokona at the end of the Rayearth II manga, I’m not sure I’d feel right about winding him up…)

Rather than a gallery for this post, I’ve just made a gallery for Magic Knights Rayearth instead.  Though I don’t currently have much else Rayearth I could put in it:  I’ve got a plush Mokona somewhere (bought before Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles even existed, so it’s definitely a Rayearth Mokona) and there’s the CLAMP no Kiseki chess pieces, and I could cheat a little and use that Tsubasa Primera figurine…

You know, there really needs to be more Rayearth merchandise.  But I guess it’s not as popular in Japan.  (Probably because of how badly they loused up the second season of the anime.)  I did see a few keychains at the convention, but they weren’t terribly appealing.


2 thoughts on “Hikaru Shidou

  1. Liz Que August 24, 2016 / 5:15 pm

    I happened to have Hikaru, Fuu, Umi, AND Primera. I had no idea there was a Ferio, Lantis, OR Ascot!! I’ve been thinking about selling my MKR dolls. I have a lot of random other MKR merch, too.


    • Iphis of Scyros August 25, 2016 / 9:34 am

      I didn’t mean they actually made dolls of Ferio, Lantis and Ascot, just that I felt like the Magic Knights would prefer to have their love interests around. (Well, less so in Umi’s case, since she’s clueless about Ascot’s interest. But I don’t even have Umi anyway, so that’s a moot point.) Though I would totally love it if they *had* made dolls of the guys, I rather doubt that they did.


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