While there are a lot of different places I could go with that title, I happen to be going to this one:

Onyx 1

The Tuesday Mornings in my area have never been very good at getting in full-size dolls, but for a while there they were a real treasure trove of Little+ Pullip and Dal.  Onyx here has always been one of my favorites. 😀

Onyx 2

It’s so rare for Groove to release a doll with this skin coloration!  (It really needs to become more common.)  I think her purple eyes really look good against the dark skin.


Hmm, you know, I should have taken a photo of the die cast shield that belonged to another Onyx I used to own:  the one from Galoob’s Golden Girl line.  Yeah, that would have been good.  (No longer have any of the dolls apart from one I found at an antique mall, but of course I kept their awesome shields!)


One thought on “Onyx

  1. Nilanjana Bose April 19, 2016 / 2:52 am

    Onyx is pretty! Well done on a great O post.

    Best wishes.
    Ninja Minion


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