Holding Hands

And now you know why I wanted to rush that Princess of Power post through before June:  I wanted to photograph Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune in the Crystal Castle.  Because seriously!  Isn’t it a perfect set for them?  (After all, isn’t the future Tokyo called Crystal Tokyo?)

There are, of course, more photos coming.  Though not quite as many as I wanted to take.  I’ll have to do another photo session after I do some actual planning.  (I was kind of winging it…)  I need to plan how to best use some of the alternate faces and hands.  (Though one of the faces Haruka came with isn’t even hers!  That one’ll be harder to find a good excuse for…)



Technically, that piece that’s two clasped hands is supposed to be used to have Michiru hold her own hands clasped in front of her.  But I’d seen promotional photos of the Figmas of Tomoyo-chan and Sakura holding hands by way of Tomoyo-chan’s clasped hand piece, so I figured if it worked there, it should work here, too.  (Not that I’ve tried that with my own Tomoyo-chan and Sakura yet…)  It doesn’t really work, though. 😦  I mean, it looks sort of okay in the photo, but the hands kept detaching from one or the other of them, and made posing them almost impossible.  I wanted a more complex pose, but I quickly got too frustrated, and went with this simple one instead.

Also, sorry for the slight up skirt on them.  Those freakin’ things are too short!  If they were cloth, gravity would prevent at least some of the panty shots, but unfortunately…  (Okay, I know they’re not technically panties, because they’re sort of wearing leotards, but…)  Well, at least it’ll be easier to avoid panty shots with dolls.


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