Pineapple Princess Neo Blythe

I am astonished at how quickly this doll arrived!  She shipped from Japan on Friday, and arrived Monday morning!!  You have to pay through the nose for shipping when you buy from Junie Moon, but at least you get your money’s worth.  (I regret that I couldn’t post about her arrival yesterday, but I went to my parents’ place for lunch — so soon after her arrival that I didn’t have time to open the cardboard box she shipped in! — and didn’t get home again until almost ten o’clock.)

The first thing you notice about Pineapple Princess is her fun box.  Check out the full pattern (from the side of the box):

(And no, that’s not upside down.)  This is a blue version of the print on her dress.  And I have to say, I’d like to have a jacket for her in this blue version.  Or a blue dress.  Or something.  It’s such a fun print, you know?

So, here she is, out of the box.  Pineapple Princess is the first Blythe to be released with the new translucent mocha skin tone (at least, that’s how I interpret the phrasing on the Junie Moon order page), and I have to say that it’s absolutely gorgeous.  The one drawback to the skin tone is that her torso doesn’t quite match her arms, legs and head.  (Maybe for later translucent mocha releases, they’ll be able to address that.)

Pineapple Princess is a first in my collection in many ways.  First translucent Neo, first Radiance Renew face type, and first Blythe (other than Petit) with a dark skin tone.  Also the first to come with two outfits and/or sunglasses.

(Blythe hair looks a bit weird when pulled back into a ponytail…)  Her stand is a about the same color yellow as her sunglasses, only slightly translucent.  And her heart-shaped earrings are the same color as her shoes.  She has two sets of green chips:  the side-glancing green chips, and these front-facing light green chips, which are her special color.  She also has the standard front-facing pink chips.  (Why are those default for every Blythe?  I just can’t manage to like them…)  As to the fourth set of chips…

…side-glancing blue.  Also, here’s a shot of my two translucent girls together.  Which seems as good a time as any to formally introduce my Pineapple Princess, who I have named “Penny.”  (At least for the moment.)

There are dolls one might buy just for their stock (though none are leaping to mind off-hand, maybe playline dolls of some sort), dolls you buy for the combination of stock and doll (like Dark Rabbit Hole, or any of the Alice Pullips), and dolls you buy solely for the doll.  Penny here falls into the latter category, despite the sunglasses and two outfits.  Because the capri jeans are so tight that they’re extremely hard to get on and off, making them useless for almost every type of doll (maybe they’d fit Yeolume or Licca-chan) and the shirt is, well, not my cup of tea.  And the sunglasses!  They don’t have hinges (I don’t know if that’s typical of Blythe sunglasses or not), and the temple pieces love to pop back out of their holes.  It’s almost impossible to have her wear them, and especially impossible for her to wear them on top of her head.  Oh, and her shoes will not fit properly over her socks; they keep popping back off her feet if she’s wearing her socks.  Her hair’s not actually so great, either, though I managed to improve it from the way it came out of the box:

(Ack.)  This girl is almost as badly in need of a good treatment for her hair as Romana.  (Someday, I will have enough time and proper space to give them that treatment.  Someday.)  Oh, speaking of Romana…

“Oh, Doctor, when are you going to learn how to read the chronometer correctly? This isn’t the late 1960s! It’s the 1950s!”

(Yup, Romana is still wearing that.  It’s going to be hard to take her out of it, ’cause it looks so cool.)  It strikes me that this is a very unflattering angle for Romana’s face…

The important thing is that Penny herself is gorgeous.  (Aside from her hair needing serious treatment.)  I’m really falling in love with the way the translucent skin tones look, to the point that I’m probably going to be a lot less tempted to buy new Blythes who aren’t translucent.  (Though I’m still tempted by UFO a Go Go…love that mod look…)

Here’s Penny stashing all her other stuff away in her new dresser.  I just found this today (because somehow I couldn’t go to the bank and Michael’s without also going to the antique mall), and it was an incredible steal ($4!) because it’s got some pretty bad damage (facing away from the camera in this shot) but it’s really very nicely made; the drawers (though the top one is almost impossible to open) are lined with cloth, and the decoration all seems to be by hand, to the extent that there’s even a signature on top.  It was intended for jewelry, of course, but it’s just the right size for Blythe!

I’v re-purposed two of the shelves in my bedroom into display shelves, with a fancy backing and everything. 😀  (That’s what I went to Michael’s for.  Er, one of the things I went for.)  It’s frustrating that the scale on the Project Diva Future Tone statuettes is slightly larger than the standard 1/8 scale of the Tony ver. Luca.  But…well, it is what it is, yeah?

This is the other shelf, right below the previous one.  It’s a bit hard to see it because of kinda-gold-like against gold-holo-foil, but see the cage with Kobato there?  (She’s the one in the yellowish kimono, for those unfamiliar with the manga/anime she comes from.)  I got that cage at Michael’s, too.  She was supposed to come with a cage with Ioryogi-san in it, but when I got her at the local anime store, she didn’t have it.  (She’s also supposed to have a parasol in her other hand, but I didn’t see any of those little umbrellas for drinks; I was going to use one of those.  Maybe I could find one at a party supply store…)  Luckily, I was able to find this one at Michael’s that is pretty much the perfect size.  Looking at pictures of the figurine on Amazon, the original cage was a tiny bit more narrow, and much less ornate, but the height is so similar that I’m not at all sure there’s any difference at all.  (Now I just need to find someone on Etsy who has made/will make a Ioryogi-san to fit in the cage and complete the image…)

Anyway, the gallery for this post, with all the full-size images, is here.

Seeing as my posting has become very erratic here (though I’m hoping these less-cluttered shelves will help motivate me to take photos in the future), I’m thinking of starting a weekly feature on blind box figures, since I have a plethora of them that I’ve never photographed.  Would anyone be interested in such a feature?  (Like, one blind box figure per week, not a huge showcase of everything I have in a particular line, like I did in April with the Monster High Minis…of which I now have more anyway. 😛 )


One thought on “Pineapple Princess Neo Blythe

  1. Tami Von Zalez July 19, 2017 / 10:19 am

    I adore that pineapple packaging – I would buy that print in a fabric!
    I wouldn’t change Romana’s outfit for the world – lurvs that hippy chick stuff.


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