Ruby Rails

Ruby Rails 1

The second doll in the Goldie Blocks line of engineering-themed toys aimed at girls, Ruby Rails is officially described as a “skydive action figure.”

Um…yeah.  We’ll get to that later.

Ruby Rails 3

The back of the box is pretty cute, showing all her stuff and everything.  I find the text box reading “Limited Edition Fabric Parachute” disturbing, though.  What else would they make a parachute from, other than fabric?  Paper?  That surely wouldn’t work too well.

Ruby Rails 5

Getting the parachute pack assembled (apart from the parachute itself) was accomplished slowly over a day or so as I would go through a single step while reading blogs.  Not an efficient way to do anything, I realize.  But it explains why I don’t have any step-by-step photos to show you!  (Though I probably wouldn’t have taken any even if I’d gone about it in a less ludicrous fashion.)

After she was all set up, then Ruby sat patiently on my shelf, awaiting the day of her test flight.  I needed a day when it was sunny out, but preferably cold and a week day, so there wouldn’t be any kids in the nearby yards to see a grown woman tossing a small doll into the air and trying to take pictures of it as it fell back down again.  Also I was waiting for the grass in my lawn to regain a little bit of green in its coloration.

Ruby Rails 7

Eventually, the day dawned, and I took Ruby outside to see if she could fly.  Er, skydive.  As much as I’d like to say this photo was taken after her perfect landing following a successful parachuting endeavor, it would be a lie.  I set her down among the violets (and the not-so-green-as-I’d-have-liked grass) to take a “before” shot.

Ruby Rails 6

I’m digging the look of concentration on her face here. 😀

Sadly, I have no photos to show you of her gracefully parachuting down out of the sky.

This is because she fell like a rock.

I couldn’t get her parachute to open up, no matter how I tossed her into the air.  (And yes, I did throw her in the  manner suggested.  As well as in several other manners.)  Maybe other people have had better luck with her, but I couldn’t get her to work at all.  (Given that she’d been reduced from $25 to $9 on Amazon, I may not be alone in this.)  Admittedly, I probably would have had better luck if I’d had someone to help me out, so that I wasn’t throwing her with one hand and trying to keep my camera ready in the other.

The only photo I managed to take was of the sky and the roof of one of my neighbors’ houses.  That didn’t seem terribly pertinent, so I didn’t bother uploading it.

Ruby Rails 8

So, back inside after the failed flight, and I’ve here converted her parachute pack into an ordinary backpack.  And thus it’s likely to remain, what with the whole “didn’t actually work” thing and all.  Inside the (paper) backpack is a little (paper) laptop.  It’s all pretty cute, really.  Technically, that heart-shaped thing on the backpack straps is only supposed to be there when it’s a parachute pack.  But without it the straps became really loose — crazy loose, in fact — and I felt like the backpack would probably fall off, plus it looked bad.  So I went ahead and used the golden heart to clasp the backpack’s straps together.

Ruby Rails 9

Those little leg and knee joints of hers are very eager to move at the slightest provocation.  That meant I had some difficulty getting her to stand upright for these photos.  (Hence her weird pose here.  Although actually it just looks like she’s in the middle of walking, doesn’t it?)

Anyway, bottom line is that Ruby Rails is a cute little doll/figure, but the gimmick she comes with is pretty much worthless, so if you’re thinking of picking her up, be sure you’re only paying for the doll, not the parachuting.  To a lesser extent, I understand that that was the case with the Goldie Blocks doll/figure as well.

The gallery for this post is here.


One thought on “Ruby Rails

  1. susanleighnoble April 22, 2016 / 7:44 am

    I hate when things don’t work as advertised. I assume most kids can’t get her to skydive either and just give up.


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