Tiny Frock Shop Black Friday Order

Good grief, it’s taken me a long time to get any Black Friday stuff posted!  Anyway, before I get to the Tiny Frock Shop order, I want to briefly show you my Zeenie dolls Small Business Saturday order.  They were having a “2 for $20” sale, with free shipping, and I couldn’t pass that up!  But the dolls evidently got a good shaking on their way here. 😦

tinyfrockbf-1 tinyfrockbf-2

The one on the left — Zennia — doesn’t look particularly shaken in the photo, but that’s because her headband had already slithered down out of sight.  She’s supposed to look like this:


Sini, on the other hand, looked nearly damaged:


She wasn’t damaged, though.  They just have loose ankle joints, so when she started slipping out of her fastening, one of her feet turned around backwards.  (You’ll be seeing more of her next time I post, btw.  Another Black Friday order demands a full-on comparison post, and Sini will be joining in.)  These two weren’t the only ones to arrive here with their packaging in disarray, though.  Shortly before Thanksgiving, I ordered some Ever After High dolls from Amazon, and I was stunned when I opened the box, because one of them was practically already deboxed!  I don’t know if the glue had come undone in the warehouse, or if a factory error prevented there from even being glue, but when I got her, there was no glue holding the plastic bubble onto the cardboard back; it was held in place only by the one thin tab inserted into the cardboard.  Sure, it made it easy to debox her, but what if it had been a gift, you know?  I left Amazon some serious feedback on that; whoever put that doll in the shipping box ought to have known better than to send it out in that state!

Okay, now we’ll move on to the main part of the post.  Tiny Frock Shop was offering a discount on orders over a certain amount in Black Friday.  (I forget the exact discount at this point.  Possibly 20% or so off $100?  Er, that sounds like a lot.  Uh…I could check my e-mail to see what it said if I wasn’t so lazy. 😛  Or maybe it was just 20% period, and the $100 was for free shipping.  Yeah, that makes more sense.)  So I started out looking at the dolls, to most easily make up the base amount.


I love adding variety to my dolly collection, and I didn’t have any Kuhrn dolls (due in no small part to them not being particularly available in the US) so of course that was where I started.  I picked this one because she was cute, fully articulated, and not quite as pricey as some of the ones that were even cuter.  I still haven’t gotten around to opening her, though, so I can’t really say much more about her at this time.


I also added a “pre-loved” My Scene Barbie to the order, because I didn’t fully appreciate them when they were around.  (And buying played with dolls can be quite the risky endeavor, you know?  If you’re not careful…)

The rest of the order was made up entirely of clothes.  For the most part, I had one goal in mind:  clothing some dolls who have nothing to wear, and don’t fit into most Barbie clothes.  You see, over the course of this year, I went from having no Jem and the Holograms dolls to having five, only one of which came with her clothing.  But they’re thicker in every dimension than Barbie (except maybe the head), so I couldn’t just slip them into my countless Barbie outfits.  However, I figured anything labeled as fitting a Curvy Barbie would probably fit them.  Of course, I was also hoping to find something that seemed appropriately ’80s. 😛


This one I’ve posted pictures of before.  I still haven’t gotten around to making her a replacement for her missing hand. 😦  But at least now I have others of her line to make the mold off of! 🙂  The top doesn’t quite match the rest of the outfit on this, but I think it works well enough.


This outfit may not be terribly ’80s, but I thought the garment’s shape — it’s a pants suit, not a dress, btw — seemed relatively period appropriate.  This one (like the other four with both hands) came from Shop Goodwill, and I still haven’t gotten around to washing any of them yet, which is why their hair is insane.  (The blue-haired chick above came from Etsy, so she’d already been cleaned by the seller.  Thankfully, I’ve gotten back out of Shop Goodwill’s grip…)


I don’t know if the kid who owned her was trying to give her yellow blusher or what.  But there it is.  No idea if it’ll come off; haven’t dared try yet.  Her face isn’t too badly messed up otherwise, though.


love the color of her hair!  It doesn’t show up too well in the photo, but there’s a slightly greenish hint to this neon yellow hair fiber.  Reminds me of the hair on a My Little Pony I had as a kid.  (I forget; were those the same company as Jem?)  The neon yellow Barbie dress-turned-shirt doesn’t quite match the hair, but it’s pretty close.


These two must have been owned by the same kid. 😛  Not sure what’s wrong with her chin; that might be a tiny dent, not just a smudge, which’ll be harder to deal with.  (If I ever deal with it at all.)


The best for last!  She’s all purple!  How cool is that?!  The dress isn’t very ’80s — and she’s kind of sausaged in there — but I thought the gold mesh shirt on top made it feel a bit more like something you might have seen in the over-the-top segments of the ’80s.


Fortunately, her face is unmarked.  There’s some marking on her limbs, but I think it’s more that the purple coloration isn’t holding up properly.  Either way, it’s covered by this dress, so I’m not very concerned about it. 😛  I like her face best of all five of these dolls, btw.  (And not just because it’s purple.)

Anyway, one garment was definitely not intended for the Jem dolls, being much too small and having long sleeves that it would be hard to get their bulky hands through.  I’m not sure who it was intended for (possibly Romana), but I’ve put it on Barbara for now:


It’s a little wide on her, so it would probably work better on a Blythe.  Or, you know, a Barbie.  Like it was intended for. 😛  (Though actually, looking at it, this may have been a Francie coat rather than a Barbie one.  It’s a bit small for Barbie.  Maybe it was even Skipper’s?  I’d have to look back over the order and see if it says who it was originally for.)  The coat is vintage enough that it has metal snaps rather than plastic ones or velcro.  (The scarf is connected, btw.  It’s sort of a giant collar gone mad. 😛 )

There were also some more clothes above and beyond what I needed to get those four dolls dressed:


Those little capri pants/shorts were never intended to be put on a Jem, of course.  I just thought they looked cool. 🙂  Not like I have any shortage of Barbies around here, after all. 😛

Anyway, so that’s the Tiny Frock Shop order.  The gallery for this post is here.

I’m hoping to get the photos for the comparison post I mentioned above taken tomorrow while I’m doing my laundry.  But even if I do, who knows when they’ll get posted.  (Though at least the blog’s more active now than it was just a week ago, yeah?  I mean, that’s a good thing, right?)


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