An update

So, though I’m not technically finished with class until I turn my paper in tomorrow, I’m basically done, in that I’ve totally finished the paper.  (To the extent that I already e-mailed it to myself in case I forget my flash drive tomorrow.)

That means I should, technically, be free to give myself that reward for finishing class — specifically an Etsy shopping spree, and/or that semi-graily Pullip that showed up used on Mandarake about a week ago.  (Assuming she’s still there…but she was there on Monday when I said to myself “yeah, the first draft is done, so you deserve a present!” but then I ended up not making the order, for reasons even I don’t understand.)

I’m a little hesitant to go ahead and give myself my reward, though.  Not that I don’t want it!  I very much want it.  And it’s not that I can’t afford it.  (Within reason.)  It’s just…

…well, it’s complicated.

Part of it’s that I’ve already bought some stuff that wasn’t the reward — things that weren’t going to last that long, and Target’s web site finally had the DC Super Hero Girls dolls back in stock, so I went ahead and ordered the other three (it should have been four, but I really don’t like their Supergirl doll) because I was worried they were going to completely vanish on me — and I guess part it’s just that I don’t really feel like I deserve it.  This place is a sty, and my final paper’s more than a bit lame.

(LOL, I took a drink of my water right after I wrote that, and as I was drinking, I glanced up at Bumblebee, and she’s giving me this look like “Of course you deserve it, girl!  Stop beating yourself up so much!”  Such a helpful, friendly doll!  Unlike Grell.  He’s still giving me this “why haven’t you let me out of here yet?” look, no matter how many times I explain that there’s no room for him and the Undertaker on my shelf right now…)


Thing is, I want to shake things up around here over the summer break.  I want to get the house clean so I can have lots more shelves, so my dolls aren’t all cramped up like they are now.  And I want to finally fix Pyrrha’s eye mechanism (I’ve finally started taking the eye chips out of the new mechanism; that’s a start, right?) and get her eyelids re-painted, and stuff like that, so she’ll finally be finished.

In the spirit of finally finishing dolly projects, I finally finished changing Selina’s eye chips!  Or rather, I finally got her put back together again.  All those little springs inside her head really didn’t want to cooperate with me.  I’m starting to think any custom Pullips I want that need more than a change of clothes and/or wigs are going to have to be paid jobs by professionals.  Just changing her eyes was almost too much for me…

In any event, here she is:

new eyes 1

All that time in pieces in a box seems to have made her go a bit punk/goth loli.  Hopefully a nice new dress from Etsy will make her feel better. 😉

new eyes 2

Here’s a close-up so you can get a good look at her new eyes.  They’re really pretty, right?  They’re by BlytheEvolution…but despite the shop’s name, they are intended for Pullips. 😛  The chips are a bit flatter than actual Pullip chips, which does mean that they’re a little more in the shadow than they might be, so I probably should have gotten something a tiny bit brighter:  they’re not as lovely when they’re not well lit.  But even then they’re still light years ahead of her stock chips!

Anyway, you may notice a line on her cheek in the photo?  I’m not sure where that came from.  I mean, it happened in the box, but I’m not quite sure how…or what to do about it.  Still, it doesn’t mess up her looks too badly, especially considering you can’t see it except in good light and from close up.  (Plus if the light hits it right, it looks silver, which is much prettier.  (I fear it came from a loose screw down in the box with her…))

So, hard to say exactly what the future holds…except probably some more posts when a few packages come in. 😛  I plan on reserving future Thursdays for cleaning, so hopefully in a few weeks I’ll have made enough of a dent that I can start getting my space issues resolved, which will give me more photography options — and let me finally open Grell and the Undertaker! — and get some real posts going again.


OMG, I just went to the Junie Moon site in the other window, to look for news about Allegra Champagne, the anniversary Blythe coming out this year.  And at first I was like “yes, she’s a translucent!” ’cause I really want a translucent…

…and then I saw her price tag.  ¥34,900.  Which, according to the currency conversion site, is currently $321 and change.

MSRP of over $300?

Ugh.  Too much!

I mean, yeah, there are dolls that cost more than that, but most of them are about twice Blythe’s height.

Seriously, if I was gonna shell out that much for a Blythe, I might as well pay a little bit more and get the Hatsune Miku one.

Man, if I’d known a) how gorgeous translucents are and b) how expensive they quickly become after being released, I’d have totally gotten Cherie Babette while I could. 😦

Well, I guess I’ll just have to keep on waiting for another one to be released.

Oh, on a final, unrelated note, I forgot to add a gallery link to my A-to-Z reflections post.  It’s there now, a link to the April 2016 A-to-Z gallery, which has all the photos from the month!  So it’s large and chaotic. 😛  But if you want to know the order in which I took the photos, then you’re in luck! 😛  (Except the Vash photo.  It got stuck at the front because apparently PhotoShop took off the time stamp, so Dropbox considers it “without a date”.)


One thought on “An update

  1. Ms.Bunns May 12, 2016 / 7:51 pm

    Oh so pretty, love her hair, beautiful eyes, and punky outfit!


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