Blind Box Monday

This is the Unicorno Usagi (not to be confused with Tsukino Usagi!), another one of the figures in the latest set of Tokidoki’s blind box Unicornos.  (I have at least two more from that set that I haven’t posted yet.  I’ll explain in more detail next time I post one.  (I forgot to take a photo of the box…))  There’s two special things about Usagi.  One, her(?) mane and tail are flocked! 🙂

And two…

…carrot-shaped barrette!  How cute is that? 😀

A much overdue Blind Box Monday

Ugh, I cannot apologize enough for my extended silence!  I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately.  I can’t seem to get anything done.  Even checking my e-mail feels like a chore and doesn’t get done for days at a time.  (Actually, there may be a reason for that part…)

But I just barely managed to get online and get this ready for posting.  Though depending on where you live, it may not still be Monday.  (It’s still Monday here, though.  For about an hour and a half…)

There’s something unusual about this post beyond everything I just apologized for.  Well, two things, actually.  One, due to the aforesaid extreme inability to do anything, these photos were taken with my phone rather than my camera.  So they’re even more crap than usual.  But the main thing is that I only bought this blind box today.

I was in this (relatively) new store called Box Lunch at a local mall — though I think it’s got to be a national chain, considering that Funko made a store-exclusive Sailor Moon Pop figure for them — and they actually sell Sonny Angel figures, but the earlier times I’ve been in, they’d only had ones I already had and the sealife one, which I had to pass on because with my luck I just knew I’d end up with the shark one, which looks like he’s being freaking eaten.  This one, though, was a safe bet. 😀

…though something about everything I just said is giving me the worst case of deja vu…

I’m not sure which of these standing-with-head slightly-turned pics is better/worse.  The only-lit-by-my-bedside-light one above, or the one with the phone’s flash below.

Hopefully I’ll have a new post for you soon.  I already have the photos for it…though those, too, were taken with my phone, because it was sort of an impromptu situation at work…

Blind Box Monday

You may (or may not) be familiar with Gudetama, the lazy egg, Sanrio’s latest big hit character.  (Well, most recent I’m aware of…which isn’t saying much, since I don’t really follow Sanrio as a company.)  Gudetama goods are all over the place lately, including some blind box stuff…

This guy was actually in a box (as opposed to the smaller ones in blind bags) and wasn’t the one on the side of the box I most wanted (I think that was the one sitting there wearing part of an eggshell as a hat), but it was cute enough.  🙂  And the egg white glows in the dark…which is alarming, actually.  (I mean, what kind of egg did he hatch from?  Was it laid by a radioactive chicken?)

There’s one big problem with this cute little guy, though.  The yolky little guy and the white aren’t connected, and somehow, no matter where I leave him, I always seem to end up with this view…

And that always leaves me going “Why am I looking at egg butt?!”

Not to mention the more basic (and puzzling) question “How can an egg have a butt?!”

(I apologize for that, um, “humor.”  But earlier today my brother quoted the line “I’m looking at crawdad butts!” and that made me remember I hadn’t posted this yet, so…)