Sleepy Berry

I left work ten minutes early today, and rushed not to my house but to the post office, because yesterday I found a “sorry we missed you” card in the mailbox, indicating that a package from Korea had arrived for me.

And I knew what that meant…

Inside the box, my Sleepy Berry was protected in her own little box, with a nice window so she could see out.  🙂

Inside there, she was carefully wrapped in sleeping bag-like layers of foam.  The little white card opens up, and contains a greeting/care instruction paragraph in Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese.  It also contained a little plastic envelope with some strips of Velcro.  I guess I was supposed to fasten the Velcro (which did seem to be adhesive-backed) to her head to make wigs stay in place better?  (I should probably do that at some point…)

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Blind Box Monday

So, when I first decided (at least a year and a half ago, if I recall correctly) I wanted to get a Sonny Angel, in looking around at their prices on Amazon, I thought the Halloween collection from…uh…I’m not sure what year it was (2015, maybe?) was the best choice, because there was only one in the collection I didn’t like.

Guess which one I got?

I am so not a spider person.  😦

Though, that being said, he’s still pretty cute. 🙂

‘Tis the Season….for Skeletons!

Okay, randomly, here’s another Kickstarter project.  (This one I doubt will have trouble reaching its goal.  It was just so seasonally appropriate that I had to share!)

So, just from that, it doesn’t look as seasonal.  But pay no mind to the beefy guys; they’re just stretch goals.  The main goal is this:

Fully articulated skeleton figures!  With a stretch goal of angry eyes! 😀

There’s a bit of history to the fact that I immediately backed this project.

A while back, browsing the used stuff on AmiAmi, I came across a Revoltech skeleton warrior from Jason and the Argonauts.  It was only about $20, but like an idiot, I was like “well, it’ll probably be there for ages” and decided to wait until I had something else I wanted to order.  So naturally by the time I had something else I wanted to order, it was long gone. 😦

As a big Greek mythology fan, I love the two mythologically, er, influenced movies of Ray Harryhausen.  (I’ve seen a couple of the Sinbad ones, too, one of which was good, and the other was sort of “meh.”  I can’t remember if it was the good one or the “meh” one that had Tom Baker (of all people!) as the villain.  Though naturally the effects were good in both.)  So the chance to remedy my earlier error and get a nice skeleton figure is one that made me very excited.  Of course, these guys don’t come with sword and shield, but I can probably scrounge those up easily enough.  😛

The real questions are how these compare in scale to Figma and SHFigurarts (the comparison photos on Kickstarter are decidedly Western-biased), and who to have fighting the skeleton(s).  😛  Obviously, some folks are right out:  Cardcaptor Sakura, Lucky Star and Sunshine Sketch are not manga/anime compatible with skeleton battles.  (Although I can picture Konata being suitably blasé about meeting a real, moving skeleton…)  And it wouldn’t be fair to the poor skeletons to have them meet the Attack on Titan crew.  Ranma and the Sailor Senshi are perhaps more the right speed.  (Hey, maybe Haruka will finally use her sword!)  Elizabeth from Persona 3 would probably try to make the skeleton do her bidding…and it would probably work, too. 😉

Trying to think who else I even have in 1/12 scale.  I mean, aside from my vintage She-Ra dolls, who’d be a bit outmatched in the whole maneuverability thing. 😛  I think my vintage Clash of the Titans action figures would be dwarfed, sadly. 😦  Oh, duh!  Link!  I have two Figma Links!  Fighting skeletons is totally all in a day’s work for Link.  😉  And I could borrow my brother’s Figma Twilight Princess Zelda; that would be different-yet-cool.  (I want them to make one of Hyrule Warriors‘ Zelda.  Or of Shiek.  Shiek rocks.  And I want a Nendoroid of Tetra.  She rocks even more than Shiek.)

The first stretch goal is a red skeleton.  Which would be awesome if I had an articulated Alucard (or Soma) figure to fight it.  (Or, in a pinch, one of the Belmonts.)  Only as far as I know (admittedly, not very far), the only Castlevania merchandise was a Western line that wasn’t terribly accurate.  Okay, actually, the Dracula one was pretty accurate to his Symphony of the Night look (I have it around here somewhere) but you can’t have Dracula fighting a blood skeleton; that’d just be silly.  The line did include Alucard, which I only saw in the photos on the back Dracula’s package, and as far as the photos showed, the sculpt fell hideously short of what Alucard should look like. 😦

Aaaaanyway, I have rambled on too long already, especially considering I ought to be doing research right now.

I return you to the regularly scheduled weekly post, which has been scheduled for first thing tomorrow morning. 😉


I’ve never had a proper introduction post, so here it is.

A while back, you may recall I mentioned a Mandarake order that included ^this^ girl, an MSD (probably Volks, based on what the Mandarake page said, but the nameplate with the manufacturer logo fell off her head so I can’t be sure) whose resin had already yellowed before I got her, and who was super-loose in all her joints.

I’m still not sure what to do about the yellow resin (can resin be dyed?) but I opened up her head to get at her string, and tied a bunch of knots in it to tighten her up a little.  She’s still a bit floppy, especially at the hips, but her head no longer falls backwards at the first hint of a wig heavier than the one she came with.  (She still needs a proper re-stringing, but until I decide what to do about the color of her resin, I don’t know that there’s much point; I might end up having to take her apart to re-color her, so stringing her before that would just be a waste of time.)

So, without further ado, let me give you a proper introduction.  Readers, meet Yuzu:

I picked her name because of an anime that reminded me that the yuzu (a citrus fruit popular in Japan) is rather more yellow than orange in color, and since it’s also a girl’s name, I figured why not?

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(After School Teatime presents) Death Devil!

The cute and innocent girls of After School Teatime dressing up in the style of their faculty adviser’s former band, Death Devil (Desudebiru), a headbanging death metal band.   (In context of the episode, it did make sense.)  And it seemed to me that a death metal band was an appropriate subject for a Friday the 13th post, right?  (Plus since they’re dressing up in costume, it’s a little like Halloween, right?)

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Blind Box Monday

This is a very unusual kind of blind box figure.  In addition to being full price (abt $10, if I recall) for a tiny little figurine (he’s about an inch and a half (3 cm) long from his ears to his tail), you always know what you’re getting with this.  Or rather, no matter what, you’re getting Jiji lying on his back, playing with a translucent piece of plastic.  The blind box part is what color/shape the plastic is.  (And he’s so expensive because he’s licensed Ghibli merch, of course.)

The one I really wanted was a pale yellow, crescent moon.  I think this flower was the one I wanted least.  (But, realistically, if I ever remember to do so, I can probably pretty easily find all kinds of beads at craft stores that he can hold just fine.)