1970s, Part One

Ugh, after lazing around doing zilch for like three hours, then as I’m about to turn off the computer and go to bed, that’s when I notice the schedule I wrote up that said I was supposed to post this today.  (Well, it’ll be tomorrow (22nd) by the time I finish writing and posting it.)  I suck sometimes.  (Or, rather, all the time.)

So, today I have two dolls to show you, both from the 1970s.  Well, okay, actually, it’s more complicated than that, but…we’ll start with the simpler one.

Meet Velvet, the cousin of Ideal’s Crissy.  For those unfamiliar with super-late ’60s and early ’70s dolls, the Crissy line had the gimmick of growing hair, which I’ll talk about in a minute.  First I want to point out in the photo above that I really like the sculpt on Velvet’s right hand, as shown there.  I don’t know why, but it just really strikes me somehow.  (Then again, as I’ve mentioned before, Ideal did good hands.)  Anyway, I have no idea how Velvet’s dress got that huge stain on it, because she seems to be entirely unplayed with.  (Though her hair is no longer as perfect as it was when she arrived here.  Which is scary, considering she was my Christmas present to myself.) Continue reading


1960s with the Barbie Family (Sort Of)

I’m stepping up the pace here, covering two dolls instead of one.  Luckily, there’s a theme…

Yeah, don’t get excited.  This is the 1990s reproduction.  (Hence the “sort of” in the title of the post.)  I would love to have one of the real thing, but they cost about $800, minimum, so…not happening.  Not without the invention of time travel.

I like this view better, because it almost hides the fact that she’s only wearing one shoe. 😛  If you’ve been following this blog for a while now, you’ve seen both this doll and these clothes before.  The repro Francie was in my post about the petite Barbie I got, and the reproduction of the Gad About fashion (which came on the reproduction of the Caucasian Francie) was in my post on…um…well, I called it a “clone” post, but most of the dolls are more “similar to” than “clone of” type dolls.

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Blind Box Monday

So, this was an impulse buy (as most blind box figures are, after all), influenced by two factors.  One, I liked the package. 😛  Two, the display promised that the rare find was a purple glitter pet.  And I love things that are purple and things that glitter.

I’d like the hard plastic doll purse better if it didn’t say “Barbie” on it.  I mean, that’s fine if I want a Barbie to carry it, but what if I thought it would match a Pullip’s outfit?  Or a Lammily outfit?!

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Tiny Betsy McCall

So, like I said before, this time we’re returning to the 1950s….sort of.  Because of course this isn’t a vintage Tiny Betsy, but a Tonner Tiny Betsy, reproducing American Character’s 8″ Betsy McCall doll.  (To the best of my knowledge, the American Character Betsy McCall dolls were never available in an African-American version.  I don’t think Ideal’s were, either.)  She came in a bland white swimsuit-like garment, so she’s currently wearing a Middie Blythe dress by TiredMomKnits.  It’s a tiny bit tight in the waist, but otherwise fits fine.  And I love the peacock feather print cloth! 😀 Continue reading

Black Panther Fan Girl

As I said last time, one more doll was going to be totally out of chronological order.  And this is her:

Though she was originally released as a Comic Con exclusive (I forget now if it was New York or San Diego, though probably the latter), she eventually joined the rest of her sister fan girls at Toys R Us locations.  Which is, of course, where I found her. 😛

And I wanted to post about her the same day I saw the movie. 😀  I won’t go into detail, ’cause this is a doll blog, not a movie blog, but I will say a few words.  1)  Awesome.  2) I spontaneously had to repress uproarious laughter at a totally not-funny scene between Klaue and Ross or Rose or whatever his name is, because I suddenly realized that it was a new confrontation between Gollum and Bilbo Baggins. 😛  (And I so hope there will be an outtake on the Blu-Ray where they fall into those characters.) 3)  Did I already mention awesome?  The visuals were incredible, and the design aesthetic amazing.  And I love how many strong female characters there were, both physically and mentally.  (Small spoiler:  his sister is totally cool.  We need more characters like her.)

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Okay, that is my first (and hopefully last) hashtag joke.

(And yes, I am deeply sorry for it.)

Aaaaaaaanyway, let’s just move on to the post.  For the most part, I want the Black History Month posts to move in a thematically chronological order.  (There is one exception that will become clear when the time comes.)

By thematically chronological I mean that I’m including reproductions with the time period of their original, rather than the time period in which they were reproduced.

Which actually means this should have been the first post.  (Well, first after Soul, who went first as more or less of a joke.)  Only I didn’t have photos ready on this one, since it was a reproduction that didn’t actually pass for the original, so I didn’t want to use any photos for work.

This replica Patsy was made by Effanbee in the ’80s, before Effanbee became part of Tonner.  This is not what she came wearing, though.  She came in this:

Oh, and yes, you’re reading her tag correctly.  See?

As I said, it was the ’80s, so no one was yet trying to find less offensive ways to phrase things.   (I keep writing things set in the ’80s, and it’s absolutely maddening.)

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Blind Box Monday

MGA’s L.O.L. have cute faces, but in looking at the possibilities in the little booklets, I tend to see a lot of them that I really don’t want.  (The first one I got was one such dud.  I need to remember what the heck I did with her so I can figure out what to do with her.  Maybe I could get her some cloth clothes that would be cute, or I could re-paint her or something.)  Anyway, fortunately this one was super-cute. 😀