Pullip Amelia

So I finally managed to do a photoshoot of Amelia!  And it’s only taken me a week to get the post written up!  (Ack.)


I had trouble getting her hat and especially goggles to cooperate with me.


The side view gives you a better look at one of her rabbit ears. 😛  They’re super-soft.


The flash going off for the close-up didn’t do her lips any favors. 😦  But it really shows of her wonderful eyechips, though.  They’re glittery, and have little bunnies on them!  Super-adorable!


To show off her pink eyelids, and her cross-hatched eyebrows.

(You know, I think I used to be capable of writing a better doll review than this.  Ugh.  I’ve just been so out of it for so long…)


Here’s what her outfit looks like without the capelet and the flight helmet.  I really like the pink blouse.


Her purse is sort of cactus-themed, like a Tokidoki accessory. 😛


The cameo broach on her ribbon is a sweet touch.  And this shows you how nicely made her blouse is, too.


A sort of a corsety-belt thing.  (Oh god…my words are failing.)  Her pants are a velour-type material, so also very pleasant to the touch.  (I’ve been very tactile lately.  Not sure why.)


Last detail shot.  Not what I feel about the boots.  The cowboy theme doesn’t quite fit in (though I guess the cactus purse ties in a bit) but the colors are nice.

The gallery for this post is here.

Bah.  That was a terrible write-up.  My deep apologies.  I’m just totally off my game, lately.

Actually, I’m officially putting my main blog on semi-hiatus in a few days.  Technically, I guess this one is on a semi-hiatus, too, but it’s less about not feeling the drive to blog than it is about not having the right opportunities to take any photos.

Maybe when Arthur’s new clothes get here, I’ll have some drive to get photographing…

Oh, btw, in case anyone remembers that I said anything on the subject, I did eventually find all of the other eyechips I made for Pyrrha.  So it’s just a matter of finding the time to get Nadia’s eyechips changed.  (And figuring out what’s wrong with Pyrrha’s eye mechanism now and getting that fixed.  Though unfortunately I think it may require new heart-pupiled eyechips…)


2 thoughts on “Pullip Amelia

  1. DH October 3, 2016 / 11:30 pm

    She really is soooo pretty- I love her eyes, did she come with those chips or did u add those yourself? Was she a special order doll?


    • Iphis of Scyros October 9, 2016 / 7:51 pm

      She’s a Pullipstyle exclusive doll, limited run of 400. Last time I looked they still had some left, but that was probably a month ago, so I have no idea if they still do. And everything about her is stock. The wonderful eyes were what really sold me on getting her. 😀


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