Deliveries and New Doll Year

Okay, so today I’m trying something new.  Because I only seem to have time to blog, lately, during my lunch breaks at work (and when I’m having to man the register and have no tasks I can do from there), so I’m going to try to write up this post offline at work.  (I mean, yeah, I could do it online, but since I don’t have my photos uploaded anyhow, why bother logging in to WordPress on the museum’s laptop?  And I’m not trying to write a post on my iPad without my keyboard.  No freakin’ way.)

Er, okay, anyway.  So, I want to tell you about three deliveries that came in the same day, and also talk about my dolly goals for the New Year.

The deliveries all came on…uh…Monday?  Tuesday?  No, no, it was Monday.  I think.  (Ack.  I totally meant to write this post the same day, or at least the next day, but…somehow, it’s now Thursday, and I’m only just writing it.  My life is nuts.)  Anyway, it only looked like two deliveries at first, because there was a box and a bag sitting on the porch when I got home, but then I found the third delivery inside the mailbox.  And we’re starting with that one because.

This order of tiny dolly clothes from nubanded on Etsy marks the arrival of the last of the items I ordered for the dolls from my Black Friday Junky Spot order.


If you can read the little stickers, you’ll see that three of the five are marked as “gifts.”  I don’t know if that was just to be nice, or if it was an apology that it took so long to get the order shipped, but it was really sweet either way. 🙂  Of course, now I’ll have to figure out where/on whom to use the extra clothes. 😛


Melitta’s new dress is super-adorable on her, but kind of doesn’t match her hair.  I may have to get her a new wig.  (Or just do some wig-swapping, I suppose, until I find a combination I like among my BJD Ai and Little+ dolls.)  I was going to give Ted the yellow shoes, too, but they really didn’t fit him.  Actually, the clothes Melitta was wearing are a little big on him all around, but…


I found this Little Dal+ Taurus at my local Tuesday Mornings quite some time ago.  Her stock clothes didn’t do a thing for me, of course, and when I bought her I thought I’d probably replace her wig, too.  The wig I turned out to like, though, so it was just a matter of finding her something new to wear.  Enter this exceptionally adorable outfit!



I love her flashy eye make-up. 😀

So, moving on!  For no readily apparent reason, I’m going to move on to the delivery that came in the bag next.  It’s the reward I got for backing a Kickstarter.


These are the Crabapple Cousins, the main reward for the Kickstarter.  Aren’t they cute?  (Seriously, though, what is with the adorable food/animal fusion toys lately?  It’s not that I’m not enjoying them, but…what’s up with that?)


The postcard and enamel pins didn’t really fit in the previous photo.  Figured I might as well include one of the plushies in this shot to give an idea of their scale.

There were also a couple of die-cut stickers in the backer reward, but in the interest of getting this post finished up, I’m going to skip over them and leave them for the gallery. 😛  So, moving on, the last of the three deliveries was a delivery from Tonner.

I learned from Confessions of a Doll Collector’s Daughter that the Tonner company is changing its methods.  Hopefully they know what they’re doing and have thought this through, but that’s not the point:  the point is that they’re discontinuing almost every doll line they’ve got.  So suddenly it’s a case of “if you don’t get ‘em now, you might never get ‘em.”  Because that’s just what I need right now, right?  Worse still, very little is on sale at their online store; it’s just never going to be restocked.  (And naturally I got there after they’d sold out a really lovely Indian-themed Ellowyne Wilde doll, and all they have left of Sad Sally is clothing.)  Since Tonner dolls are pretty expensive, ordering them full price is daunting—somehow more daunting than ordering Blythe and Pullip dolls, even though the prices are comparable.  But two of them were on sale.



This is the City Girls line, which is labelled as being a beginner’s collector doll.  I’m not sure if the doll’s name is Houston, or if it’s her home town.  *shrug*  It’s kind of fun as a name, though, so I’m going with it as her name at the moment.



I’ve wanted a Maudlynne Macabre since seeing pictures of her on the Confessions blog, but she was no longer being manufactured, and therefore had been jacked up in price from third party sellers.  (Or maybe I was just a moron and couldn’t find the Tonner site at that time?)  But now Tonner has her in stock, and on sale for $30!  So she’s really the reason I made the order. 😀


A scale comparison.  I was surprised at how big Houston was!  I suspect she’s the same size as an Ellowyne Wilde and other Tonner 16” dolls.  (I totally should have grabbed Emma for this comparison shot!  That was totally stupid of me.  If I say “totally” one more time, I may transmogrify into an ‘80s girl all over…)  I’m looking at “slim MSD” sized clothes for her.



I’ve found a couple of specifically Ellowyne Wilde outfits on Etsy that I’m thinking of buying.  One of them is more of a suit, which I think will suit Houston nicely.  The other is a colorful party dress, which I think will nicely suit the Ellowyne Wilde I’m thinking of getting.  (I know, I don’t need to get one of her at all, but look at her name!  How can I not get a doll named Ellowyne Wilde?)  Since the only Ellowyne Wilde dolls left on the Wilde Imagination site are quite expensive, I’ve been shopping around, and found a “basic” Ellowyne from 2015 (“basic” meaning she’s basically in her undies, naturally) with short red hair that I’m thinking of getting, as it’s nice hair and she’s significantly cheaper because she doesn’t have a fancy outfit.  I’m also thinking of getting a basic Evangeline Ghastly, too, but she’s rather pricey, so I may not.


I’m hoping to find a good time and place to take some suitable outdoor photos of this cutey.  She needs something grim and dreary, but also pleasant, the sort of place the Addams family might go for a picnic. 😛

Okay, so that’s the deliveries covered.  Now on to the dolly goals!  (Got this idea from Olive, of course.)

My biggest doll goal for the new year is actually to stop buying so freakin’ many of them.

I am not on a good path for that, so far.  (In addition to what I’ve told you about, I’ve also ordered a Betsy McCall (another Tonner), the Made-to-Move-style Wonder Woman before she disappears on me altogether, and several vintage dolls from Etsy that I’m very excited about.  And I had a trip to Target the other day that ended up with three new dolls coming home with me, including one of the Shibajuku Girls, which I’ll post about more fully later.  Uh, at some point.  Like after I finally post about the yoga doll…)

So, I’m trying to at least tell myself to hold off on the “ooh, that’s new” and “ohh, it’s on sale!” purchases.  (She says, after having bought a goofy playline Barbie just ‘cause she was on clearance at Target and had transparent blue hands.)

I do have a few things I actively want to buy this year, though:

  1. My very first composition doll. (Already on the way!  Yay!)
  2. A translucent Blythe (but only if a new one is released this year)
  3. UFO a Go Go (if I can find someplace to put her)
  4. Uh…there was at least one more, but now I don’t remember what it was…

Mostly, though, I want to hold off on most purchases until such a time as I’ve finished cleaning up my house and can add new shelves to hold them all.  (I also kind of want to get one of those backyard plastic sheds to temporarily hold stuff while I’m cleaning, and then to be a crafting area after the massive cleaning endeavor is over.  But that is perhaps a ludicrous waste of money, since it turns out those things are not cheap.  And at this time of year, they’d be horribly cold.  And in the summer they’d be horribly hot.  So probably not a good idea.)

It is possible that I won’t have to work on Saturday, as the museum may be closed due to inclement weather.  In which case I plan to finally take those photos so I can get that next post up!  (But if we’re not closed…)


One thought on “Deliveries and New Doll Year

  1. Tami Von Zalez January 13, 2017 / 10:44 am

    Luckily, I kept my doll purchases down to 1 – a Madame Alexanderkins fortune teller that had been on my wish list for at least 2 years.


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