Puppy Love

These two were so cute together in Season 3!  And they were definitely acting like burgeoning childhood sweethearts.

These little figurines are what seems to be called “desktop figurines” that are intended to interact with everyday objects on the space of your desk.  So Chibi Moon is supposed to be on the edge of a glass, while Saturn would be sitting on a book or a computer monitor, or whatever.   I got them in a set of 5, but I haven’t assembled the fifth one yet.  (The other two you’ll be seeing later on.)

Is it just me, or is Saturn one of the most under-merchandised characters on the show?  I’ve come across very little of her, and her SHFigurarts’ price has already skyrocketed to somewhere in the neighborhood of $95.  (Even more expensive than Jupiter!)  Makes me want to pick up the Dal version even more, but then I’d want to have someone customize a Yeolume into Chibi Moon.  (I can’t help it; she needs to be smaller than Dal!)


Orbee Americana

Yeah, lame, I know.  I just can’t seem to get any pictures taken these days.  (Also, I’ve been doing July CampNaNo, and spending huge amounts of time writing for the last four days, which hasn’t helped me catch up on blogging any. :P)  If I’d had the pictures taken, I could have done an “Unfair Comparison” between the Pullip and DC Superhero Girls Wonder Woman dolls.  (Though maybe that should wait until the Barbie version with the Made-to-Move style joints becomes cheap enough so I could add her to the mix.  Her outfit needs to be repainted with, you know, color, so I don’t wanna pay anywhere near full price…)

I’m going to to try to get those Figma photos taken in the coming week.  On top of the Attack on Titan pictures I need to take, I got a new Figma in the mail on Saturday, and I’m looking forward to getting her out of the box. 😀

(BTW, the date on this photo and the date on the previous photo I’d taken are precisely one month apart.  That’s kind of scary.)


I came across Yvonne rather inadvertently.  I was searching on Kickstarter to see if there were any dolls or toys being Kickstarted, and found a line of action figures that didn’t entirely interest me, but I was curious what else the manufacturers (Zica Toys) had made.  That led to going to the Web site, where I found a picture of Yvonne, but they were out of stock in their own store.  But I was able to follow a link in the comments to another site that still had some in stock.  I bookmarked the site and said “maybe at some point” because she looked pretty interesting, but I didn’t feel the need right that second.

Obviously, I did eventually order her, though. 😛

This is what she looked like when she arrived:

Yvonne 1

No fancy packaging here! 😛 Continue reading

Xenosaga, Episode I

Yup, another video game themed post.  But no screen shots this time. 😛

Xenosaga 1

I’ve been wanting to pick up some KOS-MOS merchandise ever since I found out there was such merchandise, but it’s hard to find any that I find appealing.  Because the visual aesthetic in Xenosaga Episode I was entirely different from the aesthetic in the other two games.  And since the first one is the one that’s actually good, I wanted one that matched the original, more anime-like aesthetic.  (Okay, to be fair, Episode II is still a pretty decent game.  Not great, like Episode I, but decent.  It’s Episode III that’s horrible.  Seriously, having both played the game given the subtitle Also Sprach Zarathustra and read the original book by Nietzsche, I can without question say that you will absolutely be served better to read the book.  Sure, it won’t tell you how the story of the first two games ends, but you can make something up that’ll be better than what Namco came up with.  (It really shows that they fired the series creator during Episode II…)  More importantly, the book is actually entertaining, and it will take far less time.)  The one exception to my “only Episode I merchandise” policy for KOS-MOS is that I would totally love to have the Dollfie Dream of her, even though that’s from the horrible Episode III.  (But I’d still rather have the Dollfie Dream of Miku…though any talk of Dollfie Dreams is just idle, because I cannot afford to spend roughly a thousand dollars on a single doll.)

Xenosaga 2

Here’s the back of the package, which helpfully shows how you can use/attach some of the pieces she comes with.  I call this “helpful” because it lets me know what it would look like, as I don’t intend to open her. 😛  Anyway, interesting thing about this figure:  as far as I could tell from the Mandarake page (of course that’s where I got her! 😛 ) she would seem to have been a pre-order bonus for the original game.  I am so jealous of that!  You know what I got for pre-ordering the first game?


There was a pre-order bonus for the second game, though:

Xenosaga 4

That’s a DVD containing all the CG cutscenes from the first episode.  With the wonderful-yet-unfair feature of being able to select the original Japanese language.  “Unfair,” of course, because the games themselves don’t have that option.  So if you watch the DVD in the original, and get used to what the characters are supposed to sound like, then you’re crushed by returning to the game and being forced back into the English voices.  (Though, honestly, the dub isn’t that bad.  It’s…okay, actually, I haven’t revisited any of the games since being disgusted by the final one (first major RPG I ever sold back immediately on completing it) but I recall it being serviceable.  Certainly there were no characters whose voices made me want to stab myself in the eardrums, and I can’t say that about all dubbed games…)


Okay, this post seems to have devolved into me soap-boxing my views on certain subjects, when it’s supposed to be about the figure.  So I’ll just shut up now, and present one last photo:

Xenosaga 3

Not the greatest sculpt in the world, but I’ve seen worse.  (Okay, yes, I know I said I’d shut up!)

BTW, if you’d like to see the gallery — though the only additional photo in it is a shot with the game’s soundtrack in front of the package — it’s here.

VW Bug

Quite some time ago, I was at a Chinese restaurant that I really like, and at the end of the meal, my fortune cookie had a message that said something like “Something on four wheels will be a fun investment for you in the near future.”

I chuckled at it — I’d just gotten a new car a few months earlier, so there was no fear of me needing another one! — but stashed it away in my sunglasses case as being amusingly interesting.  I certainly didn’t plan on buying anything with four wheels…

VW 1

But then I saw this at the grocery store about a month later.  It’s five inches long, and the doors open.  And it was really cheap. 😛  More importantly, it’s a pink, classic VW bug, covered with hippie stickers!  How could I resist?!

VW 2

About a month or so later, the grocery store had this one on that same little shelf of goodness-only-knows-why-they’re-selling-these-here toy cars.  It’s not as cute as the bug, and only the door to the back seat opens, but…well, I did mention that they’re cheap, right?  (Seriously, the two of them combined were less than most Monster High dolls.)

Of course, I really have to fault these cars on one thing:  their editors missed a major error in the text.  The correct way to say that is…actually, can you help me out with this, Vash?

VW 5

Thank you, Mr. the Stampede.

Anyway, on a (kind of?) related note…

VW 4

Yup.  A hippie Breyer horse.  I couldn’t resist this, either.  (Yeah, part of me was really meant to have lived in the 1960s….but the rest of me is probably glad I didn’t, since I do kind of like me my high-tech toys. 😛  I’d enjoy visiting them, though.  If only that were possible…)

Y’know, I probably could have done this post for “H” and picked something else for “V”…


Terraria 1

Yes, today I’m just going to show you photos of my PSVita.

No, just kidding! 😛

Terraria 5

Terraria is one of those games that goes in fits and spurts for me.  I’ll play obsessively for a time, and then sort of let it slide for a while, and then play obsessively again and…that’d be a better thing, mind you, if I only had it on one system and therefore didn’t have to keep starting over again.  But I haven’t really been able to use my PS3 (or my television, for that matter) in a long time, so I ended up double dipping and getting it on the Vita…but that meant starting over…

Anyway, even though you’re encouraged to play on mulitplayer at all times (or at least often), I’ve never done so even once.  I don’t trust people, and besides I think some of my world design jokes would be misinterpreted:

Terraria 4
Share and enjoy! Share and enjoy!

Anyway, I’ve picked up a number of the Terraria toys, ’cause that’s what I do. :p

Corrupt Rabbit

I think this one’s my favorite.  A plush, 8-bit zombie rabbit.  What’s not to love about that?  (Well, okay, it’s not exactly a zombie, per se, but…yeah, it’s basically a zombie.)

Crying at all is not allowed,  not in my igloo on a cloud!
Crying at all is not allowed, not in my igloo on a cloud!

I’m not sure corrupt rabbits even show up in the console version or if they’re a mobile exclusive…but so far I haven’t found any to capture and put in my menagerie. 😛

Terraria 6

After eyeing this set at stores for months and feeling like it wasn’t quite worth the MRSP, then I found it for about half that on Amazon.

Terraria 7

They’re Monty Python fans! 😀

Terraria 8

Uh…yeah.  I’m not sure what I think of the idea of a comic book adaptation of something like Terraria.  (The art is certainly inappropriate, given what the game graphics look like!)  So why did I get it, then?

Terraria 9

It comes with the Dryad!  In all her Terra-like glory!  (Though I don’t think I’ve ever had one spawn whose name was Terra.  Though I did feel especially lucky when I had one spawn with the name Chryseis…)  Well, okay, technically she’s not all that much like Terra, since she’s wearing a green two-piece thing instead of a red one-piece, but…yeah, every time I see her my mind goes “Terra!”  Because FFVI rules.

Terraria 2

So, one last gratuitous game shot.  (Because I had it.  Because I had to wait around for the sun to come up so I could get that one shot I actually felt like I needed.)  This is my current pad in-game.  It’ll change, grow, and get a lot more chests. 😛  Also, don’t anyone knock my Mad Hatter hat!  I can have my yuki-onna wear a Mad Hatter hat if I want to!  I created a free world where that’s totally okay!  (Yes, I am adamant about this.  Why do you ask?)

Ooookay, I think I’m getting a bit unhinged.  I’ll just sign off for now.

(BTW, “T”!  April A-to-Z nears completion, and I’m still on track!  Yay!)