So, I was at a store that sells all sorts of stuff the other day.  Mostly movies, games and music, but also some anime and game merchandise.  And I saw this sitting on the shelf:

Well, you know how I am about blind boxes, and Vincent is one of my favorite characters ever, and although Terra’s not my favorite character from the game, Final Fantasy VI is one of the greatest games ever made, and yet it’s relatively undermerchandised.  (Its competitors being Chrono Trigger and Suikoden II, of course.)  You’ll notice this box says “Vol. 2” on it; they also had “Vol. 1” but its contents weren’t terribly appealing.  (I only remember four of them, but that’s enough to know I didn’t want to risk it.)

Anyway, here’s what I saw on the side of the box, the possible contents:

Cool, right?  There’s only one dud.  (And even that would have been mildly passable if it had been game version, instead of Advent Children version.)  So I decided to go ahead and get one, despite that it was rather pricey for a blind box figure, because I feel like I totally need the three on the front, and I’m always cool with any merchandising of Bartz in his actual costume (as opposed to his Amano character art, which has 0% overlap with his game sprite).

So guess what was in it.

Just guess.

The world totally hates me.

(And the store I was buying it from has no trade-in policy on blind box figures.  And yes, I did ask.  Before I even finished paying.)

The local anime store just moved from its convenient location (in the same mall where I got this) to one in the middle of freakin’ nowhere, but they have reopened, so I’m gonna take this and a few other things I want to be rid of there sometime soon.  And hopefully they’ll have gotten these blind box figures in as well, because they always keep one opened one of the popular blind box figures, so if you don’t like the one you got you can trade for it.  And I would totally be cool with buying more of these, as long as I could trade off if I get yet another blond reject.

Though now that I think back on the contents of the box — and of the other one, which had game version Cloud, Squall, Lightning, and someone from Type 0 — I’m noticing a distinct lack of Nintendo-era characters.  Despite that it was the Nintendo-era that made the series rise to prominence.  And despite that it was in the Nintendo-era that the series hit its greatest height.  Also, serious over-abundance of Final Fantasy VII.  They should not have a version of Cloud in both sets.  That’s seriously stupid.  (Also annoying is the fact that the Vincent pictured on the box there is the Dirge of Cerberus/Advent Children version, not the original game version.  If he was game version, his cape wouldn’t be ragged, and he’d have a revolver instead of the three-barreled gun they invented for DoC.  Though in this scale, it’s not a huge difference.  But overall I’d prefer more merchandise of the original than the new version.  And they’ll likely never make any more merchandise of any of the original versions of any of the characters, because the remake will largely be following the Advent Children redesigns.  Yet another reason I won’t be touching it.  Though the fact that they’ll screw it up is the biggest reason.  That and the fact that the game only works because of the nostalgia of its original primitive, just-learning-the-ropes-of-3D-after-so-long-in-8-and-16-bit nature.  The story’s actually pretty weak and nonsensical, and the characters are all underdeveloped.)

In other news, my attempt to further motivate myself to take pictures turned out to be stabbing myself in the foot.  I got some cloth backdrops at the Tiny Frock Shop, ’cause two of them were on sale, having taken very minor flooding damage when they had a pipe burst (or whatever it was that happened; I’ve forgotten now) and the third I felt like I just needed.  Aaaanyway, they turned out to be tall enough that the only way I can use them with my new display shelves is to empty both shelves and remove the upper shelf.  That wasn’t quite what I had in mind.  *sigh*  I really need to get off my butt and get the cleaning done around here.  That or get a new house (or an apartment or a condo) and just slowly move all my crap into someplace with more room.  Neither seems terribly likely to happen any time soon, unfortunately. 😦  In any case, I’ll hopefully get to taking some photos with the photo backdrops at some point in the relatively near future.  Hopefully.


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