Junky Spot Black Friday Order!

Yes, it finally arrived!  Yay!  The post office finally found it in whatever limbo it’s been in for the entire month of December, and today they put a “Second Notice” in my mailbox.  (Even though the first one was in November.)


Picking it up was weird, though.  Like, all the crazy people were out today or something.  This older man was hassling the woman behind the counter because she couldn’t do what he wanted her to do because the computers were down.  He kept on pushing, like somehow she’d magically be able to do it without the computer system, and when she couldn’t, he started comparing the service to being in a third world country.  Then the next people in line wanted a passport, even though that branch had all these big signs saying that they only did parcels and holding mail.  Ugh.  Why are people so annoying?  At least I was in the right place, and was smiling and friendly.  (Despite the month-long delay in getting my package.)

Aaaanyway, here’s what was in the package.  (Warning, nude, eyeless dolly photos ahead!)


And on getting them out of the shipping bags…


The contents of the bags that look empty are three wig caps.  One for Gen-kun, because his wig’s liner was starting to stain his head.  One for Suve, in the hopes that her wig would stop falling off so easily (doesn’t help as much as I’d have liked, though).  And one for the little guy above.  Both dolls are Hujoos.

Two sets of eyes:


For the white YO-SD sized doll, which I think was called Ivy.  (And even if she wasn’t, she is now. 😛 )


And the pair in this blurry photo are for the Hujoo Baby, who is Ted, in chocolate color.


This is him.  I was surprised to see the color of his plastic in person:  it’s lighter than I was expecting.  It’s a nicer color than Suve’s apricot, though, thank goodness!  I’m not sure how I’m going to do his face-up, aside from giving him eyebrows.  I’ll have to look at pictures of how other people have handled the lips on their male dolls…


Here’s a comparison shot of Ted and Suve.  (Ted’s wearing his fatiao wig from Etsy now.  But no eyes right now, because I am not going through the hassle of positioning the eyes only to have to take them out again when I do his face-up.)  Anyway, you’ll notice their joints look different.  That’s because Ted has the Hujoo Baby version 2 body, which is structured a bit more like the larger dolls, giving him more naturalistic posing possibilities.

When I was looking at Etsy to get clothes for these two new dolls, I didn’t find much in the way of Hujoo Baby-sized boy clothes, so I ordered a new dress for Melitta, and when it gets here, I’ll give Ted the clothes she’s currently wearing:


It’s not here yet, though, because I ordered it from one of those sellers who doesn’t make the dress until you order it.  But it’s on the way now, so it should be here soon-ish.  (It’s coming from Thailand, so it takes a while.)


Moving on, here’s a shot of Ivy by herself.  Her joints are similar to Ted’s, but more complex.  And they’re not much like Freya’s.  Apparently, no two dolls — even from the same manufacturer — has the same joints.  Because life likes to confuse me. 😛


This horribly blurry photo is trying to show you what those two white blobs were next to her feet in the group shot at the beginning.  They’re her doggy ears. 🙂  But they attach with magnets that haven’t yet been glued to either ears or head, so…she had to try to hold them in place for this photo. 😛  Since her skin is pure white, I’m thinking of playing up the canine angle in her face-up.  Like giving her a black dog-style nose, and maybe a big spot on her face, like around one eye.  But I’m not sure what color to make the spot, if there should be any more, or what color to make her ears.


Ivy’s wardrobe provided by Dollcat. 😉


Her shoes are by TeenyWeenyDesign.  (And her wig, which isn’t pictured loose, is by fatiao, same as Ted’s.)


Here she is with all her accouterments.  (Except her eyes…)  I may have to get her a different wig, though:  that braid might interfere with her ears.  (If that happens, I’ll have to get another YO-SD sized doll to wear the wig, ’cause it’s too pretty to abandon!)


Close-up shot of her adorable little shoes…which totally don’t match her outfit.  What happened was that I ordered a pair of little felt boots that were going to look great with this outfit, but the seller was out of that design, and then I saw these cute little shoes and I thought “well, those’ll probably work…”  But they really don’t work with this outfit.  So I’ll have to get her another pair of shoes that do work with it, and then a summery outfit to match these shoes. 😉

So, that’s my Black Friday Junky Spot order, finally here at last.  And I still haven’t had the right opportunity for that photo shoot I talked about last time. 😦  I’m glad I have a job now, but it’s been full-time ever since mid-November, despite that I’m only supposed to be a part-time employee, and that hasn’t given me a lot of time to do my own stuff.  (Especially since my family expect me to go hang out with them on my two days off.  Kind of gives me no time to myself.)  But once they hire some more people, I should be able to scale back to part-time for real…just in time for the next semester.  *sigh*  In other words, my posts shall continue to be sporadic, I fear.  (Also my reading of other people’s posts.  I’m like three weeks behind now.  I should start taking my iPad to work and catching up on blog reading during my lunch break…)


One thought on “Junky Spot Black Friday Order!

  1. Olive January 3, 2017 / 9:01 pm

    nice haul! I’m planning on making a junky spot order soon for some obitsu bodies ^^.


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