Not the Blythe-like doll.  (Though I’m curious about them, obviously.)  Nope, this is a doll from the Winx line.

Icy 1

She’s been standing on one of my shelves in the back row for years, so I don’t have any in-box shots. 😛  I love her all-blue, sparkly outfit, and the ringlet curls to either side of her head.  No idea who she is (or any of the other Winx dolls) but she’s definitely got style. 😀  She’s leaning against the background here because her lower leg is warped. 😦

Icy 3

A close-up of the damage.  I thought, when I got her off the shelf for these photos, that the way she was standing there was the problem, that something had been pushing on her leg and had been hidden by the other dolls.  But the Winx doll from the Make it Pop post had the same problem.  I have a couple of other Winx dolls of about this age; I need to check them and see if they’ve got the same issue.  (Though why the left leg warps and not the right is decidedly perplexing…)

Dolly in motion
Dolly in motion

I had tried to get a shot of her leg while she was still standing up.  But she chose just that moment to topple over, and this was the resulting shot. 😛  Usually, it doesn’t end up with such a neat, easily understood resulting shot when that happens, so I thought I’d share.  (Also, I didn’t have much to say for this post…)

Well, that’s been “I is for Icy.”  I realize it’s been brief.  In fact, it’s been so brief that I didn’t want to give it its own gallery, and so I’ve just put the pictures in the Winx gallery.  Anyway, I promise that tomorrow’s post will be more involved than this one! 😉


One thought on “Icy

  1. randommusings29 April 11, 2016 / 11:09 am

    I love her outfit and her blue hair, she really does embody the word icy


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