Blind Box Monday

Ugh, I’m so late…


Blind Box Monday

Since Thursday is the day of pigging out — er, Thanksgiving — in the US, I thought I’d put up a blind box figure related to food.  I didn’t have any handy, though.  (Technically, I do have a couple I haven’t photographed yet, but I need to focus as much time and energy right now as I can on NaNo, so…yeah, that wasn’t happening.)

This is what I came up with.

Well, at least she’s holding ice cream, which is a food, so…kinda-sorta thematic?  Maybe?


Anyway, here’s the box she came in:

As you might guess, I was after the two shown on the top. 😉  Full box shots are in the gallery.  Click on either photo to check it out.  Though it’s the gallery for the whole Blind Box category, so you’ll have to scroll down a while.

Speaking of the gallery, I’ve uploaded all my old photos now (wait, did I say that already?) and just have to go through and make sure they’re all properly arranged in albums and update all my old posts and…yikes, that’s gonna be a lot of work.  I’ll have to watch some movies/TV while doing it.  And obviously I won’t be starting on that task until December at the earliest.

And now, back to my regularly scheduled frantic novel writing!

Blind Box Monday

Bah, I totally forgot about this!

Okay, so for today’s Blind Box figure, we’ll start with the packaging:

Of course, at the time, it had a paper tag on the little gold plastic hanger, and there was a plastic bag inside with the little figure in it, but you get the idea.  So I see this thing and it’s a really fun and cute little genie bottle, and I ‘m intrigued.  The tag has drawings of cute little genie girls, and I’m at Barnes and Noble, so I get a discount, and I figure “why not?”

This is what was inside.  Cute, huh?  She has a slight amount of translucence to her.  (Not in the Blythe sense, but in the sense that some light can actually pass through the hair and garment.)

Anyway, these are tie-ins to some TV show called “Shimmer and Shine” or something like that, which is apparently for very little kids (it’s literally something one of my co-worker’s three year old daughter watches), but I don’t care where they come from:  the figures are cute. 🙂  I’ve gotten a few more blind boxes (blind bottles?) since then, and a set that came on a card where you could see all but about two of them before you buy them.  Haven’t photographed any from the set, but the other two bottled ones are among the stack of blind box figs I’ve photographed and not posted yet.

Blind Box Monday

As soon as I saw the box, I knew I had to have one of these. 😀  And there weren’t any in the collection that I didn’t like!  (Sorry the side of the box isn’t shown very clearly, but you can at least get an idea.)

Being the signature plush for the collection, I think they may have made more of these than the others.  (In part because when I tried to get a second one, it was also this one.  Fortunately, one of my co-workers is a Pusheen fan, so it found a good home. 🙂 )

Anyway, Happy Halloween (a day early)!

Blind Box Monday

So, when I first decided (at least a year and a half ago, if I recall correctly) I wanted to get a Sonny Angel, in looking around at their prices on Amazon, I thought the Halloween collection from…uh…I’m not sure what year it was (2015, maybe?) was the best choice, because there was only one in the collection I didn’t like.

Guess which one I got?

I am so not a spider person.  😦

Though, that being said, he’s still pretty cute. 🙂