Wear Orange Weekend

Today and the next two days make up Wear Orange Weekend, where the idea is to wear orange (the color of visibility) for National Gun Violence Awareness Day.  In light of all the recent mass shootings, this is more important than ever this year.  But I have no desire to turn this blog political, so I’m not going any further with that.

Instead, I’m going to explain that my blog is going on a brief hiatus.  Probably not more than a week, but…it’s hard to say for sure.  And the hiatus is going to include Blind Box Mondays.

The reason for the hiatus is that I hurt my shoulder.  It’s just a strained muscle, but in order to let it heal, I need to stop doing…well, pretty much everything I usually do.  (I have no idea how I’m going to survive!)  Not supposed to type or otherwise use computers (no idea how I’ll do my job, considering it’s entirely computer-based!) and I have to go to insane lengths to be able to play any video games (my lifeline!), and even reading is going to be near impossible.  About all I can do is try and find a position that doesn’t strain my shoulder and watch TV.  Ugh.  I mean, I do have a considerable backlog of anime to watch (about five seasons’s worth of various shows purchased on DVD, not to mention countless seasons of other shows available on Crunchyroll, Netflix and Hulu), but I crave interactivity, you know?

Anyway, once I’m better, I’ll be back.  I was told to wear a sling for a week, but I can’t particularly wear it, because just wearing it hurts, and it’s too long and covers up my hand, so I can’t do anything.  (Doesn’t help that it’s my dominant hand.)

In the meantime, I’ve made an album of all my orange-wearing (and sometimes orange-haired) dolls for this weekend.  They’re just old photos that were already uploaded to my Google drive.  The whole album is here, and here are a few highlights:

(Actually, a different shot of Pyrrha in this outfit and a similar pose is in the album. Only apparently I’ve never uploaded that photo onto the blog. Go fig.)

(Actually, this one’s not on the Google drive for some reason…)

(Hmm, I didn’t see this one on the Google drive, either. Maybe I didn’t upload my pictures as fully as I thought…)

(I’m going to be wearing that Orange Blossom pin to work today, btw.)


2 thoughts on “Wear Orange Weekend

  1. Iphis of Scyros June 1, 2018 / 12:21 pm

    Reblogged this on The Mad Grad Student and commented:

    Rather than a new post, a reblog. Obviously, the hiatus affects Misding Letter Mondays, as well as my doll blog’s weekly feature.


  2. NaNa June 1, 2018 / 12:40 pm

    Get well soon! I hope it won’t take long until full recovery.
    That was an interesting orange themed post. Although orange is neither my colour nor my dolls’ I like your photos. That orange fairy is cute and dolls from Bali (if I’m not mistaken) are fantastic! And the pirate – adorable. 🙂
    Best regards.


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