Deliciously Cute

Okay, a long time ago now, I put up a post about a Kickstarter I was backing.  Well, the plushies produced by that Kickstarter arrived months ago, but due to one thing and another, I’m only just getting around to them in any proper manner.  (Timing was part of it:  they arrived when my house stank because of the dead mouse in the walls, so I left them in the plastic bag they shipped in, to protect them from the smell, only then everything went all weird on me otherwise, and…)

So, without further ado, let me start the post by introducing you to the goodies I got for backing the Kickstarter. 🙂

del cute 1

To start with, here’s the logo, on the grocery tote I got.  (There was all sorts of neat stuff in the add-on shop, y’know?)

del cute 2

A couple of keychains. 😀  The partially obscured URL at the bottom says “” of course. 😛

And the main event…

del cute 5

…the plushies Mewcaron and Biskitti.

To give you an idea of the scale…

del cute 3

del cute 4

I apologize if that last shot is a cuteness overdose. 😛

Anyway, I found myself backing another plushie Kickstarter a few days ago, with a similar-yet-different theme:

Crabapple Cousins promotional image.  (c) Shelly Rodriguez  Click for link.
Crabapple Cousins promotional image. (c) Shelly Rodriguez. Click for link.

There was also another Kickstarter I backed with a similar theme, but that one didn’t get funded.  (It did get some of its stuff up for pre-order on Etsy, though, so I’ve got one of those pre-ordered.  And actually I think August was the expected delivery date, so that may be here in the not too distant future.  Or was it September?)

Anyway, this latest Kickstarter suddenly got me thinking about generally “what’s up with these food/animal fusion toys?”

They’re totally cute, of course, but where in the world did this trend come from?  I was thinking about it, and realized I had some already around the house.  (Though I can’t get at my one set of Shopkins at the moment to photograph them, and I forgot about the Tokidoki figurine of a milk carton that’s also a cute character.)

del cute 7

The Num Noms line didn’t do much for me the first time I saw them, but they’ve grown on me.  And when I was at Toys R Us the other day, they had some new ones that were supposed to be, I dunno, Jell-o or something, ’cause they were translucent.  Very cute.  (And there was a little girl there begging her mom to get her some, which kind of surprised me.  It didn’t strike me as a line that was actually going to be all that successful with kids.)  Right now this is the only set I have (and you’ll note I haven’t opened it yet) but I might get one of those translucent ones.  I’m a sucker for translucency.  (And glow-in-the dark…but that might be creepy on a food-related object.)

del cute 8

Okay, that might not count. 😛  (There’s also a chocolate one in my collection, but I can’t get to it right now.)

And then there’s the more-or-less-human/food hybrids:

del cute 6

del cute 9

None of which are anything like my childhood’s only near toy-relation to all this:

del cute 10

(Okay, that wasn’t actually relevant, I know.  But I just found those at TRU, and I was excited to share them. 😀  They also had three smaller sets, each with version of Strawberry Shortcake herself, paired with a different version of Lemon Meringue, Blueberry Muffin, and Huckleberry Pie.  But since I have genuine, vintage Blueberry Muffin and Huckleberry Pie dolls, shelling out for reproductions seemed silly.)

Well, this has been a very random post.  But I’ve been meaning to post about Mewcaron and Biskitti for a long time now, so…

Anyhow, the dress Juliet is wearing that you totally can’t see is another of those 28″ Barbie dresses.  I’ll be posting about some new wigs soon, so you’ll be able to see the dress then. :p  And hopefully Nadia will be making an appearance, if I can get her stock wig off.  (My screwdrivers are in the room I can’t get into right now…)  I have no idea when I’m gonna be able to debox and post about those new Pullips and Taeyang, though. 😦


2 thoughts on “Deliciously Cute

  1. Ms.Bunns August 3, 2016 / 10:41 am

    That Mewcaron is too cute, and those crabapples X3 Adorable plushie madness in your mail!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Chrissy August 5, 2016 / 10:04 am

    So Kawaii! lol I think my daughter would steal any these if I tried to buy them for myself.

    Liked by 1 person

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