The Stench!

This is the second time I’m re-blogging one of my own posts…but it beat writing the same info twice. (As before.) I can’t even visit most of my dollies right now due to stench, because I don’t want to let the smell into the dolly room. And I put Gen back in his box and closed the lid, to protect him until the smell goes away. 😦 Hopefully I’ll be back to “life as usual” sometime next week…

The Mad Grad Student

Something died in the walls of my house.

I’m assuming it was one of the mice.  (I shudder at the thought of anything else!)

Whatever it was, the hallway in my house now reeks of decay.  Consequently, I’ve been spending the majority of the last two days at my brother’s place — which is why I didn’t post anything yesterday — and will likely be avoiding my house like the plague until such a time as the stink goes away.

Naturally, I’ve got the windows open to air the place out as best I can, but…it’s a hallway; it doesn’t have any windows!  Not to mention that I can’t get flow-through, because no way am I leaving the door to my bedroom open and letting that stink in here, nor am I leaving the door to the back room open and letting that stink get all over my dolls!  I…

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