Not quite what I intended…

These didn’t quite work the way I wanted, so they’re being slammed into the same post. ūüėõ ¬†(Don’t worry, the last post of the month will make up for it. ūüėČ )

Haruka: Well, don’t you look lovely, koneko-chan?
Catra: Mrr? (trans: I’m not familiar with the kind of thing I’m seeing here.)
Michiru: *giggle*

Given that Haruka tends to call girls she’s flirting with “kitten”, how could I resist having her flirt with Catra? ¬†But She-ra dolls don’t pose very well (especially if you want them to not fall over) and writing flirtatious dialog is not a skill I possess. ¬†Still…I like the idea…

The intention here was a post called “Unrequited”…

The idea was that Yuffie was hugging Tifa from behind, with the general message that she didn’t need Tifa to return her love, as long as Tifa understood that she¬†was¬†loved…and that she had an alternative to the spiky-haired jerk. ¬†Not that there’s anything in the game to suggest Yuffie is lesbian or bi, but there really isn’t much in the original game to say that she¬†isn’t, either. ¬†(Dirge of Cerberus, of course, is another story entirely. ¬†And a different¬†Yuffie entirely, having changed from Tezuka’s Dororo to¬†Slayers‘ Amelia.) ¬†In any case, though I generally like the canon (and semi-canon) hetero pairings for these two, I also have a soft spot for pairing them with each other. ¬†(After all, Cloud’s pretty dull apart from his hair. ¬†Tifa can do better.)

Anyway, the problem here is that the original Play Arts figures don’t actually pose very well. ¬†(And although I¬†do have a Play Arts Kai of Yuffie, I don’t have one of Tifa. ¬†And they’re a totally different scale, so I can’t use one of each ¬†Probably wouldn’t help the basic problem that Tifa’s rigid hair was completely and utterly in the way of the pose, in any case.) ¬†So I couldn’t put them in a pose anywhere near what I had visualized. ¬†Different angles helped a little, but not really enough…

This one looks like Yuffie’s offering her a tissue. ¬†(It also makes it very evident that they didn’t scale these properly. ¬†This Yuffie is much too close to Tifa in height.)

This one is awkward, because the eye reads the image as if the hand Tifa’s holding in front of her face is actually Yuffie’s hand. ¬†Also, maybe it’s just me, but something about the profile of Tifa’s breast seems lewd here…

…though that’s nothing compared to the front view of her breasts! ¬†Ugh. ¬†They should have been slightly less faithful to the original character design there. ¬†(They should also have made her skirt longer. ¬†Like with the Sailor Senshi, it’s hard to¬†avoid panty shots. ¬†Only in Tifa’s case they actually¬†are panties, rather than the lower section of leotards.) ¬†As a romantic shot, this one works best, but it looks more mutual than unrequited, so it’s still sort of a failure.


Comfy? Ver. 2

I couldn’t exactly mirror the mini-figure pose, because SHFigurarts’ knees aren’t double jointed, so Haruka can’t kneel.



…the worst part is that somehow no matter how hard I tried, this still ended up looking like Michiru’s dying in Haruka’s arms. ¬†Which I suppose isn’t¬†too big a deal considering the show’s tendency to kill off the entire bleeding cast and then revive them at the end of almost every season, but…

I think the main problem is that due to her hair, Michiru couldn’t have her head actually resting in Haruka’s lap, so it’s less a lap-lying scene and more of a…um…just a…scene?

What’s that?

“What’s that, Michiru?”
“Shh, you’ll wake him…”


Yeah…that was random, I know.

I have no idea what that little fox thing is, either. ¬†(I mean, other than some kind of kitsune spirit.) ¬†He’s a blind box figure from something I don’t know. ¬†But they had him at the anime store, and he was too cute to pass up. ūüôā ¬†I think he’s from that online game that the new Isul is a tie-in for.


Holding Hands

And now you know why I wanted to rush that Princess of Power post through before June: ¬†I wanted to photograph Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune in the Crystal Castle. ¬†Because seriously! ¬†Isn’t it a perfect set for them? ¬†(After all, isn’t the future Tokyo called Crystal Tokyo?)

There are, of course, more photos coming. ¬†Though not quite as many as I wanted to take. ¬†I’ll have to do another photo session after I do some actual planning. ¬†(I was kind of winging it…) ¬†I need to plan how to best use some of the alternate faces and hands. ¬†(Though one of the faces Haruka came with isn’t even hers! ¬†That one’ll be harder to find a good excuse for…)



Technically, that piece that’s two clasped hands is supposed to be used to have Michiru hold her own hands clasped in front of her. ¬†But I’d seen promotional photos of the Figmas of Tomoyo-chan and Sakura holding hands by way of Tomoyo-chan’s clasped hand piece, so I figured if it worked there, it should work here, too. ¬†(Not that I’ve tried that with my own Tomoyo-chan and Sakura yet…) ¬†It doesn’t really work, though. ūüė¶ ¬†I mean, it looks sort of okay in the photo, but the hands kept detaching from one or the other of them, and made posing them almost impossible. ¬†I wanted a more complex pose, but I quickly got too frustrated, and went with this simple one instead.

Also, sorry for the slight up skirt on them. ¬†Those freakin’ things are too short! ¬†If they were cloth, gravity would prevent at least¬†some¬†of the panty shots, but unfortunately… ¬†(Okay, I know they’re not¬†technically panties, because they’re sort of wearing leotards, but…) ¬†Well, at least it’ll be easier to avoid panty shots with dolls.

Sailor Senshi (+ a Comparison)

I’ve been meaning to get these photos taken for a while now, but I’ve been sick. ¬†However, on learning that today is the 236th anniversary of the discovery of the planet Uranus, I realized it just¬†had to be today.

Over…what’s it been, two years? ¬†Well, however long it’s been, as you likely know, Groove’s put out a large number of¬†Sailor Moon Pullip dolls. ¬†And the more they put out, the more I got irritated that I didn’t really know the franchise, so I didn’t know if I wanted the dolls. ¬†(Though obviously, getting them would be a bad idea all around, because I don’t have all the money in the world, and I have already run out of space in this house.) ¬†I kept saying to myself “gee, maybe I should actually watch that show someday.”

Yes, you heard me right. ¬†I’d never seen¬†Sailor Moon before. ¬†Because it came to America at just the wrong time, you know? ¬†I was getting into anime by that point, but I’ve always been a “subtitle only” type of gal. ¬†(Though I’ll make the occasional exception in the case of theatrical Studio Ghibli releases.) ¬†And it was so much a “for kids” production (and I was in my 20s), and it sounded so stupid, and blah blah blah. ¬†So, fast-forward to present day. ¬†One day last year, I went into the used everything store I like to go to, and in one of their toy cases I see three dolls on the top shelf:

Two of them were super-cheap ($9.99 if you can believe it!) and the third was ridiculously not-cheap (I think she was $35.99!) but there they were, and certainly cheaper than the Pullip versions!  Well, one of their sale weekends (when used toys are 33% off) rolled around, and I decided to go ahead and chance it on the cheap ones, because they were so very affordable.

But that left me with two dolls of characters I knew nothing about. ¬†I mean, from the Pullip releases, I knew they were Sailor Neptune and Black Lady, but that was all I knew. ¬†(Well, okay, I knew a little more than that: ¬†I knew what Black Lady’s deal was (sort of) and I knew that Sailor Neptune was half of the lesbian couple that the dub tried to claim were “cousins.”) ¬†So I decided it was high time that I finally watched¬†Sailor Moon. ¬†But the show’s not on Netflix, and trying to buy the DVDs of the whole show was gonna be nuts. ¬†Then my co-worker let me know the show is on Hulu (subtitled, thank God!) so I signed up for that service, and started watching.

And to my surprise, I was really digging it. ¬†I mean, yes, it’s silly and juvenile, but there’s a charm to it. ¬†And the first season had a very¬†Ranma 1/2 feeling to the animation, and especially to the opening credits. ¬†(The fact that Makoto is definitely an escaped¬†Ranma character absolutely added to that feeling, of course. ¬†I so want the SHFigurarts of Sailor Jupiter so she can interact with my SHFigurarts of Ranma-chan…but she’s so freakin’ expensive!)

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miWorld Sweet Factory

This is the last of my big April purchases to post about, at last. ¬†(Though I’ve got some stuff from May to post about already, surprisingly enough. ¬†Argh, I need to stop spending money! ¬†Someone take away my credit cards! ¬†And my PayPal!)


Anyway, so this one isn’t so much a big purchase as a lot of photos of a mid-level purchase. ¬†As is typical of me, I came in a little bit late on the miWorld line; by the time I decided I wanted to get one, some of the ones I really wanted were getting hard to find. ¬†I eventually managed the find the Sweet Factory, and I loved it, so I went ahead and bought the Karaoke Parlor (because Figma fits the scale perfectly, and I have Figma from two different anime that actually features the characters going out for karaoke after school) but it’s a three-size, so I need a one-size if I’m going to set them up on top of each other, only now I can’t find the pizza parlor, which is the one I wanted. ¬†So I haven’t actually opened the Karaoke Parlor yet. ¬†And, actually, there are still lots more photos I want to take in this set, but…yeah, I’ll just post ’em later.

Of course, the first thing I had to do was to assemble the set, which took some doing, because the walls didn’t want to plug into the floor at first, and a lot of the stickers didn’t like me. ¬†More importantly, one of the bags inside the box had popped a seam, and little plastic pieces of candy went flying everywhere when I opened the box. ¬†There’s still at least one lollipop missing. ūüė¶

Then, of course, I had to test to see how many¬†different dolls and figures that would fit the scale! ¬†There were a surprising number of them. ¬†(Probably because it’s actually the standard dollhouse scale.) ¬†But I had other stuff I needed to be doing, so at that time I only took pictures of one figure/set combo:

Eliabeth's gift thumb
Elizabeth has a gift for you….and you’d better accept it!

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