I may be slightly demented.

(The title of the post will make sense eventually.  Possibly.)

Okay, so in taking a break from the July CampNaNo project that has been devouring my soul for the last 20 days (actually, more like 23 or 24 when you count the planning stage) I went, on a whim, to the My Ballerina Dolls site to see if the pre-orders were open for their handsome prince doll.  This guy:

(Screen cap from My Ballerina Dolls site.  Click for link.)
(Screen cap from My Ballerina Dolls site. Click for link.)

And it turned out that they were.  As were the pre-orders on the Snow Queen doll.  (Though I thought she wasn’t gonna be out until next year, but…hey, I can wait.)  And they’ve got a bit of a sale on, too, so I went ahead and pre-ordered both of them.

Now, obviously, I wanted to get the prince to go with Juliet, right?  And I was thinking “okay, so what am I gonna name him?”  Obviously, Romeo is out. 😛  But back when I decided to name her Juliet, I had thought “well, in honor of the song ‘Romeo and Cinderella,’ I’ll name the prince after the prince in Cinderella.”

All well and good, except after pre-ordering him, I ran a check on IMDB (because it’s been a long time since I watched Cinderella) and found out the prince was just “Prince Charming.”  Well, I’m sure as heck not naming my doll “Charming”!  So I tried to think of other Cinderella versions, and of course my mind went to my favorite version of the Cinderella tale, “Hey, Cinderella!”, a Muppet TV special that probably aired about the same time I was born.  (Okay, I didn’t look up the year it aired, but…I’m pretty sure it’s pre-Muppet Show, which premiered like the year after I was born, so…)

Anyway, in “Hey, Cinderella!” the name of the prince is Arthur.

At the moment, though, the name Arthur means this to me:

Source:  IMDB
Source: IMDB

(Explanation:  that’s a shot from Velvet Goldmine, the movie my CampNaNo project is a fanfic of.  I’m not entirely comfortable about that, and yet I’ve also totally been digging it.  And I’ve totally been obsessed with this movie in general for the last two months…)

So, I’m sitting there going “man, I’m not sure about that…” until I stop and analyze the situation a little, and I realize that yes, his name has to be Arthur.

Because what was one of the first things anyone said about the prince doll, even before Clara-Marie’s release?

That he looks like Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle.

And in the dub, who provided the voice of Howl?


Admittedly, I tend to prefer the Japanese cast, but…yeah.  It was clearly meant to be that my prince doll is going to be named Arthur.

Of course, once he arrives, I’m gonna have to find someone to make him a Howl costume.  Juliet’s basically standard DD/SD13 size, so hopefully the prince will be similarly close to a standard BJD size, which’ll make it easier to find someone on Etsy who can make the costume.

Speaking of Juliet…

Romana's hat 1

This picture is from December of last year.  That’s how long I’ve been forgetting to take the rest of the photos of other dolls in Romana’s hat.  Anyway, the thing is, when I first put this hat on Juliet’s head (when she still had on her brown wig, I think) I immediately said to myself “Sophie!”  Because she looked so much like her in that hat and wig combo.

So I’m also gonna have to get Juliet a Sophie costume.  (And an appropriate wig.) 😛  And then I’m gonna hafta get myself to an anime convention to show them off. 😀

The most appalling thing is that I have now made three doll orders in the last two weeks, all of them pre-orders.  The first was for Pullip Amelia, then this one for the two upcoming Ballerina Dolls, and then when I went on Amazon to pre-order a book, I decided to go ahead and pre-order the collector edition Skelita Calavera doll so I could get free shipping.

There’s something kinda messed up about that.

(Not, however, as messed up as the fact that in addition to the Howl costume for Arthur, I also want to get him a costume based on one of the Velvet Goldmine costumes.  Probably from the big concert.  But then I’ll be tempted to get another SD-sized boy doll with a nice strong jaw and a cleft chin and put him in a scraggly blonde wig and silver lamé pants and call him Curt…)


Okay…I’ve droned on crazily for a while now, and it’s dinner time, so I need to get back to writing.

Um, I mean, I should go make my dinner.

Hopefully, I will be back to normal come August.


3 thoughts on “I may be slightly demented.

  1. Debbie Miller July 22, 2016 / 2:21 am

    Thank you-I’m so glad you posted this as I ordered mine too! What a surprise they were both available!!!!!


  2. River October 26, 2016 / 4:15 pm

    Ah, Arthur and Juliet as Howl and Sophie will be adorable! I can’t wait to see them all dressed up!

    (And now you’ve got me humming Romeo and Cinderella, haha. XD)


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