Partial Mail Call

I’m so unmotivated to take pictures right now.  I can’t explain it.  😦  Anyway, because of that, there’s a lot of stuff I want to show you that I didn’t end up taking pictures of.  (This is, after all, like two and a half months’ worth of purchases we’re talking about.  And I’ve been down in the dumps, which means I’ve been spending more money, ’cause I’m a moron.)  Hopefully I’ll get motivated later on and take more pictures.  Hopefully better ones, too.

Anyway.  So new clothes and wigs were something I wanted to fill you in on.  I finally got Ivy some new shoes:

There’s something massive about them that doesn’t really come across in the photo:  in person, they’re like a girly version of the Frankenstein monster’s boots.  And they don’t entirely match Ivy’s butterfly outfit.  (Though I’m admittedly at a loss to guess what would match it.)  Fortunately, I got her a new outfit that matches her rainbow booties, but I’ll show you that a little later on.

The most important thing was to find clothes and wigs for the light and dark fairy BJDs.  (Because goodness only knows when I’ll ever get around to giving them their face-ups!)  So I was able to find some gorgeous clothes for them that are perfectly fairy-like:

Okay, so “dryad-like” would be the more appropriate term here, since I’ve decided she’s a dryad rather than a fairy…

I love the flower petal-like skirt!

But you may notice they’re not wearing wigs.  That’s not because I didn’t buy them wigs…it’s because the wigs I bought don’t work. 😦  Because of those things on their heads, MSD wigs aren’t able to slide on all the way.  I’m going to have to make them custom wigs, I’m afraid.  Whenever the heck I can find the time for that.  (Especially since I have no idea how to go about it!)

Anyway, the gorgeous wig I bought for the light fairy has ended up on Ivy, which is why I didn’t want to show you her new dress above. 😛

Unfortunately, her ears are being held in place more by the hair that’s been clipped back than by the magnets.  😦  I bought her a fake fur wig (which I’ll show you later in the post) but it was too thick and the magnets couldn’t hold through it, just like they couldn’t really hold through her earlier wig.  Oh, and as you can see, I went ahead and put her eyes in, because I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a very long time before I get to her face-up, too. 😦

Anyway, she’s wearing what Alice’s Collection sold as “white pajamas” but which I’m using as a stain-proofing suit. 😉  Since it’s so close to the color of Ivy’s skin, I figure she can just wear it most of the time.  (The similar suit I got for Arthur and/or Juliet is another question…)  I have no idea if she even could get stained by a crocheted dress like this, but I figured why risk it?

Oh, but backing up a bit, both of the dresses for the fairies came with flower crowns, too, which were much too large for them.  So I’ve given the light fairy’s crown to Ellowyne (for the moment, anyway)…

…and the dryad’s crown to my second Gooliope, who’s halfway into her customization process.  (Eventually, I’d like to repaint her face as well.)

Obviously, there’s a lot more here to see than just the crown! 😛  There’s her fake fur wig, a holographic material sheath dress (intended for Moxie Girls Teens) and a rainbow colored tulle skirt.  (I also got a second rainbow tulle skirt for regular size Monster High, and now Etsy keeps trying to recommend tulle skirts for human beings to me.  It’s like “when the heck did I ever buy any clothing for actual people from you, Etsy?”  Ahem.  Sorry.  That’s just been bugging me lately.)  Admittedly, the skirt over the dress is perhaps overkill just a bit…

There’s so many different orders in here that it’s hard to organize, especially since they all seem to overlap somehow.  But let’s back up to the Alice’s Collections order.  I got a pair of Sophie-like shoes for Juliet, but I didn’t take a photo of them, ’cause she doesn’t have a Sophie dress yet.  (But I did buy them a Calcifer at the anime store last night! 😀  He’s a bit big for them, but since they had an official Calcifer plush in stock, I couldn’t resist. 🙂  Didn’t get a photo of him, either…)  The other item of clothing I got was a pair of vaguely ’70s jeans for Arthur…

Okay, so the only thing ’70s about them is the fact that they’re bell bottoms.  But…well, they were too cute to pass up! 😀  (And yes, I know they’re supposed to be for female dolls.  But since he’s got a split personality in terms of namesakes, and one half of that is a kid who was into glam…it seems fitting.  Besides, Arthur’s so tiny that he has to wear girl clothes anyway if they’re going to fit.)  They’d fit better if he wasn’t wearing the stain-proofing white tights, but he’s so badly stained already; I don’t want to make it worse!  (Though perhaps at this point that’s impossible…)

Among the other things in the Alice’s Collection order was a wig for the dryad which didn’t fit her, but I’ll be showing that to you later.  There was also a 1/3 scale wig, which I’m not sure if it was supposed to be for Juliet, Selina or Nadia, but Nadia was most convenient, so she’s modeling it.

Somehow, that photo makes it look like one of her eyes is aimed further to the side than the other, but that is totally not possible…

It’s a really pretty wig, anyway. 😀  I think I need to give it to Juliet, though; it’s longer than Nadia is tall.   (And yet I kind of want to keep it for Nadia and/or Selina, because the contrast of the pale pastel hair against their darker skin tone is so striking!)

Anyway, as I mentioned whenever it was that I mentioned this order earlier, I had to spend $100 on accessories in order to get a serious discount on a cute little deer dolly.  And here he is:

Um, or she.  Not sure yet.  (Sorry about the weird pose; it was necessary to balance the doll on my bed.)  The deer is from Doll Family, and they included a photo card showing the deer with the default face-up:

This isn’t so much a case of “I don’t know when I’ll get to the face-up” as “no way I can even do a decent face-up”.  (Okay, technically in this case it’s more a body blush than a face-up…)  I need to find someone in the area who does face-ups.  Unfortunately, I don’t know if there are any, and I really don’t want to have to try mailing this little guy.  Of course, since I don’t yet even know what I’ll want him to look like, that’s all right, for the moment.  (Like with Ivy and the fairies, I put his eyes in because it was going to be so long before he’d get his face-up.  I’ll have to get him new eyes when he gets his face-up, though; the random ones that came with him aren’t much of a muchness.)

So, now before I can get to showing you the other wigs I’ve mentioned, I have to tell you about a Manadarake order I made recently.  A few weeks ago, my brother suddenly became obsessed with amiibos.   (This is directly the result of Breath of the Wild, as you might expect.)  He was convinced that all the local stores were phasing them out, and began a search online to find them without paying too much.  To help him out, I checked to see what AmiAmi and Mandarake had in stock for decent amounts…which was very little, for the most part, but I did find one that I just had to get:

If this guy was even released in this country, I never saw him.  (Admittedly, that doesn’t mean much.)  Anyway, in order to justify the crazy shipping costs for a $10 amiibo, I ended up just looking at the entire “doll” inventory at that particular Mandarake location to find something else to add to the order.  And I ended up picking a Volks MSD doll who was surprisingly cheap.

I don’t know if she’s yellowed with age/light or if she was just made with yellow resin, but she didn’t look so yellow in the photos on the site.   *shrug*  It’s a little awkward-looking, but nothing compared to how horribly loose her stringing is.  It’s impossible for her to sit up without something holding her back in position, and her legs flop around like crazy when she’s moved.  So yet another task on my dolly to-do list it to re-string her, because what she’s got right now just won’t do.  But my non-dolly to-do list is supposed to take priority… *ugh*  I hate my life.

Anyway, I’m thinking she’s a pretty old doll, not just because of her condition, but also because she doesn’t have any double joints.  I’m also assuming that Mandarake knew what they were talking about when they said she was Volks.  There’s a place in the back of her head where a manufacturer ID plate had been glued, but the glue’s the only thing left of it.

She’s got a pretty face.  But I think the yellow probably is the resin reacting to light, rather than just being yellow to start with, considering how well her coloration and her face-up don’t get along.  😦  I haven’t come up with a name for her yet, but I’m thinking I’m going to look up words like “yellow” and “lemon” in a bunch of other languages, and see if anything sounds like a good name.  That way I can pretend she’s supposed to be this color. 😛

I need to get her some new clothes, though.  See that hoodie she’s wearing?  There’s nothing underneath it; she didn’t come with a shirt, just a hoodie.  The skirt’s really cute, though.  And I have two other MSD size skirts already, but no shirts.  So I have to buy her some shirts on Etsy and hope they’ll match one or more of the three skirts.

Still, at least she can wear all those wigs no one else can! 😛

The fake fur wig that didn’t let Ivy’s ears stay in place.  I keep being suckered in by the photos of these wigs on Etsy, forgetting the very simple fact that the people selling them know how to make fake fur wigs look cool, and I don’t.

Alice’s Collections showed a green wig without bangs.  I wouldn’t have ordered a wig with bangs for the dryad.  I mean, it still wouldn’t have fit properly, but man!  They could have at least sent me what I ordered!  This wig is heavy enough that this poor doll couldn’t hold her head up very well while wearing it.  (Yes, her head is also affected by the poor stringing.  Her arms are the only things not affected.)  Which is a pity, because wearing this wig she looks like Juliet’s little sister. 😛  (Well, with the wig Juliet’s currently wearing, anyway…)

I thought I’d have her model Ivy’s old wig, too, but it’s actually a tiny bit too small for her.  Pity; it looks much cuter on her than the other wigs.


So, that’s some of where I’ve been bleeding money lately.  Seems like there’s been a heck of a lot of that going on around here.  And I still don’t have any space to put things in.

Worst of all, summer has set in, so I’m suddenly hiding in my too-hot house all day to stay out of the sun, but with the heat I don’t feel motivated to move around, especially not to clean.

I really need a magic wand.  Or a way to reverse time.  Actually, yeah, that last one.  Definitely that one.

3 thoughts on “Partial Mail Call

  1. Tami Von Zalez May 19, 2017 / 10:50 am

    Do you re-string your own dolls? I found a vintage book on it but it looked like it required special tools. I have two antique dolls I want restored and will be sending to the doll hospital. One was a pre-Mother’s Day acquisition – love her!


    • Iphis of Scyros May 22, 2017 / 9:39 am

      I’ve tried to re-string two dolls, but both had suffered damage so I couldn’t do it myself. 😦 The principle seems pretty simple, though, so on a non-damaged doll like this one, I should, in theory, be able to do it. In theory. My Princess Elizabeth should finally be ready at the doll hospital sometime this week, so I’m thinking of asking when I pick her up if stringing a BJD is significantly more difficult than stringing a Betsy McCall or a vintage compo doll. (I know it’s different, since there are more pieces involved, but I’m hoping it won’t be an harder.)

      What special tools were required, btw? The little flier the doll hospital gave me along with the cord when I tried to string my 14″ Tonner Betsy McCall didn’t show anything about tools other than the cord.


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