Orbee Americana

Yeah, lame, I know.  I just can’t seem to get any pictures taken these days.  (Also, I’ve been doing July CampNaNo, and spending huge amounts of time writing for the last four days, which hasn’t helped me catch up on blogging any. :P)  If I’d had the pictures taken, I could have done an “Unfair Comparison” between the Pullip and DC Superhero Girls Wonder Woman dolls.  (Though maybe that should wait until the Barbie version with the Made-to-Move style joints becomes cheap enough so I could add her to the mix.  Her outfit needs to be repainted with, you know, color, so I don’t wanna pay anywhere near full price…)

I’m going to to try to get those Figma photos taken in the coming week.  On top of the Attack on Titan pictures I need to take, I got a new Figma in the mail on Saturday, and I’m looking forward to getting her out of the box. 😀

(BTW, the date on this photo and the date on the previous photo I’d taken are precisely one month apart.  That’s kind of scary.)


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