After the post-heavy June, July is going to return to the old “low posting volume” formula.  Possibly even more so than usual, because I’ll be taking part in the July CampNaNo session, so I hope to dedicate a lot of my free time to writing.

But I’ll try to have a very important deboxing post sometime in late July (depending on delivery time), because I was one of the 200 people who managed to pre-order Pineapple Princess from Junie Moon. 😀  And yes, that did involve me sitting at my computer for half an hour at Tokyo’s midnight (10 in the morning here), hitting the refresh button and waiting for pre-order to open. 😛  (Of course, since I’d already been over-spending, now I need to lock up my credit card and not buy anything but groceries for the next six months.  Not that that’s going to happen, but it needs to.)

I might also manage to do a post on Cu-Poche Alice, who arrived here at the beginning of this week, after I had to pre-order her second release from AmiAmi because Amazon forgot how many they’d ordered and let me pre-order something they weren’t actually going to get in stock.  (Or whatever it was that happened.  I dunno.  Maybe Kotobukiya didn’t deliver as many as they were supposed to.  The e-mail wasn’t clear, but what was clear was that they waited until the last second to tell me, even though they must have known for weeks that they weren’t going to be able to fulfill my order.  I am, frankly, still really ticked off at them about that, but I had to abandon my plan of “never order from Amazon again.”  That’s a really hard plan to put into effect, y’know?)

So…there you have it.  This blog will be very quiet for the month of July.  But hopefully I’ll find a nice balance after that.


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