I’ve seen this line around for a while, but this was the first doll in the line I actually felt any inclination to buy.

Jordan 1

I don’t know the story/backstory behind this line, and I really don’t think I want to.  But I liked the look of this doll, and she was on sale, so I went for it. 😛

Jordan 5

Now, you may be wondering what this photo is in aid of; I don’t normally show half-de-boxed photos.  But if you buy a lot of playline dolls, maybe you’re noticing that the plastic binding her to the box doesn’t look quite like the usual universal annoyances.  Or maybe you’re not, as it doesn’t show up too well in the photo.  But you can take my word for it that the plastic is less shiny, and it has a very different texture, much less smooth, and a bit less flexible.

Jordan 6
Not cool, Hasbro.

The difference is obvious from the back.  What looks like bits of glue all over the back of the insert is the other end of those plastic ties.  It’s like they used universal annoyances that melted.  I don’t know what the deal is with this, precisely, but it made de-boxing her really hard, because there was zero give when I tried to pull her head away from the cardboard to cut the ones that go into her head, but because this stuff was stuck to the cardboard, I couldn’t cut it from the other side of the cardboard.  (Thus increasing the chance of accidentally snipping hairs from in the neighborhood of 50% to more like 95%.)  Also, since I don’t know what this material is, precisely, I had to pull every single one of those glue-looking-spots free of the cardboard insert before I could toss said insert into the recycling bin.  Now, maybe it’s a bio-degradable plastic or something, which would be good, but it’s clearly not paper, and therefore can’t be recycled with/as paper, so…yeah, not good.

Jordan 7

The important thing is that I did, eventually, get her out of the package. 😛  Getting her to stand up on her own was pretty tricky, because that hair kept trying to make her fall over backwards.  (Hence her holding her hands in front of her like that…)  She’s got working elbows, knees and wrists.

Jordan 9

Her face is much more narrow — pinched, even — than most of the dolls in my collection.  (I have to say, though, that I’m more used to thinking of “Jordan” as a man’s name.  Or a country.  Especially a country.  In fact, it’s on my “most wanted to visit” list, as that’s where Petra is.  (And yes, almost all the countries on my “places I want to visit” list are chosen for their archaeological sites.  Japan and Germany are the major exceptions, and even in Germany’s case, it’s more because I want to go to the museums in Berlin that house tons of antiquities of considerable fame and importance.))

Jordan 10

I love all the detail on her leatherette shirt.  Sure, it’s less detailed than it would be if she had the beading this paint is supposed to represent, but this is good enough for a doll that cost me under $20. 😛  I like the gold-colored faux leather jacket, too…though I’ve had trouble with dolly “leather” aging badly in the past; I hope whatever caused those issues with ’80s and ’90s dolls has since been fixed!  (BTW, see those bracelets on both her arms?  The ones that look really junky because they look so much less gold-like than her jacket?  They’re the reason I can’t do a full-on Toy Box Philosopher-style analysis of the doll, ’cause those bracelets were not coming off, and there’s no way of getting her jacket off around them.  Maybe she has removable hands, like Monster High, but I didn’t see any direct indication of that, and I was afraid to chance it.  Besides, I think the Toy Box Philosopher’s already covered this line anyway.)

Jordan 11

The high heeled shoes weren’t helping her balance issues.  The symbol on the side of her boots — molded in place as well as painted — is basically the same one as on her sleeve, with a few minor variations.  This angle makes it look like she’s got pockets, but she totally doesn’t.

Jordan 12

This doll was so not intended to be viewed from behind!  I mean, I realize that no doll is, strictly speaking, but I’m used to the backs of the clothes being a little less slovenly-looking than this.  BTW, although that hair looks good, it feels awful.  Very rough and scratchy.  And, actually, from back here, it doesn’t even look very good.

Jordan 13

One last photo, just because I thought she looked really good from this angle. 😛  That little star mark between her eye and her eyebrow is unusual; like a beauty mark, but a star, and in an odd place.  (And it’s only on the one side, so it’s hard to interpret it as part of her eye makeup…)

So that’s been “J is for Jordan,” and the gallery is here.  Tomorrow’s going to be a bit less involved.  (Which can be good or bad, depending on your view of things. 😛 )


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    Wanted to say… thank you for being part of the Challenge and keeping up with it!
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