Three Doll Kickstarters

First time trying to type since the thing with my shoulder started.  And it lasted barely more than a sentence before I had to stop, clutching my arm as it surged with pins and needles. 😦

So now I’m composing the draft text on my phone (dammit, the thing’s becoming a part of me, despite how I didn’t want to get it!) because I can do that without pain. (Okay, technically the pins and needles thing doesn’t hurt as such, but…) Then once I’ve written all the text, I’ll add the pics.

So, there are three doll Kickstarter campaigns going on right now. I’m only actually backing two of them, but I’ll get to that later.

So, we’re starting with this one, with the campaign title “IT’S TIME TO MAKE LOTS OF DOLLS”

Image copyright Fam Bam Toys. Click for link,

Their company name is Fam Bam Toys, but I’m not clear on the name of the doll line itself. There aren’t a lot of details yet, but here’s what I do know:

The line features African-American dolls who come with wigs, allowing them a wide range of hairstyles and looks. Based on the price point, I think they’re probably 1/6 scale.

Image copyright Fam Bam Toys. Click for link.

This is their prototype doll, Symone. I think she’s quite pretty, and certainly a promising start for the line, if they can meet their funding goal.

Speaking of which, to get the money, they’ll need backers to pledge $5,000 in the next 17 days (so, by July 1st), and they are currently at $621. Certainly possible, but I think the creator may not be pushing it on social media and such as strongly as she needs to. That, and the lack of details is probably scaring off potential backers. But it does sound like they’ve researched the production side of things enough to know what they’re doing; it’s just the Kickstarter side of things they didn’t research enough.

There have been other lines of play dolls to come with wigs (Moxie Teenz, some Brats, Imani), but for the most part they were one-time experiments (Fashion Queen Barbie, for example) or the wigs got abandoned later on for cheaper, simpler rooted dolls (Moxie Teenz) so it’s been a while since wigged dolls were out there for kids. (Us grown-ups get to have all the wigging fun we want with our BJDs and custom Pullips and Blythes, after all!)

Okay, moving on.

Image copyright…um…there’s no company name…well, click for link, anyway.

As the logo shows you, this one is called My CityDoll. The campaign page says she’s 14″ tall, which is a slightly odd scale; it’s smaller than American Girl dolls, but maybe that’s about the size of the AG offshoot line Wellie Wishers? It’s not really my preferred type of doll, so I don’t have much info to draw on here.

Again, this is a copyrighted image that came from the Kickstarter page. Click for link.

What I do know is that that is one adorable face! That little half-smile really gets me. 🙂 the eyes are really nice, too.

She’s all vinyl (no cloth torso here) but only has the basic shoulder and hip joints, no knees and elbows, sadly. (I have no idea if kids get as annoyed by dolls who sit with their legs just stretched out from the chair as I do…)

I’d be happier if the launch doll wasn’t a blue-eyed blonde, but the line was inspired by the campaign runner’s granddaughter, so I’m presuming said granddaughter is herself a blonde. Besides, those gorgeous eye chips make up for a lot. 😉 (And there are always wigs and reroots…)

The price point on this one is a bit steeper: $125 (plus shipping) for the non-limited edition of the doll. But as they need to get $10,000 in the next 22 days (July 5), the doll’s high price tag is necessary. (And, really, American Girl and other dolls of that type cost a ridiculous amount, so…) At the moment, they’ve been pledged $2,851, so while they’re in a stronger place than the other, their Kickstarter success is by no means certain. (As with the other, I think the dolls should be successfully manufactured, if they can just get the funds.)

All right, last one, the one I’m not backing.

No company name again, but it’s still a copyrighted image. Click for link.

This one is called “El-Lynn, a Doll With A Message of Love” and the doll is very much an American Girl-type, being 18″ tall and having a cloth torso.

And is that why I’m not backing her?

Well, no. Not really.

Is it the relatively lifeless face? (Which, of course, still makes it very AG-like.)

While that’s part of it, it’s not the main reason.

And no, it’s not that I think the campaign creator will be unable to get the doll successfully made; she seems to be pretty much on top of that situation.

So why is it?

Honestly, it’s the doll’s “message of love.” Because it’s not (just) “love of mankind” or “love in general”, but specifically “love of God.” Which is great for a lot of people, but it makes me uncomfortable. I do believe that a sentient higher power set the Big Bang in motion and engineered the laws of physics, but my personal belief is that there’s no way we puny humans could actually comprehend a being on that level, so organized religion always feels to me like it’s more about the human than the divine. Plus lately a lot of people have used religion (especially Christianity) as an excuse to do really horrible things to other people, which just leaves me squirming in discomfort whenever I see or hear someone loudly proclaiming their faith. And yes, I know that’s completely unreasonable, because the people doing the awful things are all doing things that Christianity specifically teaches that a person shouldn’t do, but…knowing that doesn’t change my discomfort.

Anyway, since my reason for not backing the campaign had nothing to do with the doll herself, I thought it would be deeply unfair if I didn’t share the campaign along with the other two. This one has the highest goal of the three, $20,000, has until the 3rd of July, and so far gas only been pledged $871. (Maybe I’m not the only one on Kickstarter who’s put off by the religious angle. Or maybe it’s the face.)

Ooookay, stopping abruptly here, because it turns out that trying to type on my phone is mind-bogglingly more time consuming, due to all the freakin’ typos caused by the teeny-tiny on-screen keyboard keys.


Wear Orange Weekend

Today and the next two days make up Wear Orange Weekend, where the idea is to wear orange (the color of visibility) for National Gun Violence Awareness Day.  In light of all the recent mass shootings, this is more important than ever this year.  But I have no desire to turn this blog political, so I’m not going any further with that.

Instead, I’m going to explain that my blog is going on a brief hiatus.  Probably not more than a week, but…it’s hard to say for sure.  And the hiatus is going to include Blind Box Mondays.

The reason for the hiatus is that I hurt my shoulder.  It’s just a strained muscle, but in order to let it heal, I need to stop doing…well, pretty much everything I usually do.  (I have no idea how I’m going to survive!)  Not supposed to type or otherwise use computers (no idea how I’ll do my job, considering it’s entirely computer-based!) and I have to go to insane lengths to be able to play any video games (my lifeline!), and even reading is going to be near impossible.  About all I can do is try and find a position that doesn’t strain my shoulder and watch TV.  Ugh.  I mean, I do have a considerable backlog of anime to watch (about five seasons’s worth of various shows purchased on DVD, not to mention countless seasons of other shows available on Crunchyroll, Netflix and Hulu), but I crave interactivity, you know?

Anyway, once I’m better, I’ll be back.  I was told to wear a sling for a week, but I can’t particularly wear it, because just wearing it hurts, and it’s too long and covers up my hand, so I can’t do anything.  (Doesn’t help that it’s my dominant hand.)

In the meantime, I’ve made an album of all my orange-wearing (and sometimes orange-haired) dolls for this weekend.  They’re just old photos that were already uploaded to my Google drive.  The whole album is here, and here are a few highlights:

(Actually, a different shot of Pyrrha in this outfit and a similar pose is in the album. Only apparently I’ve never uploaded that photo onto the blog. Go fig.)

(Actually, this one’s not on the Google drive for some reason…)

(Hmm, I didn’t see this one on the Google drive, either. Maybe I didn’t upload my pictures as fully as I thought…)

(I’m going to be wearing that Orange Blossom pin to work today, btw.)


So, what do you think about Kickstarter posts?

This is a modification of a post I just made on my other blog, but the situation is different enough that I didn’t want to just reblog it.

I’ve several times posted here to spread the word about a Kickstarter that I was worried wouldn’t make its funding, but what do people think about more frequent posts about Kickstarters I’m backing?  (Or even ones that I’m not backing but which I thought other people might be interested in?)

I’m not talking about a weekly thing, naturally.  Just a “when it seems appropriate” thing.  When it’s a doll campaign, or a non-doll toy where the campaign looks like it’s struggling to hit funding.  Or maybe an enamel pin campaign that seems apropos to the regular contents of the blog.  (Though I want to be careful about that in the future; I back a lot of fanart pin campaigns, and they seem to be getting hit with intellectual property disputes more often than they used to.  Including that one of the ones I shared on here got hit with one of those disputes pretty soon after I posted.  That’s made me paranoid about sharing fanart pin campaigns…)  Possibly also a game (board or video) if it seems more appropriate here than on my main blog.  (Like the one for a tabletop arcade cabinet with a Rainbow Brite game in it…)

See, Kickstarter campaigns are always asking their backers to spread the word on social media, but I’m not on any social media other than WordPress, so there’s not a lot I can do about it.  (Frustratingly, some of them have contests and/or special stretch goals that require their link be liked or re-thingied or whatever.  (Hey, I’ve never even used these things, I don’t know how they work!)  And I really can’t do anything about that.)  Posting about the campaigns on my blog(s) is about all I can do, but I don’t want to annoy anyone with unrelated posts that will just come off as asking for money (even though I’m not the one getting the money).

I won’t start posting about Kickstarter campaigns (outside of exceptional circumstances) without direct confirmation that people actually want to read those kind of posts.  So please, if you have an opinion one way or the other, voice it.  (Preferably within a week.)

Calling any “Revolutionary Girl Utena” Fans!

Desperate help is needed from fellow Utena fans!

There’s a Kickstarter going on right now for some really awesome enamel pins.  I’m not asking anyone to back them, though.  (Although if you like enamel pins and anime, you probably don’t want to miss these!)

From Kickstarter campaign. Click for link.

The pins are already fully funded, and they’ve unlocked the four designs shown above (in silhouette and skintone versions), which is all the campaign originally had planned.  So now there’s a vote for what the fifth and final design will be.

And this is where everyone else comes in.  The update with the poll is actually for backers only, so I can’t send you to it, which is a bit awkward.  I’ll just pass on the links contained within it, then.  The artist’s also polling on Instagram and Facebook, where I can’t vote, as I don’t have accounts with either site.

So, if anyone out there is on Instagram and Facebook and feels generous with their time, I’d like to beg them to go and vote for the Utena/Anthy pin to be the last design.

Because I totally need it.

I mean, like, to the point that as soon as I saw the first image, I thought “yeah, but if you’re doing stained glass, you should be doing Utena!”

(Yes, this has been utterly selfish and possibly a violation of the rules of the vote.  What’s your point?)

(LOL, you could also take up the grass roots plea for a Toya/Yukito design.  One person mentioned that as their true choice, and now at least two more of us have said “yup, I’d buy that.”)

‘Tis the Season….for Skeletons!

Okay, randomly, here’s another Kickstarter project.  (This one I doubt will have trouble reaching its goal.  It was just so seasonally appropriate that I had to share!)

So, just from that, it doesn’t look as seasonal.  But pay no mind to the beefy guys; they’re just stretch goals.  The main goal is this:

Fully articulated skeleton figures!  With a stretch goal of angry eyes! 😀

There’s a bit of history to the fact that I immediately backed this project.

A while back, browsing the used stuff on AmiAmi, I came across a Revoltech skeleton warrior from Jason and the Argonauts.  It was only about $20, but like an idiot, I was like “well, it’ll probably be there for ages” and decided to wait until I had something else I wanted to order.  So naturally by the time I had something else I wanted to order, it was long gone. 😦

As a big Greek mythology fan, I love the two mythologically, er, influenced movies of Ray Harryhausen.  (I’ve seen a couple of the Sinbad ones, too, one of which was good, and the other was sort of “meh.”  I can’t remember if it was the good one or the “meh” one that had Tom Baker (of all people!) as the villain.  Though naturally the effects were good in both.)  So the chance to remedy my earlier error and get a nice skeleton figure is one that made me very excited.  Of course, these guys don’t come with sword and shield, but I can probably scrounge those up easily enough.  😛

The real questions are how these compare in scale to Figma and SHFigurarts (the comparison photos on Kickstarter are decidedly Western-biased), and who to have fighting the skeleton(s).  😛  Obviously, some folks are right out:  Cardcaptor Sakura, Lucky Star and Sunshine Sketch are not manga/anime compatible with skeleton battles.  (Although I can picture Konata being suitably blasé about meeting a real, moving skeleton…)  And it wouldn’t be fair to the poor skeletons to have them meet the Attack on Titan crew.  Ranma and the Sailor Senshi are perhaps more the right speed.  (Hey, maybe Haruka will finally use her sword!)  Elizabeth from Persona 3 would probably try to make the skeleton do her bidding…and it would probably work, too. 😉

Trying to think who else I even have in 1/12 scale.  I mean, aside from my vintage She-Ra dolls, who’d be a bit outmatched in the whole maneuverability thing. 😛  I think my vintage Clash of the Titans action figures would be dwarfed, sadly. 😦  Oh, duh!  Link!  I have two Figma Links!  Fighting skeletons is totally all in a day’s work for Link.  😉  And I could borrow my brother’s Figma Twilight Princess Zelda; that would be different-yet-cool.  (I want them to make one of Hyrule Warriors‘ Zelda.  Or of Shiek.  Shiek rocks.  And I want a Nendoroid of Tetra.  She rocks even more than Shiek.)

The first stretch goal is a red skeleton.  Which would be awesome if I had an articulated Alucard (or Soma) figure to fight it.  (Or, in a pinch, one of the Belmonts.)  Only as far as I know (admittedly, not very far), the only Castlevania merchandise was a Western line that wasn’t terribly accurate.  Okay, actually, the Dracula one was pretty accurate to his Symphony of the Night look (I have it around here somewhere) but you can’t have Dracula fighting a blood skeleton; that’d just be silly.  The line did include Alucard, which I only saw in the photos on the back Dracula’s package, and as far as the photos showed, the sculpt fell hideously short of what Alucard should look like. 😦

Aaaaanyway, I have rambled on too long already, especially considering I ought to be doing research right now.

I return you to the regularly scheduled weekly post, which has been scheduled for first thing tomorrow morning. 😉

Revolutionary Girl Utena: Utena & Anthy Pullips Announced!

Eeeeeee! Pullip Utena photos at last! And she is totally perfect!

I so can’t wait for her to be available for preorder!

Pullips and Junk

Months and months ago now, Groove had teased an upcoming collaboration series with the beloved classic shoujo manga and anime series Revolutionary Girl Utena via their blog but there had not really been any additional news about it since then.  Last night, Groove officially announced the upcoming releases of Pullips Utena Tenjo & Anthy Himemiya the two main characters of the series. It is not known at this time if this will be a continuing collaboration series like the Sailor Moon collaboration series is, where we saw literally dozens of dolls released from the series or if these two will be the only dolls released as a part of the series. I love the series so I am not sure what to hope for as much as I’d love to see dolls of characters like Touga, Nanami, Kozue, Shiori, Mikage and well the lists continues on, basically I would probably…

View original post 1,138 more words

Sharing Another Kickstarter – Royelles

Just came across this on Kickstarter, and I wanted to share this with you right away, because they still need a lot more pledges.  (Admittedly, they’ve got 24 days, but the sooner the better, yeah?)

(Not actually a video; screen capture from Kickstarter. Click for source.)

The Kickstarter is to get a new line of dolls called Royelles, to help combat the negative body image that current fashion dolls can contribute to.  (Let’s be honest, though:  Hollywood plays an enormous role in the negative body issues plaguing young girls.  I didn’t need a Barbie to teach me my body wasn’t acceptable to the people around me, because I watched television and went to see movies.  By the time my mother relented and let me have a Barbie, all my issues were already set in stone.)

These are some really great-looking dolls, very different from anything available on the affordable side of the market (some OOAK artist dolls do have a similar aesthetic, though), and I’d love to see these succeed and reach children.  The photos are all of their 3D printed prototypes, and it looks like the prototypes should make a smooth transition to their finished material.  (Some sort of plastic, I’m assuming, but if they said which type, I missed it.)  From the photos of people holding the prototypes, I’d say they’re probably about 18″ tall, rather than the more typical 12″ for playline fashion dolls, but the extra height gives them a lot of room for added personality.

So, please check them out, and support them if you like what you see. 🙂