Happy Halloween!

You know, I meant to be taking lots of fun photos all month long and really build up to Halloween.  But I ended up taking all these pictures today. 😦  Life has become super busy.  (And the next two months are likely to be even worse.  They keep asking me to come in and work extra days.  I’m glad to be earning more money, but…ack.  I feel like I don’t have time to breathe.)

So, my biggest plan for Halloween 2016 was to dress Gen up in the costume from my Living Dead Dolls Dracula.

But the costume wasn’t removable. 😦

So I’ve tried to simulate the experience:


(Yeah, my photo manipulation skills suck.  And the lighting on the two photos was very different, and…)

Anyway, despite that I’m supposed to be on a buying moratorium, I couldn’t help picking up Isul Vermelho when I found him for under $80.  Because I love Isul, and I love vampires.


My first thought, on ordering him, was that since he had blue eyes instead of red, I’d think of him as the title character from the Kagamine Len song “Sadistic Vampire,” but he just doesn’t seem to me like a version of Len now that he’s right here in front of me.  Instead, I decided to name him Alucard.

(The backdrop for these o’er hasty photos is a Black Butler throw blanket I picked up at the anime store because I had to have it, since it showed the adorable Indian characters Agni and Soma.  That’s Soma behind Alucard in the photo…which is very appropriate. 😛  (For those slightly less geeky than I am, Alucard is the name of my favorite Castlevania protagonist, the hero of Symphony of the Night, one of my two favorite Castlevania games.  My other favorite game in the series is Aria of Sorrow, whose protagonist is named — you guessed it! — Soma.  (Alucard’s in that game, too, btw.  But he’s using the oh-so-convincing pseudonym of Genya Arucado.  Kind of odd, since Alucard itself is a pseudonym…)))


Pangy normally doesn’t like to cuddle, but for Alucard he’ll make an exception.  😉  After all, they’ve both got a thing for hats, right? 😛  (Why does Isul have such a fondness for top hats, anyway?)


Juliet — back in her owl shirt and ghost skirt — is showing off the Galaxy Bat, something I backed on Kickstarter.  Cute, isn’t it?  Super soft, too. 😀


I also got a Galaxy Bat mini-pillow, and Arthur’s got that covered. 🙂


BTW, here’s a full look at his new duds.  I need to get him plain jeans to go with that shirt, and a plainer top to go with the pants.  (Though they looked fine together on the site…)  And his new wig needs a trimming, on account of it’s always falling in his face.  (If you’d like to see what his brown hair is supposed to look like, there’s a photo in this post.  I am totally still fanficcing that movie, btw.  My NaNo project is more of it.  I am seriously demented/obsessed.  (Dementedly obsessed?))  Anyway, he’s still wearing his stock boots, but I should get him some new ones, as they don’t want to close over the jeans.  Plus they hide a large portion of them. 😛  Arthur is small enough that these standard 1/3 scale clothes are a bit big on him.  I guess that means I need to get cozy with someone on Etsy who’ll do custom work for me.  That or learn how to sew.


Speaking of the Alice’s Collections order that had all of Arthur’s new stuff in it, this is one of the three pairs of shoes for Juliet and Saeko that came in that order.  (Yeah, I’m calling the Snow Queen Saeko, after the character in the Snow Queen plotline in the original Persona.  Because I am a strange and bizarre person.  Also, that character had a mild personality, which is important since this Saeko is still in the box, and I wouldn’t want her having the kind of personality that would spur her to take vengeance on me for leaving her boxed for so long…)

Anyway, let me just close out this post by pointing to some Halloween-appropriate posts I’ve done in the past.  (Because I am aware that this post rather sucks.  But I’m pressed for time, y’know?)

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And I am shocked to realize that I’ve never posted any pictures of one of my other two Living Dead Dolls.  Given that 2016 is the 200th anniversary of the novel, that just won’t do!

Hold on one minute while I go rush a terrible picture of them.  BRB.

Okay, here they are!


Happy Halloween, everyone!

(BTW, I will be vanishing into the aether known as NaNoWriMo, so I’m going to be even less present on the blog than I have been in the past six months.  And then the museum opens first thing in December, so…who knows when I’ll become a regular fixture around here again.  Just FYI.  Because, you know, comments might go unseen for a week or so.)


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