Grell Sutcliff

Now that it’s finally summer vacation, I finally had a few minutes to move my doll collection around a bit and give me a bit more display space, which means I was finally able to open my new boys from PullipStyle!  I’m posting about them separately, though, because…um…just because.  And even though he came out second, I’m starting with Grell, since he was the one who actually prompted the order.  Unfortunately, the light in these photos is almost entirely artificial.  As soon as I was ready for the photo shoot, the sun retreated behind a cloud or something. 😦

Grell 1

As you can see, he was very sad about still being trapped in his box. 😛

Grell 4

So, here he is out of the box, and adjusting his glasses.  I did my best to get his hair right, but…it’s lacking in body, so I guess I’ll need to keep messing with it to fluff it up a bit.  Especially because he should have an ahoge, which adds a lot of personality to his appearance.  The promotional shots of the doll have it, and there’s actually a bit on top of his head that has a bit of styling product in it to be the ahoge, but I couldn’t get it to stand up. 😦  On an unrelated note, I feel like there’s something odd about the way his legs join to his hips, but without disrobing both him and another Taeyang to compare them, I can’t be sure.  (And while I’m sure Grell would enjoy cutting Sebastian’s clothes off, I don’t think it’s a good idea. 😛 )

Grell 5

I’m used to seeing him in black and white, so the brilliant yellow-green eyes are a bit surprising somehow.  They’re a really wild color, though; they’re a bit neon, and catch the light in a glowing way.  I’d say I’ve never seen anything quite like them, but they’re actually almost identical to the other new boy’s eyes. 😉  The little skulls danging beside his glasses are a great touch, but I’m worried that they could leave marks on his face if I’m not careful.  (What happened to Selina’s cheek has me rattled, I suppose.)  See those buttons on his sleeve, btw?  They’re only glued on…so one of them already came off. 😦  And when I saw it on my foot, I thought it was a bug, and swatted it away, so now I don’t know where it is. :..(

Grell 7

I had to share the view of his hair from behind because — though it lacks the body to truly capture Grell’s unruly nature — it’s a fabulous wig, and silky smooth.  It’s  light years beyond Luka’s rough-textured wig, and may even be softer than Craziia’s wig.  Definitely some of the nicest hair I’ve encountered on a Pullip doll.

Grell 4

I thought I had more general pictures, but since I don’t, I’ll just repeat this one to talk about his stock.  😛  He has these little belt-like things around his biceps under the coat, which makes his upper arms feel oddly lump when you’re trying to pose his arms, but it’s a nice touch, since they’re a genuine part of his costume.  The chains on his waistcoat don’t actually attach to anything, though, unlike Sebastian’s pocket watch.  The coat is very nice, and appropriately a bit too small for him, since it’s actually Madam Red’s coat.  (I gotta get a Pullip version of her!)  I love the shoes and the glasses, even though the glasses could be a bit pointier.  His hands are encased in clear plastic to protect them from being stained by his gloves, of course.  Er, mittens.  (The one problem with the Pullip family’s hands is that they can only wear mittens instead of gloves.)

Okay, so now that I’ve given him a mini-review (with the summary “yay, he’s awesome!”), I’m going to launch into a silly doll-skit.  Because I can.  But please pretend Sebastian’s in his normal outfit, not the private tutor one.  (I don’t have the space or the spare money to get the regular Sebastian and Ciel as well as the two I’ve got.  (No, Ciel’s not in this sketch.  But he’s in the next one. 😛  Which will hopefully go up tomorrow.  I’ve already taken the photos, so it just needs to be written and posted.))  I’m not going to be able to match Grell’s speech pattern, as it’s been too long since I’ve read one of the arcs with him in it.  (Hey, the manga’s at 20+ volumes now, and I have limited time!)

Grell 9

Grell:  Ah!  Sebas-chan!  I wasn’t expecting to see you again so soon.  If I’d known, I’d have prettied myself up a little more…

Grell 10

Sebastian:  I do not wish to be addressed so familiarly by one of your ilk.

Grell 11

Grell:  Such a heartless man to be so rude to a fine lady like myself!

Sebastian:  You do not qualify as a ‘lady’ by any definition of the word.

Grell:  So cold!  And so bleak!

Grell 12

Grell:  You need to lighten up, Sebas-chan!  And I’ll help by lightening up that grim black outfit of yours:  I’ll dye it a beautiful red with your blood!

Grell 13

Sebastian:  What is that thing in your hands?

Grell:  William took away my scythe!  It’s your fault I’m having to use this puny little saw!  Your fault, Sebas-chan!

LOL, well, without a 1/6 chainsaw…I thought maybe he’d at least feel comforted to have a 1/12 scale saw out of my dollhouse. 😛  I love that the shinigami in Kuroshitsuji aren’t limited to just having literal scythes:  chainsaws and lawn mowers and whatnot are so much more fun (if utterly anachronistic) than plain old scythes.

Anyway, the gallery for this post is here.  It’s one of those galleries that’ll grow, of course:  any future pictures I take of Grell will also go in there. 🙂


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