I’ve been silent for a long time when I expected to be, well, not silent.  There’s a reason for that, but I’m not ready to talk about it yet.  :<

So instead, here’s a (quite overdue) post on the completion of my Kobato figurine.

Earlier, you saw her (in small form) in this group shot:

The empty cage she’s holding is one I got at Michael’s, to fill in the gap.  Oh, btw, the original figure (which I’ve learned is Kotobukiya!) was based on this illustration:

I don’t remember how much I said about this figurine when I posted that earlier photo (I know I mentioned her at least briefly) and I’m too lazy to go back and look 😛 so I’ll just give the backstory now, and if I’m repeating myself, I apologize.  As I know I’ve mentioned before, there’s one anime store in my entire town (well, only one anime-specific store; there are several others that sell anime merchandise in addition to other stuff) and they sell used items as well as new ones.  So, the last time I was in there before they moved to their new (and inconvenient) location, I noticed they had Kobato-chan there in the case of used bishojo figurines.  Like Wish (to which it’s kinda-sorta a sequel), I found the ending of Kobato a bit disappointing, but not enough so to sour me on the manga as a whole, in large part because I loved the characters so much.  (CLAMP is good at that, after all.  Well, technically, they’re good at pretty much the whole storytelling package…)

Anyway, when I was buying the figurine (because CLAMP merchandise is scarce, particularly on this side of the Pacific), the store’s owner mentioned to me all the pieces she was missing:  the cage, the little “stuffed dog” in the cage, and her umbrella.  I figured a cage shouldn’t be too hard to find, and I was sure the parasol could be replaced with one of those little umbrella-drink umbrellas, but I knew Ioryogi-san was going to be harder to replace. Continue reading


Hikaru Shidou

Not really what I’d hoped to do for “H,” but…sometimes life doesn’t cooperate.  Anyway, I’d been holding this girl in reserve since her arrival from Mandarake for just such an emergency!

Hikaru 1

As with Fuu, I’m not currently planning on opening Hikaru.  If I get my hands on Umi, then maybe, but…even then, without Ferio and Lantis and…um…teenage Ascot? it wouldn’t serve much purpose.  (Okay, maybe I’m shipping too heavily here…)

Hikaru 6

This is about the best shot of her face I could get inside the box.  It also nicely(?) shows off how they didn’t really manage to capture the exuberance of the CLAMP expressions.  They got the shape of the eyes pretty well, though.  The handle of her sword looks about right, too.



Well, that was short.

I’ll fill it in a little with something related that I also got from Mandarake.  (They must really be loving that I discovered them!)

Big Shipment 10

Yup, it’s Hikaru’s bestest-ever buddy in Cephiro, Mokona! 😀

Big Shipment 12

He’s a wind-up!  How adorable is that?  Though I doubt he makes his adorable little puu-puu sounds. 😛  (Of course, given what we learned about Mokona at the end of the Rayearth II manga, I’m not sure I’d feel right about winding him up…)

Rather than a gallery for this post, I’ve just made a gallery for Magic Knights Rayearth instead.  Though I don’t currently have much else Rayearth I could put in it:  I’ve got a plush Mokona somewhere (bought before Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles even existed, so it’s definitely a Rayearth Mokona) and there’s the CLAMP no Kiseki chess pieces, and I could cheat a little and use that Tsubasa Primera figurine…

You know, there really needs to be more Rayearth merchandise.  But I guess it’s not as popular in Japan.  (Probably because of how badly they loused up the second season of the anime.)  I did see a few keychains at the convention, but they weren’t terribly appealing.

Happy Leap Day!

Leap Year Day?  Well, Happy 29th of February, whatever you wanna call that! :p

"Happy Birthday, onii-chan!"
“Happy Birthday, onii-chan!”

Yep, the 29th of February is the birthday of one Toya Kinomoto.  Sadly, I have no toys of Toya, so all I can do is show Sakura-chan wishing her big brother a happy birthday.  (With Kero-chan hiding behind her, because he wasn’t about to miss any opportunities to sneak some cake.)

So, if Toya only has his birthday once every four years, doesn’t that make him younger than Sakura?  When the manga starts, he’s sixteen and she’s twelve…but he’s only had four birthdays in all that time, right?

(Unfortunately, due to poor lighting and not having time to clear away much space, this sad image is the best photo I can provide.  The shadow on the backdrop is particularly lamentable…unless Sakura’s just used the “Giant” card, or whatever it was called… (considering her fantasy in the very first chapter of the manga, that would actually be rather appropriate…))

Technically, the uniform is supposed to be Tomoyo-chan’s, but I still haven’t gotten a body (or wig) for her yet, so there was no harm in Sakura “borrowing” it. 😛

New Wigs

I finally got those photos taken! 😀  So before I get to the two new wigs, it occurs to me that I haven’t shown you Mei-lin’s new wig, which arrived at the same time as Sakura’s.  I still haven’t figured out how to style it, though. 😦

Mei-lin's ready to fight!
Mei-lin’s ready to fight!

It occurs to me that I forgot to credit the Etsy shop where I got Sakura’s wig, so let me fix that error now:  Sakura’s and Mei-lin’s wigs came from fatiao, and they’re very nice wigs.  A tiny bit large for these heads, but the ones from the Junky Spot were a tiny bit small, so…these heads are apparently exceptionally hard to wig correctly.  (Truthfully, the ideal solution would be to root them.  But that would require skill and patience, two things I have none of.  Well, no, I have some patience.  I just don’t have the time.)

Moving on, meet my Parabox/Azone hybrid Li Syaoran:

new wigs 1

Since Syaoran isn’t really a big smile kind of guy, I was going more for a shouting mouth than a smiling one.  (Not sure if that worked out too well or not…)  He’s got big, chunky eyebrows, ’cause Syaoran has big, chunky eyebrows in the manga/anime.  The wig is by evali905, and it looked a bit more Syaoran-like on the seller’s model doll…in part because it actually fit that doll. 😛  It’s slightly larger than the wigs on Sakura and Mei-lin, so it rolls around a bit on his head.  (Yeah, I’m going to do something to make it move around less.  I just haven’t decided what yet.  Velcro, maybe.)

If I’m not careful in dealing with his hat (which is now waaaaaay too small), his hair does this:

new wigs 2

Suddenly he’s gone from being Syaoran to being Ascot!  (Although, actually, I seem to recall my first reaction to Syaoran was to go “look out, it’s Ascot!”)  Anyway, I think the way to fix the hat issue is to cut it open at the back and widen it.  Though that’ll probably look pretty bad, too.  Technically, I think I need to have a new one made, but…no idea where, when or by whom, y’know?

Anyway, there was one more wig that winged its way here from the other side of the world:

new wigs 3

The wig is by FlowerZero, and it’s a nice wig (though a tiny bit thin in the bangs), but I misread the size:  I thought this was going to be big enough for Juliet to wear.  Instead it’s so small that just getting it on Hayley was a struggle.

Back view
Back view

Since this wig was too small for Juliet, I had to order her another wig. 😦  This time I hedged my bets and ordered two.  And they’re specifically Pullip-sized, so they will fit.  They just might not look good, because Pullip bangs might be too long for her.  We’ll just have to see what happens when they get here.

Tomorrow will be a Silent Sunday post (not sure what, yet, but I’ve got a few random photos stockpiled for such occasions) so Monday I’ll post about the stuff I found at Target the other day.

Sakura-chan, more or less completed

So I finally got the face finished up on my Azone/Parabox hybrid doll of Sakura Kinomoto.  I decided to start her off in the iconic pink dress, the one I bought the Japanese bendy doll to get my hands on.  Which meant opening the doll’s package, of course.  And it was so much easier to open than the American version!  (Yeah, I did open the boxed Syaoran to get his clean clothes and sword.  Though the sword’s actually too heavy for the Azone’s loose limbs to hold up, unfortunately.  I can’t show pictures yet, though, ’cause his wig hasn’t gotten here.  I’ll show him as soon as he has hair.  Right now he looks more like Aang cosplaying as Syaoran…)

Sakura-chan 1

So, here’s the bendy-doll version, with her staff and Kero-chan sitting at her feet.  (Her stand is surprisingly effective.  I may end up using it for all sorts of dolls in the future…)  I was surprised when I opened her package, because there was a card behind her in the package:

Sakura-chan 3

And on the back of the card…

Sakura-chan 4
Mini Clow Card!

So I wonder if the later costumes that come with Sakura’s Star Wand have cards with Sakura Card backs instead of Clow Card backs?  (If I ever see one available on Mandarake, I will so be getting it…)

Now, moving on, here’s my hybrid Sakura doll, wearing the outfit, gloves and all:

Sakura-chan 5

So long as she’s not wearing(?) her splay-fingered hands, she can wear her mittens gloves, but — somewhat annoyingly — her holding hands can’t hold her staff through the gloves.  I had to take her gloves back off to have her hold anything.

Sakura-chan 7

The staff was actually a little thick for her holding hands, and getting the cards to balance there was really difficult.  I think I need to trim off the holding loop on the staff.

Sakura-chan 8

Now, finally, here’s a side-by-side of the two dolls’ faces:

Sakura-chan 2 Sakura-chan 6

And once again I failed to get the faces the same size in the pictures. 😦  Also, I still did a terrible job with the eyes.  (The eyebrows are even worse, lemme tell ya.  Fortunately, her bangs mostly hide them.)  At some point, if I ever have a lot of money to spare, I think I need to pay someone to paint proper faces on these dolls.  Because my faces really suck.  The mouths aren’t too bad (though I think Mei-lin’s may have turned out better than Sakura’s, sadly), but the trimmed-down eye decals really look awful. 😦  On the plus side, this wig is really nice. 😀  It’s just the right color, and although it’s a bit simpler than Sakura’s real hair, it’s close enough that it doesn’t feel wrong.  I’m still trying to figure out how to style Mei-lin’s hair, though….

Sakura Kinomoto

S is for Sakura
S is for Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura remains one of my all-time favorite manga/animes series.  I didn’t get the Nendoroid of Sakura (though you never know; I still might), but I’ve pre-ordered the SH Figurarts (comes out on the 29th, Sakura-chan’s birthday!) and I’m tempted to get the Figma version as well, even though it’s exactly the same outfit as the SH Figurarts.  Because it’s Sakura!

This, for those of you less familiar with the show/manga, is from the class play, Sleeping Beauty, when all the parts were assigned by lottery, and Sakura ended up playing the prince.  (Naturally, Shaoran was playing the princess!)