EDIT:  WARNING!  Dropbox disabled photo albums, so any album links here are no longer functional.  Once I’ve migrated my pictures over to Google Photo, I’ll put the new links in place.  Until that time, this warning will remain here.

So here’s my current Blythe collection…not counting all the LPS Blythes, as I gathered quite a few of those when they were on clearance.  (A few of them pop up in here, but there are a lot more of them that don’t.)

In order of purchase:

Pyrrha, my factory girl:

Pyrrha's party dress 1

There are too many posts about Pyrrha to point you to all of them, so instead I’ll point you to the list of posts tagged “Pyrrha.”  Her photo gallery is here.

Romana, my first Neo Blythe, a Country Summer:

Romana 9

Romana’s posts are here, and her photo gallery is here.

Alice, the Neo Blythe Dark Rabbit Hole:


Alice’s posts are here, and her photo gallery is here.

Caribbean Jewel, my first Takara Petit Blythe:

Mandarake Dolls 1

The Petit Blythe photo gallery includes all the photos of LPS Blythes as well as those of Caribbean Jewel.

Stella, my first middie, a Bubbly Bliss:

Stella’s post is here, and she doesn’t have a working album yet.