The Undertaker

Writing this post has somehow taken me a lot longer than expected.  Not sure why.  Anyway, here’s my other new Taeyang from PullipStyle.

Undertaker 1

You may be thinking his box is absolutely identical to Grell’s, but it’s actually slightly taller.  Identical in every other respect, though. 😛

Undertaker 4

The Undertaker’s stock is rather monochromatic, but it’s certainly not dull!  BTW, has anyone played the game Suikoden III?  The first time I saw the Undertaker in the Black Butler manga, I was like “oh, so that’s where Yuber went when he teleported away at the end of the game!”  (For those who’ve never played it, you can see what he looks like here.)  Of course, the Undertaker is much more likable than Yuber.  And more competent.  But I digress.

Undertaker 6

Like Grell, the Undertaker has a long mane of silky soft hair.  Also, check out how long his hat is!  That’s some crazy fashion sense he’s got. 😛

Undertaker 8

Yup, his hat slides all the way down to his nose if you let it.  And he actually does appear more or less like this in the manga sometimes.  But this photo isn’t just to show you the crazy width of his hat.  It’s also to show you some of his details.  He has a curious blend of religious apparel in his stock:  the gray scarf-like thing is like part of a priest’s vestment (though I don’t think it would usually be gray) and the collar on his shirt is much like a priest’s collar.  But then those beads around his neck are rather like something you would see on a Buddhist priest.  It really makes me wonder about his origins.  I wonder if we’ll ever find out?

Undertaker 9

While we’re in detail mode, here’s another close-up in the same basic region.  He has a braid in his hair.  I can’t recall if that’s a manga detail or what.  (It’s been way too long since I’ve had time to re-read the whole series, and the Undertaker only shows up in some of the story arcs.  I should see if I can find all the volumes and do that…)

Undertaker 10

I couldn’t get the thing in focus, but you can still see how awesome his boots are, even though they’re not in focus.

Undertaker 11

A bit of facial close-up here.  The scar across is face is really hard to photograph, but you should be able to see it here.  I like how his eyelids are just a bit gray in color.  His eyes are very similar to Grell’s, which makes a lot of sense, if you think about it.  What’s really striking here is his eyelashes, though:  they’re the same color as his hair, which is a wonderful, slightly eerie effect in person, but makes them a bit hard to see in the photo.

Undertaker 12

Even harder to see in a photo is what a couple of his eyelashes are doing.  See how there seems to be a line across the eye that’s in focus?  That’s not something they did to be an injury to match the scar:  that’s one or two of his eyelashes bending down across his eye.  I wasn’t able to convince them to behave themselves.

Undertaker 13

So, one more detail about his stock.  The Undertaker wears a chain of lockets on his coat — a chain that got pulled off and left behind when certain truths about his identity were revealed (trying to avoid too many spoilers here for those who haven’t read it) — and this is Groove’s attempt to reproduce that chain.  (You could see it a bit on the shot from the front, but in the other pictures it’s hidden by his hat, sleeve and hair.)  Now, I don’t know what these lockets were in the anime — I believe I read somewhere that the anime’s Undertaker developed in a completely different direction from the one in the manga — but in the manga these lockets were…dang, what are they called?  Well, they’re a Victorian thing, wherein a lock of hair of a (usually deceased) loved one is placed inside the locket, which is inscribed with their name or initials, and sometimes a date (the date of death, often).  So these should look more like pocket watches, since they’d be closed.  But instead they look more like tiny little picture frames.  Given the (possible) significance of what was discovered by examining those lockets, I find this slightly annoying…but it’s not too big a deal since you usually can’t see them anyway.

Okay, so that ends the mini-review (again, summary is “yay, awesome!”) and now I have another dolly skit prepared.  However!!  This skit contains some spoilers, so if you haven’t read the manga up to the Undertaker’s most recent appearance (I don’t remember exactly when that was, but the translation is currently up to volume XXI or so, but he’s not (so far) in the current story, so…) then you may have some things spoiled for you.  Especially if you only watch the anime:  I don’t know if the same developments have yet taken place there, or even if they ever will.  (I only watched the first episode of the anime.  I didn’t like which aspects of the manga it chose to focus on, so I never bothered to watch further.)

In other words, proceed at your own (story) risk if you’re not up to date.  (The gallery is here, btw.  In case you don’t want to risk reading the rest.)

Also, please pretend that Ciel and Sebastian are in their usual outfits.  Thank you.

Undertaker 15

Undertaker:  Young Earl, Sebastian never told you what happened to your grandfather…

Ciel:  Why would Sebastian know anything about my grandfather?  He was already dead long before Sebastian arrived.

Undertaker 16

Undertaker:  Ciel…

Ciel:  What’s with the sudden familiarity?

Undertaker:  …I am your grandfather!

Undertaker 17

Ciel:  What?  Is that true?

Undertaker 14

Undertaker:  Who knows?

Undertaker 18

Undertaker:  <laughing hysterically>

Ciel:  Sebastian!

Sebastian:  Yes, young master?

Ciel:  Can you kill him?

Sebastian:  I have never killed one of his sort before, but it should be possible.

Undertaker 19

Sebastian:  Kindly hold still, you irritating jester.

Undertaker:  You won’t find me as easy to kill as that!  But I’ll be happy to prepare a coffin or two for you!


Yes, leaving it there.  Because how could I make them fight?  These dolls aren’t that posable!  Not to mention that Sebastian is unarmed, and I have zero sense of fight choreography.  And that I have no idea who would win.  (Well, okay, no, Sebastian is one of the two leads, so if one of them was going to “win” in the traditional sense, it’d be him.  More likely it would end with one of them escaping…)  Now that I think about it, I rather exaggerated with the spoiler warning…

And Larva’s scythe really doesn’t look right for the Undertaker.  But at least it’s in the right scale, unlike Grell’s saw. 😛


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