The Undertaker

Writing this post has somehow taken me a lot longer than expected.  Not sure why.  Anyway, here’s my other new Taeyang from PullipStyle.

Undertaker 1

You may be thinking his box is absolutely identical to Grell’s, but it’s actually slightly taller.  Identical in every other respect, though. 😛

Undertaker 4

The Undertaker’s stock is rather monochromatic, but it’s certainly not dull!  BTW, has anyone played the game Suikoden III?  The first time I saw the Undertaker in the Black Butler manga, I was like “oh, so that’s where Yuber went when he teleported away at the end of the game!”  (For those who’ve never played it, you can see what he looks like here.)  Of course, the Undertaker is much more likable than Yuber.  And more competent.  But I digress. Continue reading


Dal Ciel, Robin version

Before the main attraction of this post, I have some other stuff to say and show.

Firstly, you may have noticed that there was no “Wordless Wednesday” post yesterday (nor, in fact, any post at all).  The thing is, there’s a couple of spambots addicted to the “Wordless Wednesday” tag, and I was getting really tired of having their garbled comments arriving in my spam queue four or five times a week.  So I deleted the tag, and will not be doing “Wordless Wednesday” posts anymore.  There’s a similar thing called “Silent Sundays,” so I’ll try doing that, and hope that there aren’t any spambots targeting that tag.  And I didn’t post this yesterday to say so because I was just having a really lousy afternoon, and didn’t trust myself to communicate with other human beings, lest I say something horrible.

So that was the say, now here’s the show.  The Junky Spot order came in at the same time as Ciel (quite literally, as Ciel had been sent UPS rather than USPS) so I’ve been able to start on Pyrrha’s face-up now that I have MSC (no previews, though), and I got the two wigs I’d ordered, so I can show you the dolls now.

I’ll start with Mei-lin, but her hair isn’t properly styled.

Mei-lin, the Azone/Parabox hybrid version
Li Mei-lin, the Azone/Parabox hybrid version

I like how her mouth turned out, but I had horrible trouble getting the picture taken, because for some reason both of these boy bodies have the most unbelievably loose joints.  Seriously, they’re on Pyrrha’s level of floppy here, which is so odd, because the female body that currently has the Licca-chan Yuki Miku head has very tight joints.  (Fortunately, I got these two boy bodies direct from Japan, so put together they cost about the same as the female one, so at least I didn’t pay as much for them.)

Now, as to why her hair isn’t styled yet:  the wig is the wrong size.  The Junky Spot said that this size was the right one for all the Parabox heads up to those intended for a 27 cm doll, and this head was intended for a 21-23 cm doll, so I figured it was the right size.  But it’s actually a bit too small; if I try to style it, it just pops right off.  Very frustrating.  I ordered another, slightly larger wig off of Etsy, but until it gets here, Mei-lin’s hair is just gonna have to be loose like this.

Ciel 2

Sadly, Mei-lin’s a bit been my “do-over” doll in this Cardcaptor Sakura line.  Her eyebrows — which you can’t see right now, due to her bangs — don’t quite match, and around her mouth you can see faint traces of an earlier, larger mouth that I drew with colored pencil on the untreated head, and then could not entirely erase, and even sanding failed to remove it completely.  (Apparently watercolor pencil directly on a Parabox head is a recipe for disaster.  I won’t make the mistake again, but…)  Then there’s her eye decals.  To give the dolls big eyes like the original characters, I used the largest eyes on the decal sheet, but they were too wide.  Since there’s actually very little whites in the eyes of the original characters, I just trimmed off most of the whites.  (And that’s what it looks like was done on the dolls from the late ’90s, I might add.)  I’m not sure I trimmed them quite right, but it’s passable.  However, you see the slight triangle of lightish color to the right of her right pupil?  That’s an air bubble under the decal.  That was not there when I sealed the decals in place.  The thing is that these Parabox heads are not fully compatible with the Azone bodies.  Specifically, the holes on these particular heads are so small that you have to do a lot of squishing of the head to get it on the neck plug.  Thus was this air bubble introduced underneath the eye decal.  Again, I’ll know better next time.  (Or rather, I’ve already put Syaoran’s head on his body, and have been working on the head while it’s on the body, instead of on the loose head.)

Anyway, comparison of the old one versus mine:

Black Friday 10 Ciel 2

So, bottom line, the mouth is an improvement, the eyes not so much.  Oh, also the body is a huge improvement.  Like, off the charts.  Loose yet properly articulated beats the smeg out of a bendy doll in my book, any day.

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Sebastian takes up guitar

Sebastian on guitar 1

Sebastian:  While it goes without saying that I can master something as simple as the Spanish Guitar, I must say that this does not seem to be an activity befitting the dignity of the Phantomhive butler, young master.

Sebastian on guitar 2

Ciel:  I didn’t tell you to stop, Sebastian.

Sebastian on guitar 3

Sebastian:  Very well, young master.  (Must remember how delicious his soul is going to be.  Must remember how delicious his soul is going to be.  Must remember…)

Yeah, that was weird, I know.  (Sorry about Sebastian’s intrusive stand, btw, but it’s not like there’s any way to make him stand up without it!)

I know it’s also rather weird to put the Little Taeyang+ Sebastian together with the Nendoroid Ciel, but…that’s what I’ve got.  (In fact, I have three Black Butler SD characters, all in different styles/formats.  Though the Funko Pop! Grell fell behind the desk and I can’t get him out until I move enough of the crap in front of the desk to be able to move the desk.  (He would do that.  He’s such a drama queen!  Er, drama shinigami?))

Actually, there’s another Black Butler toy I might get if the store still has it when it becomes seasonally appropriate.  On Tuesday night, I was at one of those used stores I’m always frequenting, stores which also carry lots of new merchandise.  And two of the new things they had were a couple of Black Butler Christmas-themed plushies.  Now, Sebastian dressed in red just doesn’t work for me, not at all.  (He has to wear black:  it’s the title of the manga!)  But the Santa Grell was unspeakably adorable.  (And I’m not exactly a Grell fan, I might add.  It’s not that he’s not entertaining, it’s just that he murders the pacing every time he’s shown up since that first appearance.  I don’t think he was actually supposed to come back, and only did come back because he’d become so popular.)  So if they still have him when it’s December — or at least late November — then I’m totally going to get him.  They won’t still have him, of course, but…

Anyway, on a final note, I’m preparing a non-Halloween-themed post soon, on my further adventures(?) in attempted resin casting, including eye chips that may or may not end up in Pyrrha’s head.  (We’ll have to see if I feel satisfied with how any of them look in place, y’know?)  I’ve taken the photos, but haven’t finished processing them yet (okay, I know, cropping and re-sizing is not that time-consuming, but I do have 746 pages of reading due by Thursday!) and writing the accompanying post would take time, so…well, it’ll probably go up tomorrow or the next day.  (So I guess this paragraph was a “coming soon” announcement?)