Unfair Comparisons: Dream Date Barbie

So, remember a while back I got the collector reproduction of Dream Date Barbie?  Y’know, this one:

Silky 26

Well, I not long ago got the real thing:


Now, at first glance, you’re probably thinking that there’s no comparison, because the original looks awful.  But keep in mind, she’s a doll who was obviously well loved, and she’s more than thirty years old.  So we have to look past the thinning, messy hair, and the fact that I never could figure out the “right” way to arrange her dress over her shoulders.  (It’s more of an attached shawl than a dress, per se.)


The bald spot is definitely a problem.  No question about that.  And the rest of her hair is rather fly-away and messy.  But if I have a chance to calm her hair down, I can probably get it to hide the bald spot.  More important, look at her face.  Isn’t it delicate and sweet?  I really like how subtle the Superstar-era face-ups often were.  (Before the late ’80s when the Rockers aesthetic overpowered them.  Though I’m fond of the Rockers-era stuff, too.  One of my two favorites as a kid was one of the Rockers…)


By contrast, here’s the face on the reproduction.  Cleaner, and the hair’s obviously still perfect, but the face looks soulless to me.  Trading the purple eyes for blue ones was definitely not a good idea.  (I apologize for the pictures of the reproduction in this post.  I forgot I could remove the plastic screen in front of her…but I think they still show my point well enough despite the glare.)

The photo also shows you that her earring is a plain silver stud…or it kind of does, anyway.  This one from the earlier post might make that a little more clear.  Anyway, look at the earrings (and ring!) on the original:


Superstar-era jewelry was the best! 😀  I don’t know what these are supposed to look like (a diamond set in glass?) but I love them regardless.


The contrast that stands out the most, to me, is the difference in fabric.  The original Dream Date has a richer color scheme, and a shimmery fabric, while the reproduction is a matte color that utterly fails when placed side by side with the original.  (I loved it before I saw the two together and realized how pathetic the new one is in comparison.)  I’ll give the reproduction lots of points for its sequins, though:  they’re much better done than the original’s.


So, there you have it, the reproduction Dream Date and the original Dream Date.

This has been the first Unfair Comparison.  The Unfair Comparison gallery is here.

(At least one more is currently planned.  Though there I can only compare dresses, but…of course, first I have to take the freakin’ pictures…)

Aaaaanyway, having just done two Barbie posts in a row, I really need to do something non-Barbie next. 😛  I’ll see if I can get those Figma photos taken at my brother’s place on Monday, maybe.  Or I could try my hand at changing Gen’s eyes to the new ones, or maybe giving him one of each and see how that looks.  But overall it’s probably going to be a slow summer on this blog, ’cause it’s so freakin’ hot in my house that I really can’t get up the energy to take pictures.  😦

(Oh, speaking of Figma, I got charged by Good Smile recently, so one of the Figmas I pre-ordered is on the way from Japan now.  I’d need to check the release dates to see which one, but I think it’s Tomoyo-chan, as I think Link’s a later release.)

5 thoughts on “Unfair Comparisons: Dream Date Barbie

  1. Taswegian1957 June 25, 2016 / 7:57 pm

    It is very interesting to see the two dolls together. You can really see the differences. The earlier Superstar faces were a bit softer in expression than the later ones I think. By the time I started buying them in the late 90s the expression was more like that of the reproduction, they looked like they had more make up on. I do agree with you that the repro does not have a lot of expression compared to the original but that is my favourite gripe about modern Barbies that “soulless” look. I’ll look forward to seeing any other comparisons you post. Hope your house is a bit more liveable now apart from the heat.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Blackkitty June 26, 2016 / 11:35 pm

    Is the reproduction on a Model Muse body? That’s… just wrong.


    • Iphis of Scyros June 27, 2016 / 9:09 am

      I don’t *think* it’s a Model Muse body. I haven’t investigated deeply, though, as all those folds make it hard to see much about the body…

      …though now that you mention it, looking at the pictures, her neck’s a bit too defined, isn’t it? Ack. I’m gonna have to go in there and really investigate next time I have a chance. If they made a mistake like that, I may have to reconsider my plans to keep buying that series…


  3. thebipolarstoner October 30, 2016 / 1:34 am

    I have ten of these super star barbies I would love to give you one. This herd was not intentional. I bid on sooo many lots. I agree about the superstar jewelry. What I didn’t know when I was younger, though, is that there are red stones, gold stones, and I have seen a brown one… But seriously. I wish the Internet was a more trusting environment. I have many with beautiful heads of hair. Her face mold is my favorite of all the barbies. Though I freaking loved Miko (?) make up from the rockers. That eye-shadow…


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