Pullip Make It Own Wig Selection

Yikes, how’s that for an exciting post title?  And after I’ve been absent for so long, too. 😦

Well, things are still weird here, so…yeah, things will stay sporadic until my life gets back under control.  Now that the semester’s started, I’ll be working fewer hours, which might give me more time for dolly things.  Maybe.  Hopefully.  (Goodness knows I still have two Pullips and a Taeyang waiting to be deboxed, not to mention another Pullip coming pretty soon.)


Back when JPGroove was offering a discount code to celebrate San Diego Comic Con, I used that code to place an order.  Those two Pullips, and one of the “Value Sets” of three wigs.  The dolls are still in their boxes, unfortunately, but at least I can finally show you the wigs.

Oh, but first, meet Nadia:

Pullip wigs 3

Technically, she’s shown up here before, as Tiger Lily Byul, but since I got a new one whose wig hairstyle wasn’t messed up, the original became free for re-styling.  Just taking down the wrecked up braids and putting her in this Monster High dress from Etsy really changed her look a lot!  I wish I had a full progression to show for her, but unfortunately she’s still got these same eye chips in.  Because Byul takes Blythe-sized eye chips, right?  So I was gonna have a big eye chip trying on party, letting her try all those eye chips that I decided weren’t right for Pyrrha.

But then I couldn’t find them.  I don’t know where I put the container. D:  It has to be in my dolly room somewhere, but that place has become (un)surprisingly cluttered and I can’t currently find all those eye chips.  I did find the reject eye chips, though, some of which were rejected for being too tall to let Pyrrha’s eyes close, so I at least have those to try on her, since Byul doesn’t have an eye mechanism with closing lids, but…without all the good eye chips, I’m not really very motivated to open up her head and see what looks good. 😦

Anyway, on to the wigs!

Pullip Wigs 1

I believe it was called the “Long Hair Set” or something like that.  Between the discount already on it and then the 15% off, it was less than $15 per wig.  Too good to pass up.

Pullip wigs 6

So, here’s the one I put on Nadia.  Blonde with pink underneath.  It’s rather dramatic against her darker skin tone, I think.  This wig — which has been out on Nadia for quite a while now, giving me more time to observe it — does have a flaw, however:

Pullip wigs 8a

There’s a thin patch, on Nadia’s right side.  Not too noticeable, though.

So, moving on and switching models…

Pullip wigs 9

Here’s Juliet showing off the long brown wig.  Which, admittedly, isn’t that different from the one she came with. 😛  She’s also showing off this 28″ Barbie dress she was wearing last time, that you couldn’t see ’cause she was posing with plushies. 😉  The wig is in slight disarray ’cause she kept falling over while I was getting the shot set up.  (Kneeling on a bed is not terribly stable, it turns out.  Funny thing, that.  But I didn’t want to just show off her bare feet again, and I still haven’t found her any silver shoes.)  I feel like this wig makes her look extremely young, almost child-like, much more so than the wig she came with.  (Though that may be because of the different styling.)

And now, the reason this set was a “must buy” for me….

Pullip wigs 10

A Sophie wig for Juliet!  (Please ignore the pink dress clashing with the red hat.  I haven’t gotten her a Sophie-style dress yet.)

Pullip wigs 11

Just a rough braid to give an idea of how it’ll look braided down her back.  (Again, please ignore the pink dress…)

All in all, I think Juliet is going to make an awesome Sophie to go with Arthur’s Howl.  (Not that Arthur’s even been shipped yet.  And I haven’t even really been looking yet to figure out who to commission to make him a Howl costume.  Or where to get a Sophie dress for Juliet.  Though that’ll be simpler, since it’s such an easy costume.)

Sorry it’s been so short, but it’s closing in on two and I still haven’t done the cleaning I meant to do this morning, so I gotta get cracking.  (Every day of cleaning is a bit closer to being able to spread out and take pictures again, right?)

Oh!  Galleries!  The gallery for this post is here, and I’ve given Nadia her own gallery here…though it’s only the stuff from this post and stock shots for the moment.  (Eventually there will be more, though.  Like when I find her some other clothes to wear.  And replace her eye chips.  And I didn’t actually put all the stock shots in there.  Just a couple of good ones.)


One thought on “Pullip Make It Own Wig Selection

  1. River October 26, 2016 / 4:21 pm

    Ah all the wigs are so cute! And Juliet is looking more like Sophie already!


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