EDIT:  WARNING!  Dropbox disabled photo albums, so any album links here are no longer functional.  Once I’ve migrated my pictures over to Google Photo, I’ll put the new links in place.  Until that time, this warning will remain here.  Also, this is way out of date.  Grell and the Undertaker have been here for quite a while, and I’ve got one other, too.  (Haven’t even posted about him yet.)

Okay, here’s my collection of Taeyang (and Namu) dolls, in order of purchase.  For the moment, all of the photos are gathered in a single gallery, because all my Taeyang dolls are currently remaining stock.  (Eventually, that’ll change, in that I’ll want to make a Lau Taeyang.  Oh, and someday I may want to have one for random re-dressing, like some of my Pullips and Dals.)  The Taeyang/Namu gallery is here.

My first full-size Taeyang doll, Captain Hook.  Bought at Tuesday Mornings.

Menacing Hook

Y’know, I really should probably take more photos of Hook and Pan.  They’re kinda under-represented…

Andre Grandier from The Rose of Versailles.  Bought from JPGroove.

Taeyang thumb

Andre’s posts are here.

Kung Fu Fei Namu.  Bought on Amazon.

Namu's nikuman thumb

Namu’s post is here.

Mad Hatter du Jardin.  Bought from Pullip Style.

Mad Hatter du Jardin thumb

His post is here.  (Ack, it’s sad how many of these only have singular posts…)

Sebastian Michaelis, Private Tutor version.  Bought from Mandarake.

Sebastian 7

His posts are here…along with another post from before I got this doll.  (Sorry, my tagging is not terribly helpful here…)

And for the moment, that’s it.  But I totally plan on pre-ordering the Grell Taeyang, and getting the Undertaker Taeyang, and then making a custom Lau Taeyang.  (Okay, when did I turn from merely liking Black Butler to being obsessed with it?)