I’m still here. Basically.

Sorry I’ve become so infrequent on my own blog.  It’s just…ugh.  I don’t even know what it is, exactly.  I can’t seem to get photos taken, mostly.  Space and mess constraints.  Mostly space.  Like those two Pullips and one Taeyang I still haven’t deboxed, ’cause I have no place to put them.  (Which seems sort of stupid when I say it like that, since they take up more space in their boxes.  But those can be stacked sideways on the floor, y’know?  The dolls…not so much.)

Anyway, due to the whole “no space” issue, I haven’t been doing much buying, ’cause where would I put it?  At least, I haven’t been doing much until today, when I spent like $200 without even meaning to. 😦

See, what happened was that today I learned that Arthur’s stock shirt might stain him.  (Also that he and the Snow Queen have removable head caps!  Yay!  Though their eyes are glued in, so changing them will be difficult, but should be possible.  Presumably.  I’m hoping someone else will post a how-to on it so I don’t have to experiment and ruin one of them.)

Well, I didn’t want Arthur getting stained, so I decided I’d better take his shirt off.  But then he’d be sitting around topless, and that’d be awkward for everyone, right?  So I dug out all of Juliet’s clothes, figuring that the white 28″ Barbie shirt would fit him.  (And yeah, it wouldn’t be terribly manly, but…he does share a name with a character who went to a rock concert in a glittery purple blouse (and I totally plan on getting him a glittery purple blouse just like it) so I figure he’d be okay with it.)  But as an experiment, I tried her Etsy shirt on him first.

Juliet:  You're wearing my shirt. Arthur:  So?
Juliet: You’re wearing my shirt.
Arthur: So?

It’s a little tight around the waist — which combined with his fairly large pecs makes it look a bit like he’s got breasts — but it totally fits him.  I didn’t even bother with the white Barbie shirt.  (I did try on the bright pink jacket, though, which also totally fit, but was tight in the waist.)  Oh, and yes, while I was at it, I changed Juliet’s clothes.  Largely because I noticed this dress was getting wrinkled in the drawer, and I thought it’d help if I had her wear it for a while.

Anyway, I obviously didn’t want to leave him just sitting about in borrowed clothing, and I still had to order Juliet and the Snow Queen new shoes from Alice’s Collections, so I went ahead and ordered Arthur a new outfit from there, and a new wig, too.  (I might have only gotten him a shirt except that I got free express shipping with $100 of accessories in the order.  And, actually, I could have totally spent so much more.  They had these rose-colored pants that were absolutely perfect for Arthur, and I totally should have gotten them instead of the other pair but oh well.)  Looking at their selection of male BJD clothes, I realized that I absolutely must get a 70 cm boy doll to be Curt Wild.  They had so many clothes in his style.  Of course, that means Arthur here is going to have a split personality:  when he’s in his blond wig, he’ll be generic guy/Howl, and in his brunette wig (the one I just ordered) he’ll be Arthur Stuart.  (Which may be somewhat traumatic for poor Juliet, since Arthur Stuart is in love with Curt Wild.  Though he is bi, rather than gay, so maybe it won’t be as bad as it might be….)

Anyway, while I was ordering things, I was like “yeah, I should probably get around to finally ordering Gen’s socks” and so I went to Etsy.  I’d been putting off and putting off ordering those socks because ordering just a pair of YO-SD socks felt silly.  I mean, we’re talking “shipping higher than the cost of the item” silly here.  But every time I looked through the seller’s YO-SD clothing, it was almost all girl stuff, and when I looked through their Blythe stuff, none of it quite yelled out “hey, get me!”  Only this time there was something new on offer that did yell “hey, get me!”  I’m not sure who to give it to, though.  It’s definitely not Romana’s style, and it’s got too much red in it for Pyrrha.  I’ll probably give it to Selina, or maybe Barbara.  But probably Selina.

And while I was on Etsy, I noticed that some of the vintage toys that had been sitting in my cart literally for months had gone through a price drop, so I was like “yep, time to actually buy ’em” and before I knew it, total spent in the three purchases was at least $200.

Ugh.  I am such a moron.

On the other hand, my toy store doll purchases have dropped to almost nill lately, what with the Monster High reboot being so blah that I no longer want to buy ’em.  So that’s some savings there, right?

Or perhaps that’s just me making excuses…


One thought on “I’m still here. Basically.

  1. kaye steeper September 14, 2016 / 1:45 am

    i love looking at the world of modern collectable dolls , im a rescuer of dolls , the ones that have been loved and then abandoned , yours is such a different world


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