Don’t frighten the seafood.

LOL, sorry, that garbled nonsense was in a spam I just deleted, and I had to use it! 😀

Also, I’m sorry I’ve been flaking out so much lately.  (Like having just forgotten Blind Box Monday for the second time in three weeks.)  I think the combination of April A-to-Z and April CampNaNo is too much for me, even without classwork.  (Though things have been pretty stressful offline in other ways…)

Here’s what this post was supposed to be called:


I just discovered these recently.  Fèves are the little things they put in Epiphany Cakes in France to…um…make someone win Epiphany?  Sorry, I’m not religious…and I’ve spent too long on Wikipedia already today, working on an A-to-Z post, so I really don’t want to go look it up right now.  Thing is, I think traditionally they’re supposed to be just little ceramic babies.  Only at some point, some clever person in France decided that that was boring, and that they should make them more interesting.

And oh boy did they succeed! 🙂

I found this shop on Etsy called ValueARTifacts that specializes in feves.

So.  Freakin’.  Cool.

I bought a lot of them (though I wanted to buy so many more!), but I’ve only got a few pictures so far.

How could I resist such a cool miniature replica of the Nike of Samothrace?  The photo doesn’t really do it justice, either; it’s incredibly hard to photograph something this small and get all the detail.  (Though at least I got most of the detail.  It’s just the one spot on top of the chest that’s washed out.)

I got a couple more photos to give you a sense of scale…

“It’s okay, I caught it! No damage done…unless she had a head when we started…”

😀  My pre-order of the Super Sailor Jupiter SHFigurarts arrived a day or two before the feves, so it seemed fitting to have her show off how their scale compares to 1/12 scale.  (Speaking of feves and Sailor Moon, a different store on Etsy had a set of feves from the early ’90s that consisted of the five inner senshi…unfortunately, it was about $115, which is way more than I want to pay for something that small…though if it had been the outer senshi, I might have paid it anyway…)

“How cute! A little Winged Victory paperweight!”

Speaking of washed out, the feve is really washed out in this shot. 😦

Anyway, I did photograph one other feve…ironically, because I was planning on using it in April A-to-Z, only then I changed my mind about what to use for “P” and ended up not using it after all:

(There was this whole series of “Babylonian” ones, and I couldn’t resist getting the sets with this guy, Gilgamesh, and the lamassu…)  I had planned on using it in my April A-to-Z because my theme is mythological figures used by the Megami Tensei super-series of video games, and then covering the original myths, and I had planned on doing Pazuzu for “P”:

Image copyright Atlus, but provided by the MegaTen Wiki. Click for link.

You can see why I wanted to show off the feve! 😀

Anyway, as the Sailor Moon example proves, the feves aren’t all based on ancient cultures…though all the ones I ended up buying were.  *cough*  Even though the Hermes with the Infant Dionysos is hardly worthy of Praxiteles’ original.  (But I couldn’t resist it!  I love that statue.  I’d love to see the real thing someday…)  They’re a bit small for Blythe and Pullip, for the most part (depending on what the feve represents), but they’re dollhouse perfect. 🙂  I’m probably going to be using them for little mini-rewards to myself for getting things done… 😉


Liberty of London and Kimport

Before I get to the actual post, I have to apologize, twice.  First, I apologize for my prolonged silence.  It’s been crazy here (I’m doing both April CampNaNo and April A-to-Z on my other blog) and I’ve been having worse trouble sleeping than ever.  Plus I have real trouble getting photos taken.  None of that excuses my silence; I just wanted to explain.  And second, I apologize for how late this post is, because I promised it would come immediately after my Wonder Woman Nendoroid post, and yet here it is almost a month later, and I’m only just now posting it.

Thing is, if I’d gone on my intended schedule at that time, I’d have ended up posting this on the 17th, and I didn’t want to post this guy’s photo on St. Patrick’s Day…

Yup. 🙂  This is a Liberty of London doll.  The dolls were made by a pair of sisters, using fabric from the department store of the same name, and often selling the dolls through them as well.  (At least, I think that was what the story behind these dolls was…)  The dolls were made from the 1930s to the 1960s, if I recall correctly.  (They did coronation sets both for Queen Elizabeth and her father.  The QEII set is pretty common (and massive), but her father’s set is more rare.) Continue reading

Blind Box Monday

You may (or may not) be familiar with Gudetama, the lazy egg, Sanrio’s latest big hit character.  (Well, most recent I’m aware of…which isn’t saying much, since I don’t really follow Sanrio as a company.)  Gudetama goods are all over the place lately, including some blind box stuff…

This guy was actually in a box (as opposed to the smaller ones in blind bags) and wasn’t the one on the side of the box I most wanted (I think that was the one sitting there wearing part of an eggshell as a hat), but it was cute enough.  🙂  And the egg white glows in the dark…which is alarming, actually.  (I mean, what kind of egg did he hatch from?  Was it laid by a radioactive chicken?)

There’s one big problem with this cute little guy, though.  The yolky little guy and the white aren’t connected, and somehow, no matter where I leave him, I always seem to end up with this view…

And that always leaves me going “Why am I looking at egg butt?!”

Not to mention the more basic (and puzzling) question “How can an egg have a butt?!”

(I apologize for that, um, “humor.”  But earlier today my brother quoted the line “I’m looking at crawdad butts!” and that made me remember I hadn’t posted this yet, so…)

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

I apologize for the text-only post, but I can’t hold this back.  I’m just so disappointed.

Lately, it’s seemed like Mattel was really working to repair Barbie’s bad reputation.  They introduced new body types that were less sexualized and slightly more realistic.  They just announced three new dolls in the Sheroes line, two whose appearance had utterly nothing to do with their success and importance (Katherine Johnson and Amelia Earhart), and one whose appearance only impacted on her career in so far as she painted a lot of self-portraits (Frida Kahlo).

Things were looking up.

And then…they collapsed back down again.

Today during my lunch break, I saw a post about how Mattel has whored Barbie out to a cosmetics corporation to flog their product.  Seriously, Mattel, think before you act!  This is exactly the kind of crap that gave Barbie a bad rep in the first place!

At least they had the sense to see to it that they wouldn’t be put on sale in the US, but still!  This is the age of the internet, so it’s not like American consumers won’t find out about it.  People will find out about it, and then there will be even more of those online “essays” about the evils of Barbie, trying to make me feel like I’m a traitor against womankind for buying the occasional Barbie.

I’ve never been bothered by the random announcements of clothing line collaborations, since Barbie’s always been something of a clothes horse, but make-up?  Really?  How shallow can you get?!  Why is make-up even still a thing?  It’s not as though normal people on the street need or should use it.  It’s a necessary evil for performers on stage or film, but regular people?  It serves no purpose!


I could — and kind of want to — go off on a very long rant about the pointlessness of make-up and how terrible it is that people are still pushing make-up at little girls, but since the thing that prompted this is make-up for adults, I’ll hold off on that one.

I just…I am really ticked off about this.  Maybe that’s irrational, but I can’t help it.

Blind Box Monday

In which I pretend I didn’t totally fail to get that other post up last week.


This is probably the most obscure blind box — rather, blind bag — product I’ve yet posted about.  (Rather, that I will ever post about.)  As you can see at the top, this is a tie-in for the game Persona 2 Innocent Sin.  As opposed to the game Persona 2 Eternal Punishment.  And yes, Persona 2 is in the same series as games like Persona 3, Persona 4 and Persona 5 (the latter of which I still haven’t played, so please don’t say anything about it, ’cause I don’t want it spoiled for me!), but Persona 2 (both versions) originally came out on the original Playstation, sometime around 1999.  (Okay, technically, I think Innocent Sin was 1998, and Eternal Punishment was 1999, but since Innocent Sin didn’t come to the US on the Playstation, it’s hard to keep its date straight in my mind.)  Anyway, the PS2 (and byeond) Persona games don’t have much in the way of commonalities (beyond the Persona system, the designs of the Personae, and (of course!) Igor and the Velvet Room) with the PS1 games (apart from some throw-away references in Persona 3 that both referred to the characters as existing and being the wrong age, and others that made them fictional), whereas both Persona 2 games were direct sequels to the first Persona game, and featured appearances from the original characters.  (Not so much like how Persona 4 had a sequence where the cast visited the high school from Persona 3 and met a few of the younger, more minor characters.  The appearances of original Persona characters in Persona 2 were more organic, and a more important part of the story; in Innocent Sin, one of the original characters is the photo–no, wait, that’s in Eternal Punishment, or–um, okay, see, the thing is, Eternal Punishment is half-sequel, half-fix-it-fic for Innocent Sin, so it’s hard to keep straight some of what happened in one and in the other.  But one of the original characters works as the photographer for reporter Maya, the player character of Eternal Punishment and one of the love interests for player character Tatsuya in Innocent Sin.)

*deep breath*

Sorry about that nonsense.  Back to this blind bag.  It’s a cell phone charm (or something) based not on the original Playstation version of the game, but the PSP remake, which was brought over here.  (Ironically, Atlus declined to bring over the PSP remake of Eternal Punishment.  So if you want to play both, you have to switch consoles…and switch to a translation more than ten years older, and rather, um, lacking.  I mean, I’ve seen worse PS1 translations, but it wasn’t up to the same standards as the remake’s translation.  (For one thing, in the remakes, the translation department made sure they were spelling proper names correctly in the descriptions of the origin of the various myths used for the Personae.)


Moving on…

My best result would have been Jun (who isn’t even shown on the front of the bag), but this was good, too. 🙂  This is Eikichi, or –as he wants to be called — Michel.  (As in the French version of Michael.  Not as in Michelle, which I’ve seen at least one fan-translation of the PS1 game call him.)  Eikichi is the lead of a band, and he’s wonderfully funny.  He views Tatsuya as his rival, and Tatsuya basically ignores that he exists.  (Or not; Tatsuya is a silent character in this game, so it’s hard to interpret his relationships with other characters.  Then in Eternal Punishment he starts talking, ’cause he’s no longer the lead, and you wish he wouldn’t.  Or maybe that’s just me.  (Because Maya absolutely should have picked Katsuya!  He was awesome and completely perfect for her!  I am intractable on this point.))  I’m not sure how well you can see it in the photo of the cover of the bag, but Eikichi’s skin looks super-pale, because he wears make-up to look more pale than he is.  Because he’s going for a sort of semi-goth Visual Kei thing.  And probably failing pretty badly, because he is, after all, Eikichi.  ;p

Anyway, you noticed the blonde girl on the bag?  That’s Lisa Silverman (or Ginko as Eikchi calls her), and I have a statue of her that I found at one point and I couldn’t resist picking it up because MegaTen merch that’s from a game other than Persona 3 or Persona 4 is so rare.  (Well, and now Persona 5.)  I posted a picture of it back during that first April A-to-Z.  (Still not sure if I’ll be doing April A-to-Z this year…but probably not, between April’s CampNaNo session and doing April A-to-Z on my other blog.  Which is why I wanted to post this today, btw, because today’s the theme reveal, and my theme is connected to the MegaTen games.)  I also posted a couple of blind box figures — Half Age figures for two of the Persona 4 characters — along with it.  I’m pretty sure I have more Persona-series cell phone charm blind bag things, too (another from Innocent Sin and one from Persona 4) but I apparently haven’t photographed them.  I thought I’d included them with the Lisa statuette, but it seems not.

Wonder Woman Nendoroid

I had to pre-order this Nendoroid as soon as I first found out about it.  Because Wonder.  Woman.  Nendoroid.

Of course, since it was a pre-order, there was nothing else being shipped in the package, and it was a smaller package.  Which apparently was a bad thing, because when I went to the post office to pick up the package (it came while I was at work on Wednesday), when the person behind the counter moved aside to look for it, I was able to see this on the shelves:

Without even thinking, I immediately said something along the lines of “Oh god, it’s been crushed!”  The postal worker ignored that, and sounded angry at me when I tried to direct her to where the package was located, even after I said “It’s the one with amiami written on the side.”  Because, you know, obviously I couldn’t know what my own package looked like.  Because of course no store or online distributor ever put their logo on the side of a box.  (In all the times I’ve had to pick up packages there, I’ve never once seen another package from AmiAmi or Mandarake there, so I think it’s perfectly reasonable of me to have assumed this package was mine.  Especially since I was expecting a package from them.)

Love the damage to the side obscuring the “Please Handle with Care” label.

She also insisted that the damage had to have been done before the package entered the country.  I’ve never had a package from Japan arrive in this condition before…but I’ve had domestic packages arrive in similar conditions.

Fortunately, the cardboard box absorbed nearly all the damage; there’s just a bit of a dent/crease on the Nendo box.  So I don’t have to try to get one or the other postal services to honor the insurance I paid for as part of the shipping cost.  (Ordinarily, this would seem like a good reason to say “screw this” and pay the extra money to use DHL so that my packages from Japan wouldn’t be in the hands of the USPS, except once a DHL delivery truck almost killed me, and I hold a grudge.)

Unlike every other Nendo I’ve ever seen, Wonder Woman has articulated knees and elbows! 😀  (Please forgive the photos in this post, btw.  After I picked up the package, I went to my brother’s place instead of back home.  Partially because I wanted moral support in case it turned out my new Nendo had been damaged, and partially because the people across the street are having construction done, and one of the vehicles of the construction company is parked behind my driveway, making it really hard to get in and out of my driveway, and I couldn’t face it yet.  Anyway, because of that, I was using my brother’s camera at his place, and it’s either not a very good camera and/or I don’t have any clue how to use it, plus the lighting wasn’t very good, so all the photos are kind of blurry.  But they at least get the idea across.  At some point I’ll get my various Wonder Woman dolls assembled and do a proper post on Wonder Woman…)

Of course, she comes with her sword and shield. 🙂  Thankfully, she’s a tie-in with Wonder Woman, not Justice League, so she has the more attractive sword. 😉  (Not that you can tell that from this terrible photo…)

She also comes with her Lasso of Truth! 😀  I love that they went ahead and incorporated that, despite how it’s a bit silly.  (They must have snuck that past the Warner’s executives…)  Unfortunately, I forgot to take the lasso off her belt for this photo, though.  😛

Bullet deflection time! 😀  I love that they included this part for the Nendo.

(Also, is it wrong that I totally want a Nendoroid of the Lynda Carter version of Wonder Woman now?)

This…happened a lot.  For whatever reason, that arm does not like staying on.  😦  I think it was that her hair kept knocking into it…

So, I hung out at my brother’s place for a while after I finished taking the pictures, and rather than just putting Wonder Woman back in her box, I set her up with this statuette of Alena (Dragon Quest IV) attacking a teeny-tiny King Slime.  😛  Unfortunately, the flash totally washed out everything. 😦

Anyway, I’m hoping to post again soon (er, aside from the regular Monday posts), because I got another doll in today, who I was wanting to post about right away.  But Wonder Woman arrived first (even if it took a day before I could get my hands on her), so I wanted to post about her before about my “new” doll.  (“New” in quotes because said doll is newly mine, but older than I am. 😛 )