Terraria 1

Yes, today I’m just going to show you photos of my PSVita.

No, just kidding! 😛

Terraria 5

Terraria is one of those games that goes in fits and spurts for me.  I’ll play obsessively for a time, and then sort of let it slide for a while, and then play obsessively again and…that’d be a better thing, mind you, if I only had it on one system and therefore didn’t have to keep starting over again.  But I haven’t really been able to use my PS3 (or my television, for that matter) in a long time, so I ended up double dipping and getting it on the Vita…but that meant starting over…

Anyway, even though you’re encouraged to play on mulitplayer at all times (or at least often), I’ve never done so even once.  I don’t trust people, and besides I think some of my world design jokes would be misinterpreted:

Terraria 4
Share and enjoy! Share and enjoy!

Anyway, I’ve picked up a number of the Terraria toys, ’cause that’s what I do. :p

Corrupt Rabbit

I think this one’s my favorite.  A plush, 8-bit zombie rabbit.  What’s not to love about that?  (Well, okay, it’s not exactly a zombie, per se, but…yeah, it’s basically a zombie.)

Crying at all is not allowed,  not in my igloo on a cloud!
Crying at all is not allowed, not in my igloo on a cloud!

I’m not sure corrupt rabbits even show up in the console version or if they’re a mobile exclusive…but so far I haven’t found any to capture and put in my menagerie. 😛

Terraria 6

After eyeing this set at stores for months and feeling like it wasn’t quite worth the MRSP, then I found it for about half that on Amazon.

Terraria 7

They’re Monty Python fans! 😀

Terraria 8

Uh…yeah.  I’m not sure what I think of the idea of a comic book adaptation of something like Terraria.  (The art is certainly inappropriate, given what the game graphics look like!)  So why did I get it, then?

Terraria 9

It comes with the Dryad!  In all her Terra-like glory!  (Though I don’t think I’ve ever had one spawn whose name was Terra.  Though I did feel especially lucky when I had one spawn with the name Chryseis…)  Well, okay, technically she’s not all that much like Terra, since she’s wearing a green two-piece thing instead of a red one-piece, but…yeah, every time I see her my mind goes “Terra!”  Because FFVI rules.

Terraria 2

So, one last gratuitous game shot.  (Because I had it.  Because I had to wait around for the sun to come up so I could get that one shot I actually felt like I needed.)  This is my current pad in-game.  It’ll change, grow, and get a lot more chests. 😛  Also, don’t anyone knock my Mad Hatter hat!  I can have my yuki-onna wear a Mad Hatter hat if I want to!  I created a free world where that’s totally okay!  (Yes, I am adamant about this.  Why do you ask?)

Ooookay, I think I’m getting a bit unhinged.  I’ll just sign off for now.

(BTW, “T”!  April A-to-Z nears completion, and I’m still on track!  Yay!)


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