Tuesday x 2

I apologize for the poor picture quality in this post.  I wanted to get this up today — as opposed to next week — but it’s been raining for the last two days, so I had to use the flash to get these pictures.  There are also fewer of them than I meant to take, because the flash eats up my camera’s battery like nobody’s business.

Anyway!  I want to introduce you to another Ideal girl to join my collection, this one from ShopGoodwill.com:

Tuesday 1

She’s from 1975 (same as me!) and her name is Tuesday Taylor.

Yes, I realize that’s a moronic reason to insist on posting about her on a Tuesday.  Hey, I’m still in the weird-sleep mode of trying to recover from final-paper-writing, okay?

Tuesday 2

Moving on, while the influence of the Twist-n-Turn Barbie face is evident here, I think her face is also quite distinctive as its own entity, a bit more realistic than TnT Barbie.  (Don’t get me wrong; I love the TnT Barbie face.)  You can’t see them very well in this shot, but she has short rooted eyelashes as well as the nicely painted on ones.

Tuesday 3

See that line at the base of the scalp?  (It’d be hard to miss!)  It goes all the way around, and there was a shot of it from behind on the auction page, presumably because the seller thought it was a flaw in the doll.  And at first I thought so, too, until I saw someone selling one of these on Etsy, someone who actually knew a thing or two about these dolls…

Tuesday 5

Her scalp turns, so she can go from a blonde to a brunette!

Or, at least, that’s the idea.  But if they really wanted that to be how it works, they shouldn’t have given the blonde half bangs.  It’s theoretically possible that with a different hairstyle, the brown part would not have to hang directly in front of her face like this, but for the moment I’m not taking down the loose braids she arrived with.  (Eventually I probably will, as I don’t think they’re original.)  So for the moment she’s going to remain a half-bleached-blonde. 😛

Tuesday 6

This is a very modern Barbie dress intended for a less busty Barbie, so it’s a bit tight in the chest on Tuesday, but I think it still looks pretty good.  Though maybe I should loosen the velcro a little to keep it from stretching out quite so badly over her bosom…

Tuesday 7

Ideal continues to fascinate me in the way they construct their dolls.  So Misty had a limp vinyl(?) arm that could move any way you wanted, but wouldn’t hold it, right?  Tuesday here has an arm that bends and holds the bend, rather like a bendy-doll.  But her hands are on a regular joint at the end of the arm.  Given the stiff arms on Barbies at this period, this must have been quite the selling point for Tuesday Taylor and her friends.  (And there were definitely “friends”.  I’ve seen another doll in this line on Etsy, and I was tempted to get her since she came with some of her clothes and all.  But I thought I’d wait and see how I liked this one in person first.)

Tuesday 8

As is common, Tuesday has click-knees.  The clicking mechanism is much more sharp than in more recent Barbies.  (Not sure about mid-1970s Barbies…)  But there are obvious problems with the system after a long time.  Note the rectangular bubble on the underside of this bent knee, where some of the skin is just sort of pooching outwards due to the bend in the mechanism.  (Not that I have any idea why it’s doing that.)

Tuesday 9

A more significant problem is on the other knee, the one that looks bent in this picture.  See the round area sticking out from the back of her knee there?  (It’s about the size a baseball would be in Tuesday’s scale.)  I’m not sure exactly what that is, but I suspect it’s due to the fact that the click-knee in that leg no longer works.  You can bend the leg a little due to the flexible nature of the vinyl, but it goes right back again, because whatever it is inside the click-knee to make it hold those few rigid poses, it’s entirely broken.  This is not a big deal, however; it just means she can’t really sit down, unless I want her legs sticking out straight in front of her.  (Like Misty…)

You’ll notice, also, that her feet — while still possessing the ridiculously arched feet for high heel shoes — are not so ludicrously tiny as Barbie’s.  These actually look more or less the right size for her body.

Now, I probably had more to say about Tuesday, but I’ve run out of pictures. 😛  Instead — to justify the “x 2” in the title of the post — I want to share another doll I got recently, though this one came from Etsy.

Tuesday 10

This is Aja from Hasbro’s “Jem and the Holograms” line of dolls from the 1980s.  I never had any of these dolls as a kid, so it’s pretty cool to get my hands on one, and because she’s missing a hand, she was extremely cheap.  (She was only coming along for the ride, however.  The main reason I made this order was for the other doll in it — also 1980s vintage — but I’ll tell you about her next time. 😛  Like I said, camera ran out of battery power.  They’re charging now, though.)

My plan had been to re-body her head onto a Made-to-Move Barbie.

Because, as I said, I’d never had one of these dolls before.  I didn’t know that they were actually significantly larger than Barbie.  Okay, not “significantly,” per se, but enough larger that her head would be way too big on a Barbie body, and that her neck hole is about twice as large as a Barbie’s.

However, it turns out that the missing hand is almost the only thing wrong with her.  (She does have a small pink stain on one shoulder as well, but that’s not a big deal.)  So all I have to do is replace her hand.  I’d just make a mold off her other hand, but she doesn’t want to have two left hands, surely, and I can’t find any other doll in my collection whose hands are quite the same size.  (The closest match I came up with was Deuce Gorgon, but his hands are very obviously masculine, so that wasn’t gonna happen.)  I’m going to have to pick a doll with a similar hand design (either Tuesday or a Bratzilla, whichever has the larger hands) and make a mold off of it, then make a polymer clay hand, and then make another mold off of that.  I’ve noticed that polymer clay versions off of molds of doll parts give a result that’s slightly larger than the original, so hopefully the scaling up will be the right amount to make it more or less match in size.  I’ll never match the color, of course, so I’m thinking a blue-glittery, transparent resin hand:  one that’ll look a bit holographic, since she’s one of the Holograms. 😛

Tuesday 11

Part of the reason I’ve never had a Jem doll before is that I’ve never been a big fan of their faces, but I liked the way this one looked.

Getting her clothing may prove difficult, since she’s so much thicker than a Barbie in every dimension other than bust-line.  I’m going to have to see what I can come up with on Etsy, I guess.

Anyway, the gallery for this post is here.

Before I go, a brief update about Pyrrha.  I finally got her old eye mechanism out, and her new eye mechanism in, and all her eye chips finally decided on.  While I was at it, I washed her hair to try and make her bangs behave.  Then as I was about to put the back of her head back on, I suddenly realized I had forgotten to put her pullstrings back in place.

Well, the one for the sleep eyes was no problem.

But the main pullstring!

I couldn’t get it to go through the hole.

So I put it through a needle and somehow managed to get the needle most of the way through the hole…but the eye was so wide it wouldn’t fit through the hole.  But any smaller eye and the string wouldn’t have gone through!

I had so much trouble getting the eye mechanism in and out.  I really don’t want to have to do it again.  But I’m not sure what else to do.

Maybe if I had some really thin thread I could tie one end of it around the tip of the pullstring, thread the other end through, and then pull the pullstring through that way.


I’m not sure.

But while I dither about the best course of action, poor Pyrrha is still lying here in pieces. 😦  If anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears…


3 thoughts on “Tuesday x 2

  1. Olive May 17, 2016 / 12:22 pm

    Eep. Have you tried cutting the nylon string end at an angle to get it thinner so you can thread it through the hole more easily? Or melting the tip of the string in order to keep it from fraying? I think I might have used a thin wire to pull string through… There’s a tutorial on Blythelife.com I think.


    • Iphis of Scyros May 17, 2016 / 12:35 pm

      The wire’s a good idea. I should try that. I think I have some wire around here somewhere…I hope…(not that I can find *anything* around here…)


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