A blog where I can drone on endlessly about my toy collecting habit.  (If you want to hear endlessly about the other aspects of my life, try my daily-life-for-a-year blog, A Year with the Mad Grad Student.)

Right now, posts are going to be periodic/sporadic, mostly just me squeeing about my latest acquisition.  (But I’ve been overspending lately, so that’s not been so sporadic as it should be…)  Once I have set up a photo studio, I plan to start using this blog regularly, to post reviews, photo collections, and stuff like that.

My collection includes a few vintage toys, but is mostly new toys, both those made for adult collectors and those intended for children to play with.  Mostly dolls, but I do also collect some action figures and other non-doll toy items.  (Primarily anime and video game tie-in ones, but not exclusively.)

When this is up and running, you can expect to see Monster High, Pullip, J-Doll, Barbie, and Bratzillaz, among other dolls.  There will also be lots of Figma, Nendoroid and SH Figurarts.  And random stuff.  Lots of random stuff.

Posts from my other blog related to my toy collecting:

Back ache and good find” – In which I’m re-united with a doll from my childhood.  (Uh, presumably not the same exact one I lost, mind you, just one like it.)

My Disturbing Addiction (It’s not what you think!)” – Actually, coming from here, it is. 😛

So today…” – Another reunion with a long lost doll.  From the same series, no less.  And in the doll’s 30th anniversary year!

Double Post Wednesday” – I just had to post when my Hujoo Freya arrived!  (Warning:  she didn’t have her eyes yet.)

They don’t make ’em like that anymore…do they?” – About dollhouse furniture at the museum where I volunteer.

Liddle Kiddle!!!

How to make me feel old” – Also about dollhouse furniture at the museum where I volunteer. But in a different way from the earlier post. 😛


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