Living Dead Dolls Fashion Victim Kitty

So, a while back on, three dolls were up for auction that were labelled as “Living Dead Dolls Fashion Victims”.  A fusion of Living Dead Dolls and…well…not exactly fashion dolls, but we’ll just go with that for the moment and proceed onwards.  I didn’t win the one of those auctions I went for, because the reserve price was $70, which just felt like way too much for a new type of doll I wasn’t entirely sure of.  Especially since none of them felt like a “must-own” to me.

But looking around on Amazon, I found some of them available for much less.  (Though the ones on ShopGoodwill were the second series, which apparently had better facial sculpts and inset eyes, while the ones on Amazon were the first series.)  I selected “Kitty” because she was $20 instead of $50.  (Yup, that’s reasoning for you.)


As you can see, there’s yellowing to the plastic in front of the doll; she was definitely sitting on a shelf in view of the sun for a long time.  (The copyright date on the bottom of the box was 2003…)  There’s also a tear in the plastic, but I’ll get to that later.


I couldn’t get it to focus properly, but you can see here that that isn’t just a stain or splotch on the front of the plastic; there are words in it…though “& Split Personalities” is the only part I can read.  The “split personalities” may be in reference to the alternate costumes the dolls come with.


Getting her out from behind the yellow-tinted plastic, you can see she’s a very angry doll with very unrealistic proportions.


Due to the rip in the plastic, she was dusty inside the box, as you can see here, with all the dust accumulated on top of her ridiculously oversized breasts.  (When she arrived, there were also styrofoam packing peanuts inside the box with her, due to the way she shipped.  I managed to remove all but one of them before starting the deboxing process, though.)  I was surprised when I went to clean off the dust after taking this picture:  it didn’t want to come off.  Her body is made of stuff that the dust positively clings to.  (I eventually got most of it off with a wet paper towel while I had her naked for the later shots, but even so there’s still some left.  And goodness knows how dusty she’s going to get standing on my shelf…)


So here she is out of the box.  In the right pose, she stands pretty well on her own.  In the wrong pose, she falls over like no one’s business.  (And it’s hard to tell which pose is right and which is wrong, I have to say!)  One of the things that intrigued me in trying to look these dolls up was the description that they had soft bodies over a metal skeleton.  I was eager to learn how that worked out.


Basically, she has the arms of a bendy doll.  In fact, her whole torso and her legs are all made of that bendy doll material, but the legs are constructed in such a way that you can’t really bend them anywhere but at the knee.


Before I go on, here’s her other outfit.  They describe it as a dominatrix outfit.  I decided to leave it alone for a number of reasons, including that trying to get it on her would be a positive nightmare.  That rubbery material doesn’t like to let clothing move over it easily.  Eventually, I may use those boots, though.  Depending.


I didn’t really intend for her nude pose to be quite so much “hey, look at my boobs!”  But, like I said, some poses work better than others for her to stand up.  Anyway, I find it amusing that they gave her defined nipples on her ludicrous breasts, and yet also went to the trouble of giving her molded-on underwear.


While I’m sure you noticed the discoloration in the previous shot, here it’s even more apparent.  Most of what you see here is staining from her skirt, but I’m not sure what caused that purpley, bruise-like discoloration.  You get a decent view here of the musculature sculpted into her legs, though; I’m impressed that they gave her muscular legs.


The back view reveals similar discolorations…and a really odd-looking rear end. 😛


Before I get to the main point of this photo, notice the joint where her foot connects to her leg.  The two skin tones really don’t match.  Anyway, in this case, I think I know what caused the bruise-like spot:  the packaging itself.


This is the insert she was lying against for all those years, right?  Well, I think that purple on the insert bled up onto the doll.  Also, I’m pretty sure it was originally all purple.  The turquoise-looking areas are probably sun-faded.  (Without seeing a pristine in-box shot, I can’t be sure, of course.  But why would they have bothered to do it this way?)  As you probably long ago guessed, the condition of her box was the reason she was only $20…


This is the stain I understand the least.  She was wearing plastic shoes, black ones.  And even if those had somehow been able to stain her feet, she was wearing white socks between her feet and her shoes, so this should have been utterly impossible.

Okay, anyway, enough about staining.  Instead, let me give you a few comparison shots so you know what size of a doll I’ve been showing you.


Here she is with one of my three regular Living Dead Dolls, the Bride of Frankenstein(‘s Monster).  And yes, both my other regular ones are Universal tie-ins:  Frankenstein’s Monster himself, and Dracula.  (Main line Living Dead Dolls are generally a bit too macabre for me.  Though I might get the Wicked Witch one from their recent Oz series.)  For those this still doesn’t help, I think LDD dolls are about the same size as YO-SD dolls…but I’m not sure.  (Gen is on his way, but he hasn’t arrived yet.)


Here she is with Greta Vendetta, my BeGoths doll.  They’re obviously cut from a similar cloth, but Greta’s a bit more…traditional fashion doll.  Kitty is more like…a blend of Living Dead Dolls and something put out by Playboy.  A very odd mix, and apparently a very unpopular one, considering they only made two series of these dolls, four in each series, and each series lasting about a year.

I’m still not sure what I think of Kitty, to be honest.  I bought her for the sake of curiosity and lending variety to my collection, but she’s decidedly odd.  She needs new clothes; that’s for sure.  This cheerleader dress will continue to stain her, and the catsuit would be worse, even if I could get it on her.  So I either need to learn how to sew, or I need to commission someone on Etsy to make her a new dress.  Something more like what Greta here has, I think; something a bit Morticia Addams, thus sticking more or less to the spirit of the line, while also being a bit more in keeping with my own aesthetic.

Anyway, I actually have a lot of other posts I want to make — mostly due to having made too many purchases from ShopGoodwill — but I’ve been trouble getting myself to start photo sessions these days. 😦  But I did take a few more posts’ worth of pictures while I was taking these, so…that should give me a few more posts before I have to get my rear in gear and take more pictures.  (Someday I should take a picture of what’s normally on that shelf you see above, so you understand why it takes a concerted effort to force myself to start a photo session…)

Oh, the gallery from this post is here, btw.


One thought on “Living Dead Dolls Fashion Victim Kitty

  1. tvonzalez June 1, 2016 / 3:08 pm

    Ah, now you are addicted to shopgoodwill as I am! Odd about that staining on the doll. I’ve never seen that.


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