Blind Box Monday

This is the Unicorno Usagi (not to be confused with Tsukino Usagi!), another one of the figures in the latest set of Tokidoki’s blind box Unicornos.  (I have at least two more from that set that I haven’t posted yet.  I’ll explain in more detail next time I post one.  (I forgot to take a photo of the box…))  There’s two special things about Usagi.  One, her(?) mane and tail are flocked! 🙂

And two…

…carrot-shaped barrette!  How cute is that? 😀


Such a Sweet Little Smile!

*cough*  Somehow this ended up taking me until late Thursday night to write, even though on Monday I said it would probably be up on Tuesday… *cough*

Okay, so what we have here is a very special doll that I had the privilege to meet at work.  He (she?) is on loan to the museum for the duration of our doll exhibit, and I was so thrilled to get to see this doll that I couldn’t help taking a few pictures, and I wanted to share them with you.  Of course, since I wasn’t expecting this loan to suddenly come in, I didn’t have my camera with me, and had to use my phone.  (If I hadn’t been forced to replace my flip phone, I’d have had to use the museum’s camera, which would have resulted in better pictures.  Realistically, I should have thought to use the museum’s camera regardless of the availability of my phone’s camera.  Sorry about that.)

So, in summary, this is another of those rare posts that is centered on a doll I don’t own.  (Though one of my dolls also cameos in the post…)

This is Scootles, a composition doll manufactured by Cameo, and designed by Rose O’Neill, best known as the creator of the Kewpie doll.  The museum’s collection has a 22″ (ish) Scootles, which I already thought was cute, but this one is all kinds of adorable, above and beyond the big one in the museum’s collection.  (It doesn’t help the case of the museum’s Scootles that s/he has glass eyes, and one of them is horribly crazed while the other is still in good condition.)

That sweet little face! 😀  He’s got a few paint issues on his face, but the composition is in perfect condition, and barely even has any crazing.  Or she does.  I don’t know if Scootles has an official gender, but the doll has always looked like a little boy to me.  (The woman who actually owns this doll has also always thought of him as a boy.)  I’ve seen people refer to Scootles as a girl, though, so I have no idea what the majority consensus is, or if there even is a majority consensus.

I don’t know when Cameo stopped making Scootles dolls:  the only year I’ve ever seen mentioned regarding the date of Cameo Scootles dolls is 1925.  I don’t know if that means that Scootles failed to recapture the popularity of his Kewpie cousins and was only made for a year, or if there just isn’t any information as to when production stopped.

We were short on display space for Scootles, so we had to take my blonde Snow White type out of the vitrine and put Scootles in her place.  (She’d been there for comparison to the African-American one, but I think the presence of a white doll in an exhibit on African-American dolls tended to confuse the visitors anyway…)  We couldn’t put Scootles on a stand, though, because we didn’t have any capable of holding his super-chubby waist.

Speaking of my two Snow White types, I’ve decided to name the blonde one Cindy, because she makes me think of Cinderella, but I’m still not sure what to name this one.  I suppose I could call her Minerva (or some diminutive thereof) because I think she was made by a company called Minerva, but somehow that feels a little weird.  (Any suggestions?)

A 3/4 angle, because.  The doll behind them is a Madame Hendren baby doll, btw, composition head and cloth body.  Pretty cute, but there’s a bad crack in the composition of her face.  (Isn’t there always?)

And one last angle, badly diminished by reflections on the vitrine.  😦

Anyway, given that African-American versions of dolls were always made in smaller quantities back then (which hasn’t actually changed, but hopefully these days the percentages are closer together) and that Scootles dolls are rather rare to begin with, I wanted to share these photos, since so many people will never have the opportunity even to see an African-American Scootles.  (And pretty much all of us will never have the chance to actually own one.  But at least I’ve seen one!  😀  Even held him in my hands.  That was really cool, if a little nerve-wracking.)

I’m hoping to get back into the habit of posting at least once in between each Blind Box Monday…but I can’t guarantee it’s going to happen with any regularity.  My life (especially in terms of my house) is pretty messy right now.  Makes it hard to take pictures.  But now that I think about it, I think I have some photos sitting around that I haven’t posted yet..

A much overdue Blind Box Monday

Ugh, I cannot apologize enough for my extended silence!  I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately.  I can’t seem to get anything done.  Even checking my e-mail feels like a chore and doesn’t get done for days at a time.  (Actually, there may be a reason for that part…)

But I just barely managed to get online and get this ready for posting.  Though depending on where you live, it may not still be Monday.  (It’s still Monday here, though.  For about an hour and a half…)

There’s something unusual about this post beyond everything I just apologized for.  Well, two things, actually.  One, due to the aforesaid extreme inability to do anything, these photos were taken with my phone rather than my camera.  So they’re even more crap than usual.  But the main thing is that I only bought this blind box today.

I was in this (relatively) new store called Box Lunch at a local mall — though I think it’s got to be a national chain, considering that Funko made a store-exclusive Sailor Moon Pop figure for them — and they actually sell Sonny Angel figures, but the earlier times I’ve been in, they’d only had ones I already had and the sealife one, which I had to pass on because with my luck I just knew I’d end up with the shark one, which looks like he’s being freaking eaten.  This one, though, was a safe bet. 😀

…though something about everything I just said is giving me the worst case of deja vu…

I’m not sure which of these standing-with-head slightly-turned pics is better/worse.  The only-lit-by-my-bedside-light one above, or the one with the phone’s flash below.

Hopefully I’ll have a new post for you soon.  I already have the photos for it…though those, too, were taken with my phone, because it was sort of an impromptu situation at work…

Don’t frighten the seafood.

LOL, sorry, that garbled nonsense was in a spam I just deleted, and I had to use it! 😀

Also, I’m sorry I’ve been flaking out so much lately.  (Like having just forgotten Blind Box Monday for the second time in three weeks.)  I think the combination of April A-to-Z and April CampNaNo is too much for me, even without classwork.  (Though things have been pretty stressful offline in other ways…)

Here’s what this post was supposed to be called:


I just discovered these recently.  Fèves are the little things they put in Epiphany Cakes in France to…um…make someone win Epiphany?  Sorry, I’m not religious…and I’ve spent too long on Wikipedia already today, working on an A-to-Z post, so I really don’t want to go look it up right now.  Thing is, I think traditionally they’re supposed to be just little ceramic babies.  Only at some point, some clever person in France decided that that was boring, and that they should make them more interesting.

And oh boy did they succeed! 🙂

I found this shop on Etsy called ValueARTifacts that specializes in feves.

So.  Freakin’.  Cool.

I bought a lot of them (though I wanted to buy so many more!), but I’ve only got a few pictures so far.

How could I resist such a cool miniature replica of the Nike of Samothrace?  The photo doesn’t really do it justice, either; it’s incredibly hard to photograph something this small and get all the detail.  (Though at least I got most of the detail.  It’s just the one spot on top of the chest that’s washed out.)

I got a couple more photos to give you a sense of scale…

“It’s okay, I caught it! No damage done…unless she had a head when we started…”

😀  My pre-order of the Super Sailor Jupiter SHFigurarts arrived a day or two before the feves, so it seemed fitting to have her show off how their scale compares to 1/12 scale.  (Speaking of feves and Sailor Moon, a different store on Etsy had a set of feves from the early ’90s that consisted of the five inner senshi…unfortunately, it was about $115, which is way more than I want to pay for something that small…though if it had been the outer senshi, I might have paid it anyway…)

“How cute! A little Winged Victory paperweight!”

Speaking of washed out, the feve is really washed out in this shot. 😦

Anyway, I did photograph one other feve…ironically, because I was planning on using it in April A-to-Z, only then I changed my mind about what to use for “P” and ended up not using it after all:

(There was this whole series of “Babylonian” ones, and I couldn’t resist getting the sets with this guy, Gilgamesh, and the lamassu…)  I had planned on using it in my April A-to-Z because my theme is mythological figures used by the Megami Tensei super-series of video games, and then covering the original myths, and I had planned on doing Pazuzu for “P”:

Image copyright Atlus, but provided by the MegaTen Wiki. Click for link.

You can see why I wanted to show off the feve! 😀

Anyway, as the Sailor Moon example proves, the feves aren’t all based on ancient cultures…though all the ones I ended up buying were.  *cough*  Even though the Hermes with the Infant Dionysos is hardly worthy of Praxiteles’ original.  (But I couldn’t resist it!  I love that statue.  I’d love to see the real thing someday…)  They’re a bit small for Blythe and Pullip, for the most part (depending on what the feve represents), but they’re dollhouse perfect. 🙂  I’m probably going to be using them for little mini-rewards to myself for getting things done… 😉

Liberty of London and Kimport

Before I get to the actual post, I have to apologize, twice.  First, I apologize for my prolonged silence.  It’s been crazy here (I’m doing both April CampNaNo and April A-to-Z on my other blog) and I’ve been having worse trouble sleeping than ever.  Plus I have real trouble getting photos taken.  None of that excuses my silence; I just wanted to explain.  And second, I apologize for how late this post is, because I promised it would come immediately after my Wonder Woman Nendoroid post, and yet here it is almost a month later, and I’m only just now posting it.

Thing is, if I’d gone on my intended schedule at that time, I’d have ended up posting this on the 17th, and I didn’t want to post this guy’s photo on St. Patrick’s Day…

Yup. 🙂  This is a Liberty of London doll.  The dolls were made by a pair of sisters, using fabric from the department store of the same name, and often selling the dolls through them as well.  (At least, I think that was what the story behind these dolls was…)  The dolls were made from the 1930s to the 1960s, if I recall correctly.  (They did coronation sets both for Queen Elizabeth and her father.  The QEII set is pretty common (and massive), but her father’s set is more rare.) Continue reading