Ellowyne Wilde

I really hope this will be the last “ooh, got in a new doll” post for some time, and that I’ll finally get around to some of the comparisons and stuff that I want to post.  (If I can ever get off my backside and take the blinkin’ photos!)


Aaaanyway, Ellowyne Wilde marks the last of my “oh, Tonner’s ending all their lines, so if I don’t get ’em now I won’t be able to get ’em at all!” purchases.



As soon as I got a look at her, I started to get a little worried, but not for any reason to do with Ellowyne herself.


So, this new comparison shot may give you an idea what I was concerned about.  If not…


…then I’m sure this one has cleared it up.

Namely, my concern is that that Houston is way smaller than Ellowyne.  Which was ever so slightly a problem, considering I’d already ordered two Ellowyne Wilde sized outfits on Etsy!

On the other hand, you’ll notice that my light fairy and Ellowyne are virtually identical in size, so I guess that means the light and dark fairies take Slim MSD sizes, rather than regular MSD.  But I have no idea where to look to find clothes that are going to be the proper size for Houston.  (BTW, I was surprised to notice that Emma’s actually a bit anatomically correct.  What the heck, Tonner?  Was that really necessary?)


A sharp suit seemed perfect for someone named for a city, you know?  It’ just a shame that Houston’s a bit too small for this outfit, because otherwise it suits her perfectly.  The color’s really good on her and everything.  (Though it’d be better if she didn’t have bright red lips, naturally.)  She needs new shoes, too; her stock shoes are pink, and were really hard to get off, so I am no way, no how puttin’ ’em back on again.  But Ellowyne’s are way too big on her, so I’m not sure where to turn to find her a new pair…


This is the dress I got for Ellowyne.  I guess a sleeveless party dress is a bit cold in the dead of winter, but I loved the way it looked, and I knew it’d look good with her hair, too.  Both outfits are by dollsewchic on Etsy, btw, who even sent along little clothes hangers for the outfits.  Pity I don’t have a 1/4 scale closet to hang them in. :p


I am not, in truth, entirely enamored of her eyes.  But they don’t seem to be changeable, so I’ll just deal with that. 😛  I quite like her hair, though.  So naturally it is easily changed, being a wig.

There was one other doll purchase I really wanted to make, but I hesitated and missed my window.  The Junky Spot got in some Bobobie deer centaur dolls (and you know about me and deer dolls), and I said to myself that I could have one if I cleared up a space to put one…and they’re already gone. 😦  I guess I should hurry up and order the purple Hujoo Nano Rabi before it sells out, too… *sigh*


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