I’ve been silent for a long time when I expected to be, well, not silent.  There’s a reason for that, but I’m not ready to talk about it yet.  :<

So instead, here’s a (quite overdue) post on the completion of my Kobato figurine.

Earlier, you saw her (in small form) in this group shot:

The empty cage she’s holding is one I got at Michael’s, to fill in the gap.  Oh, btw, the original figure (which I’ve learned is Kotobukiya!) was based on this illustration:

I don’t remember how much I said about this figurine when I posted that earlier photo (I know I mentioned her at least briefly) and I’m too lazy to go back and look 😛 so I’ll just give the backstory now, and if I’m repeating myself, I apologize.  As I know I’ve mentioned before, there’s one anime store in my entire town (well, only one anime-specific store; there are several others that sell anime merchandise in addition to other stuff) and they sell used items as well as new ones.  So, the last time I was in there before they moved to their new (and inconvenient) location, I noticed they had Kobato-chan there in the case of used bishojo figurines.  Like Wish (to which it’s kinda-sorta a sequel), I found the ending of Kobato a bit disappointing, but not enough so to sour me on the manga as a whole, in large part because I loved the characters so much.  (CLAMP is good at that, after all.  Well, technically, they’re good at pretty much the whole storytelling package…)

Anyway, when I was buying the figurine (because CLAMP merchandise is scarce, particularly on this side of the Pacific), the store’s owner mentioned to me all the pieces she was missing:  the cage, the little “stuffed dog” in the cage, and her umbrella.  I figured a cage shouldn’t be too hard to find, and I was sure the parasol could be replaced with one of those little umbrella-drink umbrellas, but I knew Ioryogi-san was going to be harder to replace. Continue reading


More than Friends?

I found these two at the local anime store a while back, and I finally started watching the anime of K-On!! earlier this month.   (I’ve read the manga, but considering it’s about a band, it seemed sort of silly not to have heard it, too.)  I wasn’t sure how the anime was going to deal with the implied possible romantic relationships in the manga, especially given that one of the other character seemed to be actively shipping them.  To my surprise (and delight) they didn’t change the way the characters in the ships acted, they just made Mugi even more obviously interested in seeing them as couples.

Of course, who could see Ritsu and Mio together and not think they were (or at least ought to be) involved?

It’s hard to make two non-poseable figurines look like they’re interacting, though. 😦  At least I was sort of able to make both of them use Mio’s stand.  I took a couple of other angles, but I think this one worked out best.  (The other two will be in the gallery at the end of the month.)


The Oh My Goddess version of the Norns, of course. 😛

Norn 1

I think this was tying in to the movie.  I’m not sure; she’s sort of been fallen over on the back of a shelf for years.

As you might guess, I’m not actually all that big a Belldandy fan.

(Actually, on the whole, I prefer Adventures of the Mini-Goddesses to Oh My Goddess altogether.  Lighter, fluffier comedy, without the romantic melodrama.  If I could find toys of the mini-goddesses versions of these characters, I would so be all over them.)

Norn 6

I’m showing these figures in the order in which I got them.  (Which it turns out is also alphabetical order, so long as you’re calling the middle goddess Belldandy instead of Verdandi.)  Skuld here is my favorite of the trio, character-wise.  She’s totally adorable, and makes all kinds of crazy inventions. 😀  (That being the case, I’m sure she’s fine with leaning against this Project MC² stand to stay up. 😛  The down side of getting used figurines like this is that often you don’t get their stands, or anything even close to useful as a stand.)

Norn 7

Technically, I also got one of her robotic creations along with her, but…he’s missing some pieces or something.  😦

Norn 2

I got Urd here quite recently.  Skuld came from the main used store where I score a lot of my neat loot, but Urd came from the anime store where I have some stuff on consignment.  She still didn’t have a stand though. 😦

Norn 3

A close-up to try and show her face a bit.  Urd’s also a lot of fun, because while she looks all sexy and mature, she’s also kind of a drunkard and horribly bad-tempered.

Um…that sounds worse than it is.  And actually that’s mostly her Mini-Goddesses personality I’m describing.  She’s really funny, in any case, which is what makes her likable.  (Actually, I think that’s why Belldandy doesn’t do much for me:  she’s not funny like her sisters.  There’s a reason I don’t actually like the “romantic comedy” genre…)

Yeah, “N is for Norns” was pretty short, huh?  (The gallery has a few more shots of Urd and Skuld, for whatever that’s worth.)

Well, they can’t all be winners!  (And I’d be exhausted if they all matched up to “M is for Mulan“!)  Tomorrow’s — er, Monday’s, rather — is also going to be short.  I’ll just confess that right now.

Shin Megami Tensei figurines

This is mostly about the figurines I got from Mandarake, but I’m going to start with the Persona 4 figurine of Yosuke that I got from AmiAmi.  (The combination of me, credit cards and the Internet is a dangerous one for my bank account, clearly…)

Hanamura Yosuke
Yosuke Hanamura

Persona 4 is one of those rare games where I genuinely love the whole cast of player characters.  Most RPGs have at least one character I don’t like, but I love all of the party members in Persona 4, and a lot of the NPCs, too.  Yosuke fills very much the same role as Junpei in Persona 3 — the comedic character who quickly latches on to the hero as his new best friend — but he manages to be a deeper and more nuanced character than Junpei did.  (Don’t get me wrong:  I liked Junpei.  But he does feel less than fully fleshed out.)

Yosuke 5

I think the look on his face here sums up Yosuke’s usual personality pretty well. 🙂  I was surprised to hear his voice when I first started playing Persona 4 the Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena, however.  I knew Shotaro Morikubo had done his voice — I think I saw that in the author’s comment on a scanslated doujinshi? — so I kind of went in expecting him to sound, well, like Orphen.  ‘Cause a lot of Morikubo’s characters sound that way.  Instead, he had a lighter voice (very fitting for the character) that sounded more genuinely teenage than what I was expecting.  I, uh, still haven’t played the second half yet.  (I can’t help it; I’m not much of a fan of fighting games.  Besides, the explanation I came up with tied back to the PS1 Persona games, and I just know the one in the actual game won’t do that, so I’m sort of dreading it, ’cause it won’t be as cool.)  Haven’t gotten past the first dance-off in Persona 4 Dancing All Night, either, but that’s mostly ’cause the controls are so crazy different from Project Mirai that I want to finish up with that first, rather than bouncing back and forth between them and confusing my fingers.

Continue reading

An unexpected (belated) birthday present

Yesterday, a package arrived at my house.  I wasn’t expecting anything–my only dolly order in the pipes, a 22 inch ballerina doll, is a pre-order not due to ship until mid-September–so I was understandably rather confused to be receiving a package.  (And even if it had shipped early, this package was way too small to be a nearly two foot tall doll!)  When I saw that the package was addressed to my brother, I was like “oh, he accidentally clicked the wrong address when he was making an order from Amazon.”

So I called him to tell him his package had arrived at the wrong house, and he tells me to go ahead and open it in this very mysterious kind of way, and I start getting a little suspicious.  But I was in the middle of trying to do the photo shoot for Kaiko, so I didn’t really think too much of it, and besides I was worried about how I was going to get my laundry done despite my dryer being broken (ugh) and I could draw this story out for a long time, but I’ll just cut to the chase and say that although I didn’t end up opening the package until my brother came over to pick me up to go use his dryer (and buy him lunch), it turned out that the package was, in fact, something he’d bought for me as a birthday present, only it arrived considerably after my birthday, on account of having come all the way from Japan.

Of course, I told him he shouldn’t have.

But I also didn’t say anything along the lines of “gee, you should keep her.”  Because I’ve been wanting this for a long time now. 😀  (And I totally should have taken a photo before I de-boxed her.  Didn’t even think of it, ’cause she’s a statuette instead of a doll.)

Airi Ban
Airi Ban

This is Airi Ban, one of the characters from Devil Survivor 2:  Record Breaker, the Nintendo 3DS RPG I’ve been playing for a large chunk of the summer.  (Okay, technically speaking, this supposed to be tying into the anime version, but…from what I’ve heard, the anime royally screws it up.  This, of course, does not surprise me.)  Airi is one of my favorite characters in the game, and the statuette really captures her beautifully. Continue reading

Project Diva Arcade Prize Figures

They’re usually referred to as “figures,” but they don’t move; they’re more accurately called statuettes or figurines.  They’re tie-in figures to the game Hatsune Miku Project Diva Arcade, which is, well, just what it sounds like:  an arcade game.  I presume that, like the two Project Diva games released in the US on the PS3 and PSVita, it’s a rhythm game.  (Or rather, I know it is.  But I haven’t seen gameplay footage, so I don’t know how similar it is to the games we got.  Probably very similar, I would guess.)  As to these figurines, it seems they were originally made as prizes to go in a crane game (a.k.a. a UFO catcher) or something similar.  So while they’re nicely made, they’re also relatively inexpensively made.  (Cheaper material, and less detail than some other statuettes of the same scale.  But mostly it’s just the material.)  The plus side of that is that they’re therefore cheaper than most similar items of their size.  (About 8″ tall, roughly.)

I ordered all three of them at the same time, but the one I was most looking forward to arrived last.  The other two arrived together, which is appropriate, since I kind of ship them.  (God, what an embarrassing thing to admit!)  We’ll start with the one I opened first.


It was about time I got my hands on some Meiko merchandise!  There isn’t actually very much of it, surprisingly.  Not available to the American market, anyway.  It’s pretty much this, the Nendoroid, and the Pullip, if one can still find her.  (They had her at Groove’s US website until recently, but then they put on a sale where you got a $20 credit for buying a licensed doll, and someone else bought her before I went to check out the sale.  But…I didn’t really want her.  I mean, it would have been nice to do a photo shoot with her and the Taeyang Kaito, but as I don’t have him either, that would have gotten very expensive!  I thought about using that sale to get the Dal Rin, but…I dunno, I don’t like a frowning Rin, I guess.)

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