Target finds

Between various things, I haven’t had much time to hit stores looking for the new dolls that were released right before Christmas.  (For that matter, stores don’t even really start recovering from Christmas until mid-January, anyway, so I didn’t miss much.)  But when I went to Target the other day (when was that, Friday?), I found some fun stuff I wanted to share.

As anyone who knows me might guess, I’ve been wanting to add the Great Scarrier Reef line of Monster High dolls to my collection ever since I first saw the photos online.  But they didn’t hit the stores until after Thanksgiving, which was in my “no buy” period for playline dolls.  And then all the stores were emptied of them after Christmas, so it wasn’t until now that I managed to get my hands on one.

Target 2

Their names are Peri and Pearl Serpentine, and I was somewhat appalled to learn from their box that their monster parent is the Hydra.

And why would that appall me, when I’m a Greek mythology geek who’s loved all the other MH dolls tied to Greek myths?  It appalls me exactly because I’m a Greek mythology geek.  For the following reasons:

  1. The Hydra lived in a swamp.  (Fresh water, not salt.)
  2. The Hydra had a lot more than two heads.
  3. The Hydra was traditionally depicted as a massive snake with numerous heads.  Not a flippin’ mermaid.
  4. Seriously, guys?  The Hydra?  You couldn’t find any other mythological beastie with multiple heads?  (Um, apart from Cerberos…and let’s hope they don’t go there.)
  5. (Also, I’ve gotten pretty caught up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe stuff, so suddenly Hydra has an extra meaning that it didn’t used to… 😛 )

Yeah, so their monster parent is going to have to change.  (Though I’m not sure, off-hand, what I’ll change it to.)  I may change the names, too.  Or rather, I may drop the “Peri” part, because to me Peri is either a winged angel-like being, or a Doctor Who companion.  Neither is appropriate for a two-headed mermaid.  (Although Peri was first introduced in a bikini…off the coast of Greece, I think, so maybe that’s the reason they picked the name?)  This misuse of a Greek mythological name makes me want to do a post about all my custom Monster High dolls that OC offspring of various Greek mythological figures.  (Some being considerably more customized than others, naturally.)  Not sure when I’ll get around to the photography, but that’s definitely on my agenda now.

Anyway, I’m not doing a full review of the Serpentine sisters(?) right now, as I didn’t have time to take more photos.  I’ll do a full review of the whole line once I have them.  (Like the full review of the Freak du Chic dolls I’ve been planning for some time now, or the Boo York, Boo York one.  So I guess by the time the reviews go up, the dolls will no longer be in stores…maybe I’ll have to call them “retro reviews”…?)

The next doll I want to show you is this one:

Target 1

Her name is Sage Starling from the Star Darlings line, a Disney property being made by Jakks Pacific.  She’s using bendy-Sakura’s stand because she didn’t come with one of her own, and she can’t sit down very well.  But she’s a nifty doll, and by getting her at Target without a stand, I paid $10 less than the fancy edition with a light-up stand.  The light-up stand version was very fully reviewed at the Toy Box Philosopher, so there’s no need for me to try to review her, too.  (The only accessory this one came with is a child-sized ring; the window locket is exclusive to the more expensive version.)  I picked this one over the others Target had primarily because she had purple hair.  Hair, I might add, that’s styled the way I like to wear mine.  Only her braids are cleaner and smaller than mine.  (Smaller proportionally, I mean.)  Not that I put the rest of my hair into banana curls, of course!  (Though it does that on its own when it air dries…)

Um, right, so, moving on!

There’s actually a lot of Disney to report on, somewhat surprisingly.  Target had in some of the new Hasbro Disney Princess dolls, but I didn’t feel like any of them really called out to me saying “buy me!”  Their faces were much more like the ones on the Disney Store dolls than Mattel’s old lines of Disney Princess dolls, but I felt like their heads were a little too big for their bodies.  And yes, I realize that sounds absurd coming from someone who is literally surrounded by Pullip and Blythe dolls, but it’s sort of a proportion thing, or something.  All I know is that I looked at those Hasbro dolls and felt like their heads were the wrong size.  (Hopefully I’ll come across one later that I actually like, ’cause I’d love to do a three way comparison, between Mattel, Hasbro and Disney Store.  But I don’t want to buy one just for that reason.)

The other toy I have to show you today is also Disney.  I’d already heard about the small, plastic Tsum Tsums, and I’d even seen the sets, but all the sets included ones from Frozen, which automatically turned me against them.  (I will be so glad when the merch from that movie starts going away.  I’m sick of looking at it.)  But this time there were also little blind bag ones:

Target 3

Obviously, this flat one here is already empty. 😛  Here’s the back, which shows you what might be inside:

Target 4
Apologies for the lousy photo.

Now, I’ve mentioned before that I’m not very lucky with blind bag/box figures.  But some of these are extremely cute, and one of them is incredibly cute, and I felt that absolutely had to have it.  Fortunately, because it’s a bag, I was able to stand there for I-don’t-know-how-long feeling the different packages until I was positive that I was holding the one I wanted.

Target 5

Fortunately, the downright Seussian trees of the Tulgey Wood were easy to detect through the package! 😀  (I’d rather like the ones of Figaro, Marie and Lucky, too, but I’m not so sure I could successfully detect them through their packages.)

Target 6

He’s even got a little sign on the tree saying “This Way”! 😀  (But there isn’t one on the other side saying “That Way” unfortunately.)

You may be wondering just how small the blind bag figures are?  Maybe this photo will help answer your question:

Target 7

The Sadness Tsum Tsum is the smallest size of the plush ones…and actually, she came from Target, too.  Just not all that recently.  (The SHFigurarts Elizabeth there did not come from Target, though.)  If you still need further scale information, there are other shots of Elizabeth here, along with various other toys that may clarify her size.  (If you’re still unclear, let’s say she’s about 1/12 scale, but a bit on the small side even for that scale.)

I would have taken a photo of the little plastic Cheshire Cat Tsum Tsum with my plush one, but he’s the big size (or is he actually the medium size?) so the plastic one would be so tiny as to not even really show up.  (Seriously, Juliet, my 1/3 scale doll uses him as a chair.  Though he’s a better size for the slightly smaller “frightfully tall ghouls” Monster High dolls, which I suspect are sort of the MH equivalent of 1/4 scale.  I need to get a real 1/4 scale doll to be sure, I guess.)

Anyway, there was one other item I got at Target, a Legend of Zelda figurine, but I’m saving that one for a later post.  (How much later, I’m not quite sure.  Probably either when Hyrule Warriors Legends (or whatever it’s called) comes out for the 3DS, or when the Link Between Worlds Figma arrives.  (Yup, I’ve already pre-ordered it.  In the deluxe edition that comes with all sorts of cool extra stuff.))

In other news, I have officially given up hope of repairing Pyrrha’s eye mechanism, so now I have to decide where to buy her a new one.  I’ve found two places I can get one.  One is from Etsy, for about $25 with $10 shipping, from a seller I’ve bought from before.  The other is for about $13, from the AliExpress seller that sold me Pyrrha.  The shipping on the latter is listed as $26, but there’s also a note on there saying that if you buy it at the same time as a nude doll, then the shipping cost on the eye mechanism will be adjusted to zero.  But maybe that only applies to one of the nude dolls that isn’t listed as “free shipping”?  (Not that the shipping is truly free, of course; they just increase the base price to account for the shipping cost.  But they don’t adjust the price as much as the shipping would cost, so…)  I do want to get another factory girl — I’ve even decided her name — but I don’t really feel ready quite yet (Pyrrha’s not even done yet, thanks to the eye mechanism SNAFU).  And, of course, I’d hoped to get one from this one Etsy seller, only they suddenly closed their shop, so I don’t know what’s up with that.  (Because I’d wanted to compare the different factory girls and see how they differed from each other.)  So I’m not sure which to get.  Especially with one Kickstarter coming due today, and another a few days from now, plus having made another Mandarake order last night.  (Though I do currently have some money to spend, thankfully.  It’s just that I need to try and make it last as long as possible.  Which, unfortunately, isn’t very long with me, it seems.)

So, yeah, I’m in a bit of a quandary about where to buy the new eye mechanism.  Also about where to get another Pure Neemo XS body for Tomoyo-chan.  And about where to get a Picco Neemo body, because I want to try doing a body swap, as I think Picco Neemo is about the right size for a Little Pullip+ to swap onto.  (I may be wrong about that, but…)  I got a Little Dal+ at Tuesday Mornings yesterday that has an unappealing costume and bland hair, but a phenomenal face-up, so I thought she might make a good body swap candidate.

Little Alice in Wonderland (Pullip Style)

The first of the orders I shouldn’t have made arrived yesterday.  (And I was so excited I accidentally sliced my thumb with my scissors as I was opening the package.  Ugh, I’m such a moron!)  Anyway, the two little dolls within brought my collection of Little+ Wonderland to near completion:

The Little+ Wonderland set
The Little+ Wonderland set

I’m still missing the Mad Hatter, the Card Soldier and Pink Alice, but given the size of the set, that’s pretty close, and certainly as close as I’m likely to get.  (The Card Soldier I actually could have gotten at several times–in fact, I regret to say that I’m pretty sure I saw her at Tuesday Mornings and passed her by ’cause I was getting a lot of other dolls at the time–and didn’t as she wasn’t a very interesting doll, and I hadn’t realized just how close the collection was going to come to completion.  The Mad Hatter and Pink Alice…yeah, not likely to happen.)

Weirdly, the vast majority of these dolls I got for $10.  Like, I think the Queen of Hearts was the only one who was more than that.  (Then again, she and the two I just got are the only ones I didn’t get at Tuesday Mornings, so that’s not really quite so surprising.  Beyond the basic surprise of having been able to get them at Tuesday Mornings in the first place.)

Little+ March Hare
Little+ March Hare

Gotta love all those curls, right?  Her stand is all but incapable of holding her up, though.  And her hat is only balanced on top of her head right now.  I couldn’t get it back on her head properly without messing up her hair.  I don’t like full-size dolls in furry suits, but for some reason I don’t mind them on the dolls in this scale.  Not sure why that is.

Little+ Dormouse
Little+ Dormouse

Her hair’s always falling into her face and making her look sleepy, which is appropriate enough for the dormouse. 😛  But that means you can’t see her eyes at all.

The Dormouse's eyes
The Dormouse’s eyes

…they’re purple.  BTW, as you can see, the strap on her hat broke.  It’s because she kept getting knocked off the shelf she used to live on.  That was why she and the March Hare were the first residents of the shadow box they now live in, along with a little Dal (I think her name is Ximing? Something like that) who’s now been displaced by the Queen of Hearts whose hat was also disrupted by constant shelf-falls.

Little+ Humpty Dumpty
Little+ Humpty Dumpty

Most of these Little+ dolls are staying in their boxes until I have arranged the right new set-up in my house to properly display them.  The boxes protect them, you know?  (Given what’s happened to some of them, like the Dormouse’s hat, that seemed like a good idea after a while.)  Anyway, I’m showing them in roughly the order in which I got them, in case anyone’s wondering about the order.

Little+ Queen of Hearts
Little+ Queen of Hearts

Does that picture look squished to you, or is it just me?  Uh, anyway, her bonnet/headdress/thing came off when I was opening her, and I had to do the best I could to get it back on properly, and I’m not sure I did it right. 😦

Look at those curls!
Look at those curls!

I’m not sure why the flash going off made the picture darker

Little+ White Rabbit
Little+ White Rabbit

Something about the expression on the rabbit hat, as it looks in the package there, is very Muppet.  Or maybe that’s just me?  Sadly, Tuesday Mornings’ price sticker left a horrible residue this time. 😦

Little+ Blue Alice
Little+ Blue Alice

When PullipStyle called these dolls “samples,” I assumed they were loose.  I didn’t realize they were still in the box, just with a sticker on the front that said “sample.”  That just makes it all the more of a bargain, you know?  I have to be honest, Alice herself was not really on my “oh, man, I wish I could add her to the collection!” list for these, since I felt like I could use a full-size, and just be like “Well, she just ate a mushroom” or whatever.  But I’m glad they had her, too, ’cause look at her!  Isn’t she lovely?  And she’s got little hearts on her eyechips and everything!

Little+ Cheshire Cat
Little+ Cheshire Cat

I’ve been seeing pictures of this one on Amazon for a while and sighing with despair, because there she’s like $40-50, which is outrageous for a Little Pullip+.  Or I think it’s outrageous, anyway.  (Others are free to disagree and pay whatever they like, so long as they don’t expect me to do the same.)  But I absolutely loved the doll, right?  So I’d been really wanting her, but what could I do about it other than sigh and want idly?

Where they're living right now
Where they’re living right now

This is the crazy location where these girls are living right now.  It’s only temporary–obviously, considering it’s like three dolls deep (there’s a middle row you can’t see)–until I can clean my house and get better displays in the portions of the house currently being used for nothing but garbage, but at some point I hope to get them a proper display together.