Kurtis (Prinny Version)

So today we’ve got a plushie instead of a doll.  He hails from one of my favorite game series I’ve totally fallen behind on:  Disgaea.  (I can’t help having fallen behind:  those games take so freakin’ long to play!  And I have a lot less time on my hands than I used to.)

Kurtis 3

I wasn’t a big fan of Kurtis when he was still a human, but he’s wonderfully fun as a prinny. 😀  I feel sorry for the people who were playing the game with the English language track selected, though:  at least in the original PS2 version, instead of getting Kurtis’ theme song “My Comrade” for his triumphant return, they ended up with some domestic song.  (There are other reasons to feel sorry for them, too, not least of which being that they missed out on all the wonderful performances, and especially Laharl’s laugh, but…that’s neither here nor there.)

Kurtis 4

Obviously, as a plushie, his eyes don’t change, but a different angle can really make it look like he’s got a totally different expression!

Kurtis 7

I don’t know why, specifically, he’s got a monster head printed on his little bag, but it’s a fun detail. 🙂

Also it gave me one more tiny talking point.

Plushies don’t make for very elaborate posts, it turns out. 😛

But that’s one more letter down!  I’ve gotten all the way up to “K is for Kurtis” now!  Yay!

Tomorrow’s L post will be more involved…but not really as involved as it ought to be, all things considered.  (Photography was not my friend with that doll.  Or vice versa.)

Oh, btw, there’s no Kurtis gallery, ’cause that seemed silly.  Instead there’s a Disgaea gallery, which includes the Etna and Flonne Nendoroids from last year.


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