My Wishful Thinking List

As opposed to a “wish list,” which in this day and age seems to equate to a “someone give me this stuff!” list.  This is just a list of things I want to have someday.  If I ever get ’em, I’ll surely be buyin’ ’em myself.  Though most will likely remain merely a dream.  And there’s a whole section for things that don’t currently even exist.  (Lists are in no particular order.)  I am sharing these lists because…uh…I feel like it?  I’ve also added a section on future custom projects I want to make/commission.

Things I’ll Probably Buy Eventually

  • Kore Pullip, and a Taeyang to be Hades to go with her.  (Not sure which Taeyang that would be, though.  Probably the Steampunk Pluto redressed in a black chiton or something appropriate like that.) (It’s not that I don’t want these any longer, it’s just that they’re super low priority now.  Also, Kore has pretty much vanished from the market.)
  • Bobobie Pi Dragon (Fleshtone skin) from JunkySpot.  Not too expensive, in the grand scheme of things, and I’ve paid about that much for Pullips in the past, but this is a doll that comes nude, so that’s the cost just for the doll, not for doll-and-clothes, y’know?  (Unlike with Pullips, where you’re paying for the whole shebang.)  But he’s totally gorgeous…
  • A JerryBerry doll.  On this list, that means one of the basic ones.  Or rather, three of them, one of each character. 😛  But the high priority one is basic/sleepy Berry 2011, and I shall name her Io.  (Video game reference, FYI.)  Now that the one I really want is gone, I don’t know which one I want anymore… 😦
  • A male Makie?  Or maybe another female one?  I’ll have to see what’s up at Makielabs when the dust settles from their move…
  • A Coroporo doll.  These are unique hand-made dolls and super cute.  The artist sometimes puts up full dolls with wigs and clothes, so I’m hoping I’ll get lucky and be able to nab one of those.  (Though the last time one went up, it was already sold by the time I next logged on to Etsy…)
  • A Kikipop doll, preferably the new purple-haired one.  (Or a pink-haired one.  Or the new blue-haired one.  But I’d really prefer the purple-haired one.)
  • A Ruruko doll.  (Little sister to Momoko.)
  • An Odeko-chan doll.
  • The Umi doll from the Magic Knights Rayearth dolls put out by Sega.
  • Gem of Doll Yummy, a cute little doll (18 cm) with an adorably happy face.
  • Doll Family Chi, which looks like a baby Chocobo if it’s been painted yellow!  (So. Totally.  Squee!)  I shall name him Boko. 😀  (Except then I need to get another one and call her Koko, and then…)
  • Loong Soul Deer – Bessie (deertaur!  eee!)
  • Xaga Doll Ximigo, which has a happy face that’s very reminiscent of Kikipop, but with a more realistic face shape, and which also has fox ears!
  • Tiny Delf Simba
  • A YO-SD satyr girl.  There are are several of these (mostly from the same company, I think) and they’re super-cute.

Things I Wish I Could Buy

  • China China Pullip  (Technically, I could have gotten her a while back on the sample sale, but…I just wasn’t feeling it at that time…)
  • A Dollfie Dream.  Any at all.  Though I’d rather KOS-MOS, Kajikawa Rise-chan, Kagamine Rin or Hatsune Miku.  Or Utena, is there an Utena?  Actually, just about any character I like from any game or anime…whatever’s out there.  (Hardly matters, since the dang things cost, minimum, $1,000.  I can barely even dream about owning one.)  I especially want the Miku one, because it turns out there are also official costumes for some of her more famous videos, including “Senbonzakura” and “Doremifa Rondo,” both songs (and costumes) I love.  (I could, technically, get the costumes and put them on Juliet, but…that would be weird.  Plus they cost almost $150.  It would be bizarre to put clothes on her that cost twice as much as I paid for her.)
  • The Big Hero 6 dolls that were made for the Disney Store.  The Disney Store in town here is somewhat inconvenient, so I don’t go there all that often, so I missed these entirely.  Consequently, I’ve never even laid eyes on those dolls, and I’m not about to buy ’em from scalpers!
  • Ringdoll Frankenstein (even though he’s already off the market) and Dracula
  • JerryBerry limited editions, one or more of: Whispering New Year Penny, Check Mate Black Jerry, Summer Daze Jerry, Autumn Girl Penny.  (Those things are just too darned cute!)
  • The Nendoroid of Jack Frost.  (And by Jack Frost I mean the one from Shin Megami Tensei, btw, not from any American property.)  He was a pretty early Nendo, and so although you can still find him around in limited quantities, he’s horribly expensive.
  • A clear Obitsu.  I saw these on Junky Spot and went “That is so cool!  But what do I need a see-through doll for?”  And every time I’ve thought about buying one, a more rational voice inside my head has said “Don’t be stupid.”  Then one day they sold out of the matching heads, and now they’ve only got the clear bodies.  And at this point, I think they’re not getting any more in. 😦  Some other clear doll would work for this one, of course…
  • A BJD centaur.  I saw one on a site that was selling resin recast BJDs (knock-offs, in other words), though I’m sure the photos they showed were the promotional images for the real ones.  And the promotional image for the centaur-with-deer-horns was so adorable it just about killed me.  I so want one of those.  The real ones (by Soom), though, not the recasts.   Unfortunately, they’re off the market, so the chances of getting one seem slim…though I did find another company that’s making deertaurs, even if they’re not as cute as the Soom one.
  • Loong Soul Vampire Auguste, Fullset version.  Because Alucard.
  • Loong Soul Chloe.  Transparent deer antlers.  Do I need to say anything else?  How about deer legs and feet?  Seriously, if she weren’t $545…
  • Tiny Delf zebra centaur.  Do I have to say anything beyond “zebra centaur”?
  • Zuzu Delf MONG – Monkey King with all his accessories…which is sold out and probably costs a fortune if you can find him on the second hand market.  But he’s totally awesome.

Things I Wish Existed:

  • A Pullip of Utena Tenjou.
  • A brand new line of She-Ra dolls that perfectly recreate the originals, only with improved poseability and clothing and all.  (You know, exactly the same, only different!)  Or I’d settle for exact recreations.  (I dida Barbie-sized She-Ra get that’s pretty freakin’ sweet, though…)
  • More Moxie Girlz Teenz dolls.  Preferably without the “z” at the end of the line name.  And maybe with nicer clothing.  Okay, technically, I just want MGA to re-use the basic doll bodies and make a collector line for adults.  Is that so much to ask for?
  • A male BJD with four arms.  I want to make a Shiva Taeyang, based on the one in the MegaTen games, but I’d need a BJD body with four arms to put the head on first.  But I don’t think Obitsu or anyone makes a four-armed torso, do they?  (Also, the body would have to be blue, but I could probably paint or dye it myself.)
  • A Nendoroid of Daichi Shijima from Devil Survivor 2.

Future (way, way, way future) dolly projects:

  • A Pullip Utena Tenjou.  (Because, let’s face it, Groove’s not likely to put out a line of Revolutionary Girl Utena dolls.  Though maybe I should check if it has an anniversary coming up, just in case…)  The wig would be easily enough found, and the face-up wouldn’t have to be too complex, so I could probably do it, but the costume I would probably have to commission.
  • A Pullip Madam Red.  Now that I have Sebastian, Ciel, Grell and the Undertaker, my fate is sealed:  I must have the whole cast of the “Jack the Ripper” arc in Pullip-family form.  And that means I’ll need a Madam Red.  And I’ll definitely have to pay someone to make her outfit.  (Probably I’ll have to pay someone a large amount for it, as she dresses very elegantly.)
  • A Taeyang Lau.  Ditto the previous explanation.  I would say “gee, I can just use Namu, since he’s already dressed in Chinese clothes” except that Namu can’t keep his eyes shut, and Lau is one of those perpetually-closed-eyes characters.  Finding Chinese-style clothes in Taeyang’s size is probably not impossible, but I doubt they’d be the right color, so I’ll probably have to commission his clothes, too, but at least they would be unlikely to be as expensive as Madam Red’s.
  • Another factory girl “Blythe,” with a four-seasons and fantasy theme.  Probably to be named Yume.  I’d like her to have a tan skin tone, but I’ll have to see what’s available and affordable when the time comes to start on this project.  I’m totally going to get her some of kuloft’s fairy dresses with the flowers on, and a matching floral headband with deer horns.  Because somehow I’ve started a sub-collection of deer-related dolls.

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