Blind Box Monday

So, originally I thought I wasn’t going to be able to post any Halloween-specific content this week.  Then I was in a store and saw a display with Halloween Shopkins blind boxes.

Er, blind pumpkins.

Green, glow-in-the-dark pumpkins. 😛

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(After School Teatime presents) Death Devil!

The cute and innocent girls of After School Teatime dressing up in the style of their faculty adviser’s former band, Death Devil (Desudebiru), a headbanging death metal band.   (In context of the episode, it did make sense.)  And it seemed to me that a death metal band was an appropriate subject for a Friday the 13th post, right?  (Plus since they’re dressing up in costume, it’s a little like Halloween, right?)

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Blind Box Monday

This is a very unusual kind of blind box figure.  In addition to being full price (abt $10, if I recall) for a tiny little figurine (he’s about an inch and a half (3 cm) long from his ears to his tail), you always know what you’re getting with this.  Or rather, no matter what, you’re getting Jiji lying on his back, playing with a translucent piece of plastic.  The blind box part is what color/shape the plastic is.  (And he’s so expensive because he’s licensed Ghibli merch, of course.)

The one I really wanted was a pale yellow, crescent moon.  I think this flower was the one I wanted least.  (But, realistically, if I ever remember to do so, I can probably pretty easily find all kinds of beads at craft stores that he can hold just fine.)

Haruka and Michiru

Just a random little post…sort of.  Apparently October is LGBT History Month, which I had never known until I got an e-mail about it from the university.  I used up most of my LGBT material back in June, though, so…here’s a random shot of Haruka and Michiru I took during the photo shoot earlier.

“Shall we go?”

They’re heading off for a night on the town (or something).

I still haven’t replaced Haruka’s broken-footed body, because…well, reasons.  (I’m still on the fence about getting another Pullip body or trading out for an Obitsu, among other things.)  Michiru’s new dress is a Blythe dress by sleepforever.  It’s actually a bit risqué (the top part is see-through), but otherwise I think it’s totally her style. 🙂

They’re up on a little wall-mounted mini-shelf in my bedroom, which had formerly been filled with manga (for reasons that made sense at the time) that’s been cleared away to make more room for dolls.  (Because what else matters, right?)  As to the other occupant of the shelf, whose hair you can see in the photo… Continue reading

Blind Box Monday

Ack, almost forgot to get this out!

To make up for the lateness of the hour (as it were), I’ll put up something special. 😉

This is something I happened across at Target about a month ago.

Don’t let its appearance fool you:  this is not a Chuya Chup.  This is a blind box.  (And a big one, too:  from the base of the stick to the top of the container is about 8 inches!  The container is about 4″ in diameter, and a bit more than that tall.)

They had a smaller version, but I liked the notion that this one had two instead of just one. 🙂 Continue reading

Piano Lessons

Stella: Like this? Penny: That’s the idea, yes. But keep practicing!

First ever attempt to use the cloth photography backdrops from Tiny Frock Shop.  It looked pretty crappy while I was taking the photos, but I think it actually looks okay in the finished product.  Not great, but…

Anyway, I’m glad to say I took the photos for several posts while I was at it, so hopefully I’ll not be quite so silent for a little while.  The point of this post, of course, is to show off a really awesome antique mall find from about a month back:

The copyright date on this piano (which is still a patent pending mark, so it’s likely to be from the initial run) is 1969, and it’s mostly lithographed wood, with some plastic (the interior workings and the keys, mostly).  It needs a good cleaning, and some of the lithos are damaged, but I still think it was a fantastic find.  I got it for a song (lol, stupid pun!), probably because the seller thought it completely doesn’t work.  It does work…so long as you hold it upside down when you want it to play.  (Seriously; it’ll only play one note if it’s right side up, but if you hold it upside down, you can get the whole song.  Though apparently some of these songs changed between the late ’60s and the late ’70s when I learned them.) Continue reading

Blind Box Mondays

For the moment, Katana here is the last of the DC Lil Bombshells figures.  (I still want to get Hawkgirl, though!  And I might get some of the new set…who knows?)

Remember I said earlier that I think they all have color variants?  That’s because apparently Katana is actually supposed to be wearing a blue dress; both the packaging and the ones being sold on Amazon have her in blue, rather than red.  So she’s a variant, too, but much less so.  Also, when I was looking at the ones that had been opened by some kid(?) in Walmart, they had the (female) Flash, only she was in Reverse Flash’s yellow, rather than regular Flash’s red.  (If she’d been in her regular colors, I’d have picked her up, but I just didn’t want the evil version, y’know?)

I have a strangely large number of days off work this week, so hopefully I’ll finally get around to taking those photos I’ve been meaning to.  Especially since a new doll just arrived today, after I ordered her on Mandarake about a month and a half ago.  (Well, actually she arrived on Friday, today was just the first time I was able to get to the post office to pick her up.)

Oops!  Almost forgot the gallery link!