My Collections

I thought I’d do a comprehensive page about my doll and figure collections.

Not necessarily comprehensive in the sense of “photos of every single doll I own,” but comprehensive in the sense of “with access to all the photos of x doll or y series.”  In other words, I’m not taking new photos for these pages, just assembling them all in an easy to access format.


The doll pages:

  • Pullip dolls
  • Taeyang dolls (including his predecessor Namu)
  • Dal dolls
  • Byul and Yeolume dolls
  • Isul dolls
  • Little Pullip family dolls (including Angel Pullip/Dal dolls)
  • Blythe dolls (including factory girls)
  • BJD Ai dolls
  • J-Dolls and Hestia dolls
  • Hujoo dolls
  • Azone dolls
  • Licca and Jenny dolls
  • Other Asian dolls
  • Monster High dolls
  • Barbie dolls
  • She-Ra dolls (and other dolls from my childhood)
  • Madame Alexander dolls
  • Lottie dolls
  • MGA dolls
  • Other non-Asian dolls

And the non-doll pages:

  • Plushies
  • Nendoroids
  • Figma
  • SHFigurarts
  • Statuettes/Figurines

As you can see, they’re not all up yet.  But I can’t make a page that has a parent unless the parent is published.  So this is a definite work in progress, y’know?  But no guarantees when I’ll get the bits and pieces up…