And today I’ll be presenting to you another cherished toy from the 1980s…

Storm 2

Storm, Catra’s horse.  Er, her pegasus?  I dunno if the wings are supposed to be part of the horse, or just part of the saddle.  (I mean, I know they’re physically part of the saddle, but…)

You might recognize the pose from the pictures of Arrow earlier; all three Princess of Power horses have the same mold.  (And now I have all three!  Yay!)

Anyway, I’ve had Storm here since 1985…

Storm 3

…which is why it sort of looks like she’s going bald.  It’s just that the mane’s been pushed down in the slot or something.  It’s not really easily fixed.  Or rather, I’ve never been able to look at it and say “oh, that’ll fix it!” so I’ve sort of left it alone for fear of damaging her.

Storm 4

I’m not entirely sure what those little bits of blue glitter are.  I think they might be nail polish?  Whatever they are, they’re stuck on good and proper, and I doubt it would be worth the effort of trying to get them off.

Storm 6

So, here’s Catra riding on her beloved horse.  And as you can see, Catra has been very well loved.  I totally lost her little skirty thing at some point, and replaced it with a bit of a knit thing.  (Y’know those little machines where you thread a bunch of yarn in and then turn a crank and it produces a little knit sheath?  I made it in one of those.)  Almost all the silver came off her at some point, and I — being a dumb kid — thought a silver marker would be sufficient to restore it.  So that was a very bad idea; now it’s all sort of sticky and matte and turning green.  Also her gem came out at some point and a replacement was glued in with way too much excess glue.  The replacement of the silver on her bodice is a bit sloppy, but not sticky or turning colors, so that must have been much later, and done with actual paint.

Anyway, I now have to follow this up with something really, completely absurd, just because I can.  (Also because, let’s face it, some of you were already thinking something along these lines.)

Storm.  Being ridden by Storm.
Storm. Being ridden by Storm.


It had to be done.

Storm 8

Storm’s new outfit isn’t done yet, btw.  I need to actually sew it together (currently, it’s attached with tape), and I still have to figure out how to do her cape.  (Oh, and showing the doll Storm is not against my self-imposed A-to-Z rules because I’m just using her as a comparison.  Er, well, comparison isn’t quite the right term, but…she’s not the focal point of the post, so it’s okay.)


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