Blind Box Monday

So, this was an impulse buy (as most blind box figures are, after all), influenced by two factors.  One, I liked the package. 😛  Two, the display promised that the rare find was a purple glitter pet.  And I love things that are purple and things that glitter.

I’d like the hard plastic doll purse better if it didn’t say “Barbie” on it.  I mean, that’s fine if I want a Barbie to carry it, but what if I thought it would match a Pullip’s outfit?  Or a Lammily outfit?!

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Blind Box Monday

MGA’s L.O.L. have cute faces, but in looking at the possibilities in the little booklets, I tend to see a lot of them that I really don’t want.  (The first one I got was one such dud.  I need to remember what the heck I did with her so I can figure out what to do with her.  Maybe I could get her some cloth clothes that would be cute, or I could re-paint her or something.)  Anyway, fortunately this one was super-cute. 😀

Blind Box Monday

This post actually represents an error I made earlier.  But I’ll get to that in time.

A while back, I ordered a set of four Sonny Angels, each from a different animal series.  (An Amazon seller had the set of four at a discount, y’see.)


A lot of cute ones in there, and I don’t know that I had any one in particular that I wanted more than the others.  This is what I got from this one: Continue reading

Blind Box Monday

This Unicorno blind bag plushie chosen in honor of the crazy weather we’re having.

Admittedly, upper 30s and raining doesn’t feel as tropical as this guy evokes (though considering how long it’s been since it was above freezing, it still kind of feels it), but it’s supposed to be in the 50s by Wednesday, so…that’s pretty freakin’ tropical for January.  (And then, if the extended forecast is right, it’ll back down into the 20s by the weekend…and then back up into the 50s again…)

(And yes, I do realize that the weather where I live is irrelevant to people elsewhere.)

Blind Box Monday – New Year’s

The first photo I’ve taken this year!

The new “season” of these blind box Unicornos is the first one that I like so many of them enough to buy more than one.  (This one is the second one I’ve bought, btw.)  Most of the time, when a particular box out of the array is shouting “buy me!” at me, it turns out to be a trick.

This time, it wasn’t. 😀  This guy is awesome.

I’m hoping to be better at posting things other than just the Monday posts this year.  Certainly, February is promising to be better.  Or rather, I already have a bunch of photos, so how can it not be?  January is probably still going to be quiet; I’ll be working 1 day short of full-time in January (5 days a week every week except the third week, when I have one day off), and a lot of it, esp. in the first two weeks, will be more physical than I’m used to, so I’m likely not to have any energy left over for taking pictures with.  But after that, I’d like to get back to regular photo shoots so I can start doing real posts again.